Submit a Writing Sample (updated)

*Note: Important question at the end!*

So I’ve been looking through a bunch of part time writing jobs lately and yesterday I saw a few that really peaked my interest. I hadn’t applied to any yet because I am being extremely picky with the type of job I go after. I need something flexible, and I want it to be fun. I do not want to be just reporting on things. I applied to three different positions yesterday and each one asked for at least one writing sample. I haven’t had to give an official writing sample in a long time. In fact the last time I had to I wasn’t even blogging yet.

I decided to use five blog entries (slightly edited of course) as my writing samples. It was so difficult to choose. I felt like a parent being asked who their favorite child is. Here is what I came up with:

Job #1: Fledgling Entertainment Blog – There were a bunch of entertainment blogs that I didn’t like because it sounded too much like a gossip column. This one sounded like it poked fun at pop culture a little more so I decided to give it a shot. I wanted something that showed a bit of wit, and talked about something entertainment related. 
CHOICE: Alexander the Great???  

Job #2: Editorial Writer Online Magazine- This is for a New York based magazine and talks about the horrors of commuting in the city. Sounded like fun. I had more than my share of subway horror stories to choose from.
CHOICE: Beware the Stunner Slap!

Job #3: Comedy Writer/Blogger- For a new website being launched by a former SNL writer. Site will cover politics, religion, headline news, etc. This one asked for three samples. I wanted to show a bit of versatility.
CHOICE  1: Jesus Walks Some More
CHOICE 2: Beer Ad Tactics
CHOICE 3: Games of the 29th Olympiad

So now that I’ve shared this with you I am curious to hear from you guys;

If you had to select one writing sample from your blog what would you choose? What type of job would it be for?
(Go ahead and send me the links. I will edit this post to include them if you like. I think we can make a pretty cool list.)

Job: Guest writer for NBC’s Heroes
CHOICE: How Sensory INtegration Disorder Changed Our Lives by antisoccermom

Job: Television critic for SickOfThisBullshitOnTV magazine
CHOICE: Who is the Great American Beauty? by AlterEgo909

Job: Blogger for love and science online journal
CHOICE: My Theory by  purplepixiepoo

Job: Creative Director for new “Crazy Ladies and Critters” show on Animal Planet
CHOICE: Why Jeff Corwin Hates Me by MlleRobillard

Job: Short Story Writer Extraordinaire
CHOICE: Surrounded by Kalligenia

Job: Senior Editor for Welsh magazine
CHOICE: Bwrdd Cyfiawnder Ieuenctid, Rheolwr Contractau by ihaveanalibi (Yes I spelled that correctly)

Job: Columnist for Holy Shit That’s Gross magazine
CHOICE: My Surprise by weedorwildflower

Job: Freelance poet needed for online meditation guide
CHOICE: September by relaxolgy  

Job: Motivational mogul needed for online magazine
CHOICE: The Secret of Self-Confidence by iStephanieMarie

Job: Guest writer needed for TMI magazine. All TMI all the time.
CHOICE: Untitled by storyslut

Job: senior copy editor for weekly relationship column in major-market magazine
How to Bed your Woman by BarelyJen

Job: Writer motivational for Parenting and teacher website or magazine
Teach The Children Pay it Forward by Jaynebug

Job: TV show Critic
CHOICE:  Paris Hilton or Captain Obvious, you decide! by StewieIsMyHero

Job: Critic for
CHOICE: Music Monday: Remember ’07? by  elgaberino

Job: Common Sense Coach
CHOICE: Discipline Your Children by  sarahb_86

Job: Moody Catty Bitchy Ask Aunt Flo advice column
CHOICE: Anything by kellychicky

Job: Writer for Embarassment Monthly magazine
CHOICE: Sex Toys and the Clumsy Girl by SamsPeeps



  1. Great… now I have to search my archives. Damn it, Dave. I planned to do something useful today. I’ll be back with something in a while (sigh).

  2. I couldn’t decide if I wanted one of my deep entries with a bunch of quotes.  Or if I wanted something with a story in it.  I can’t believe I started Xanga way back in August of 2003!  I had no titles to things, so I have no idea how to find certain entries that stick out in my head without going through hundreds of them.So here’s one with a story piece that I found amusing:

  3. Well, I would go for a legal blog or something relate to that! lol …and maybe the pure writing blog…about author, writer & reader for fiction lol…by the way I could also review intensive music and movie! haha…

  4. off the top of my head……… don’t hav emuch to choose from since I use my blog for all kinds of weird exprerssionss. But probably thise one. or this one……. I suck at writing under pressure, like a deadline or expectations

  5. I would need a moody catty bitchy catagory for my blogging….kind of a Ask Aunt Flo advice column job.But unfortunatly in my bouts of rage I delete my past posts so I cant even submit a good one!

  6. I know. I am awful. Here is mine:Job–TBAPost–TBAI tried. I just couldn’t go through all of them. (Of course, this is probably because the one I am actually thinking of is one from about three years ago.) Sorry, Dave. I suck.Perhaps my job could be professional hobo.

  7. Gosh, no clue. In the 3 years I’ve been on Xanga with almost daily posting, I bet I could count on one hand how many of those posts I actually made as decent, polished essays. I would submit a sample of my “real” work copywriting, and speaking of which, I better go. Let us know if you get one of the jobs. Good luck!

  8. I would definitely like to write for SNL or MadTV, especially doing their silly commercials.  The problem is, none of my best work is on my current blog.  I’ll probably have to repost a couple from my myspace on here, and see what kind of response I get this time around. 

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