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Before I get to catching up on stuff from the weekend, there were a few things I wanted to address in regards to my “Black Race” entry. I was extremely happy to see that it got featured over the weekend. First off it was something I wanted to get people talking about, and second I am fairly certain that it is the first featured post I have ever seen that has the N word in it. I’m all about breaking barriers down here on xanga. Some said it couldn’t be done and others said I would have to censor the N words, but I guess I showed all of them. (I am not certain that this is an accomplishment that I should be proud of but whatever I guess.)

I would like to talk about Kool-Aid next. There were a slew of comments that centered around the reference to Kool-AId. In the Obama bucks cartoon the reference to Kool-Aid was most certainly and without a doubt racist. You put Kool-Aid on a food stamp next to ribs, fried chicken, and watermelon, then you are clearly trying to make a statement. “Don’t drink the kool-aid” on the other hand is a reference to Jim Jones and the Guyanese cult mass suicides at Jonestown. However any responsible journalist would be aware that this term has a double meaning in some instances. Thus putting out headlines that read “Don’t Drink the Obama Kool-Aid” is just plain irresponsible.

Newsflash; Sterotyping and Racism are not mutually exclusive people. The argument that this cartoon is an example of only stereotyping and not an example of racism is just as ridiculous as Diane Fedele saying that these are just foods. Racism is a learned behavior. Sometimes we are aware of what we learn and sometimes it just becomes part of our consciousness. Stereotypes are an example of this learned behavior. Whether or not one adheres to sterotypes on purpose or unknowingly is irrelevant. They are both examples of learned racism. One is definitely worse than the other (the absolute worst is when someone is racist on purpose, then claims to have not known any better), but in any case they are both examples of racist behavior.The problem is that people tend to get defensive when they are told they are being racist and they are unaware of it. This is not the answer. The correct thing to do is to realize a mistake was made and then fix it going forward. Acknowledgement is always the first step.

Lastly I would like to announce my submission for the Xanga Douchebag Awards (which I will have an update for later on). I was not going to submit anything originally since it’s my contest, but this is just too fucking douchy. So in posting this I knew I was going to get some longer than usual comments since it’s such a juicy topic. I also knew I would get a bunch of different opinions on the matter and while I disagreed completely with some of them, I was still happy to read them. But then there was one dude who just blew any asshole comment I’ve ever gotten right out of the water. Not only was this guy more radical than any other radical to chime in on the matter (and boy were there some radicals), but this guy also had the nerve to leave me a whopping 43 paragraph long comment. Yeah I said a 43 PARAGRAPH LONG COMMENT!!! Here let me give you the intro to this madness;

I have read your blog and if you read mine you just might get a glimpse of the real Obama

The genocide of the tribe of Cush is just the tip of the iceberg (so to speak) this man makes what Adolf Hitler did to the Jews tame by comparison. – bobwentz 

Real nice isn’t it? And again I would like to stress that he had 43 paragraphs of this bullshit to spew. Fucking bobwentz  Asshole! Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll be back later with the douchebag finalists.



  1. 43 paragraphs?!!?!?!?!?!?! That’s ridiculous. And bravo for writing some sense on the matter of the kool-aid thing. Some of the comments left on that featured blog of yours were just plain idiotic.

  2. 43 paragraphs???? That is insane! What kind of time does this dude have on his hands in order to leave such a comment. You would think he would take the initiative to message you if he had all that to say. I can’t wait to see the finalists!! It’s kind of funny that the whole koolaid thing came up, because my brother inlaw informed me that Koolaid was “ghetto” which in turn inspired me to write a song or “rap” about Koolaid’s ghettoness. I’ve still yet to find a beat and someone to rap it, but when I do, it will be awesome.

  3. I just want to say ditto to the first two sentences of both Criggles12 andStewieIsMyHero. That is ridiculous. And, since when did that post become an endorsement of Obama? You wrote it do discuss the blatant racism in the little Obama-buck that was distributed. You would have written a similar post if the Obama camp had put out something sexist about Palin, I would imagine. What is it with people chasing scarecrow arguments? Have you announced who is judging the douchebag awards?

  4. Hey, you know I agree with you on most things. And I already admitted that I am a recovering racist (I think we all have these tendencies), but what do you think about pattern recognition? Is it racist, stereotyping, or pattern recognition if I say, “Nearly every time I’m at a red light and I hear a pounding bass coming from the car next to me, I look over and it’s a young, black man driving.” Does it pass from pattern recognition to stereotype or racism only when my observation is negative? Help me, Dave.

  5. @Krissy_Cole – While on the subject of Sarah Palin and sexism, I found it hilarious how many people were saying that the Obama bucks is no worse than the blatant sexism Palin routinely faces. Saying Palin is a fucking idiot has nothing to do with the fact that she has a vagina, it has to do with the fact that she is a fucking idiot. It’s not like people are making up shit about her either. This is based on the things that come out of her mouth directly. Not even in newspapers either, where quotes can be dissected and manipulated. These are things from interviews, her own speeches, rallies, debates, etc… To say that people are just on her case because she is a woman is just insane.As for the the judges, I will announce them as part of today’s (or tomorrow morning’s) post.

  6. @weedorwildflower – i’ll try to help you.if you see the young black man and think to yourself that he’s pounding bass music because he’s black, that’s racism.if you see the young black man and think he’s pounding bass music because that’s what he and his friends like, are attacted to, that’s noticing a pattern.if you read statistics on the disproportionate number of black inmates over white inmates for a particular crime and you think it’s because black people are innately designed to resist authority, thats racism.if you read statistics on the disproportionate number of black inmates over white inmates for a particular crime and you wonder and think about what experiences and outside influences are affecting their decisions to commit these crimes, thats noticing a pattern (and attempting objective analysis).hope that helps.

  7. @weedorwildflower – Here is my answer to this;a) There is some truth to certain stereotypes. They have to come from somewhere. Your example of a car rolling down the street with the bass way too high is a good one. These people are perpetuating that particular stereotype and I want to shoot them in the face sometimes when I encounter them. However…b) While it is natural (and okay) to make assumptions based on a pattern you have witnessed, it is not okay to lump everyone into this same mold. Pulling up next to a car with a booming bass and assuming it’s a black dude is one thing, but meeting a black guy and assuming he is one of those assholes who makes your car shake at a light is another. It is also important to realize that black people, while they may be the majority of the people you’ve seen do it, are not the only ones guilty of this stupidity.

  8. Ditto to everything you say, buddy. I swear, you should be a reporter. One that doesn’t bullshit, like this local guy in my town, Ted Perry.

  9. Oh geez, 43 paragraphs? You have got to me kidding me…That deserves the doucebag of the next 20 years award. I’ve gotten some rather weird/mean/hateful comments in the past but that guy truly takes the cake.

  10. @vanedave – @curtainsopen – Thanks for clarifying. I agree with both of you. I am in a bit of an unusual situation (for me), which is being a minority in my neighborhood. Before I moved where I currently live, I lived in a predominately white suburb, and I often complained about the lack of diversity. When my black niece or black bf spent time in my town, I was embarrassed by the whiteness. But when I moved, I learned something interesting about myself. I was really only comfortable with diversity when I was still in the majority! Four years later, I have learned what it feels like to be on the receiving end of racial discrimination and what it feels like to be a minority, but I have still have so far to go. I wish I was better at judging a person by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin, but I still find myself making sweeping generalizations and racial stereotypes about certain people groups. It is a constant battle in my heart to look at individuals and remember that we are all created in the image of God.

  11. Well, you took at his xanga page, did you not? (bob the long winded). Some christian freak that seems to be posting for this election only. And by christian freak, yes i am stereotyping, and I’m okay with that.

  12. When I was a young girl I asked my dad if people made fun of him for having holes in his shoes as he was raised during the depression. He told me no, because everyone had cardboard in their shoes to cover the holes. When I was growing up KoolAid came out and everyone drank it. We made popsicles out of it in my middle class Californian American neighborhood. We sold it to each other at our summer stands as it pushed LemonAide out of the way for KoolAid. We had both, but we were special. haha. Anyway the thing I love about Xanga is that we can look at this racist act and pretend that it’s all okay to do because KoolAid is fine, but then we’re missing the point completely. In my neighborhood the teenagers are all playing what I call ” —–you” music at loud levels and most of them are Hispanic.  That’s because I live in a predominantly HIspanic neighborhood. Now… right down the road, the what some people call “red necks” are playing their “goat ropper” music.  As a happily married opened minded womam with children I am disliked because I’m happy and married and open minded. Have I written 45 paragraphs yet?  With children in my home, I think it’s extemely important and my job as a parent to call them on name caliing or grouping people because of culture or color so we talk about it. I have told my children that they can be the difference by being an example of a person who can take one person at a time and get to know them. If we can’t get out there and reach each other to see how “we the people” can step out of our cultural upbringing and see other human beings as individuals I think we lost our reason to be The United Ststae of America.  Does anyone remember why we came here? Were they paying attention in social studies? Do these people who put hate and racists crap out into the media think they can act innocent about a totally racist item because if they do, they think we’re stupid and that’s the insult that seems to repeat itself daily with this election. Okay. Thanks for letting me rant Dave. Your a sweetheart and I’m glad you bring this to the “Stupidity Circle” where it belongs. (drags soapbox off screen in search of coffee.)

  13. DAMN taking me over an hour to catch up around here!!  Personally I love kool-aid….reds my favorite flavor…actually I even use to dye my hair with it….haha top that for ghetto!

  14. Oi Vay!  43 paragraphs?  Dang, he should save something like that for his own blog.  Good gravy.  I couldn’t stand it having to read that much.  And from the way you described it, it was a lot of dribble to read.  I think he should be entered into the Douchebag Awards.

  15. dave,i happen to live in philadelphia, the same place that your douchebag nominee hails from. his whole argument against obama is that he is pro-choice? there are many advertisements on public transportation that state how more than half of black babies in philadelphia are aborted and how it needs to be stopped. how we can counsel young ladies to make smarter choices through contraception or abstinence to prevent unwanted pregnancies. comparing barack obama to hitler is so totally and absolutely off of the mark. my fear for barack becoming president is that morons like bobwentz and the lady who did the foodstamp illustration will try to make an attempt on the life of a man who is qualified to lead our country. people saying that he doesn’t represent our country don’t know what our country is. or perhaps they live in a little small town and think that their sheltered community is what “real america” is, just the way sarah palin thinks it is. america is diverse, it is a melting pot of people with different backgrounds, languages and cultures. that needs to be shown to the world. and with regard to the remarks about whether or not he is muslim or christian, who really cares??? do people not realize or remember that the constitution says that we are a free nation where people can worship in peace to whichever God they chose and it does not affect (or should not affect) the government. it’s all a bunch of  crap.

  16. When people say “Don’t Drink the Obama Kool-Aid” to me that is a reference to Jim Jones. However, I still don’t think that the Obama food stamp thing is overtly racists. After all, Obama’s talking about helping out the poor and the downtrodden–i.e. people who have to live on food stamps. Besides, wouldn’t Obama have to consume the items displayed in order for it to be racist? I mean, if it’s not true, then how can it be a smear attack?

  17. so… i didn’t even waste my time reading the 43. i didn’t even think about reading it actually. i’m so sick of anytime Barack Obama’s name is mentioned… there has to be a dissertation written about him and what the media has neglected to mention… get a grip! i think anytime someone posts 43 and it’s a response to someone… they are automatically a douche. Who’s the judges?!?! anyway – I think you are an excellent writer, have you thought about writing for a paper or something? It’s serious but it’s truth. I do think everyone has a lil racist in them. I think it’s somewhat innate. Since youth black children recognize the difference in thier lifestyles from their white/latino/asian/whoever counterparts. It’s commonly thought that the bass bumpin caprice pulling up beside you is gonna be lil J-Wizzle – when these days it could be lil Jose or lil Jimmy. society has embraced the very things that black people considered their “own” and in some aspects its a good thing. but racism still exists everywhere. ‘hispanic ppl cant drive’… ‘white ppl cant dance’… ‘black ppl love chicken and watermelon’…  and some people prove ALL THREE OF THOSE STATEMENTS TO BE TRUE. maybe im alone, but i think some racism stems from things that is a common basis with races. i know plenty of hispanic ppl who can’t drive, i know plenty of white ppl who cant dance, i know plenty of black ppl who love chicken and watermelon, gotta have it at cha family reunions and stuff… but that doesn’t apply to ALL. and i think that is where racism tends to go off track…. sorry if i ranted and strayed from my thots all together… hope you understand!

  18. *insert sarcasm* I wish I had 43 paragraphs to write to someone about complete and utter CRAP. Some people need attention and have no other way to get it than being an idiot.

  19. You got a 43 paragraph comment? You can never, ever tease me about MY long comments again, dude!! And, I don’t believe I’ve ever even come close to “douchy” in mine, either. LOL!I got online this morning from Paris, ostensibly to review a PowerPoint before my first meeting today; but really to see if the finalists had been posted. Alas, I’ll have to wait even longer; and since I have a “team dinner” tonight; not sure when I’ll have time to be back, but I will get to evaluating the options as soon as I can!AuRevoir!!

  20. *blinks* 43 paragraphs?  I think Obama is going to need the most security a president has ever needed with all these fanatics about.  And yes, I just typed it as if he already won.  Unless your boy Nadar proves me wrong!

  21. i think that guy had balls to write a comment like that, but I also believe in the freedom of speech. Racism is obviously not something i support, it actually pisses me off to no end,  but as much right as you have to put this blog out for the public, he has the right to comment on it, no matter how ridiculous it may be. and for the record, i also think people can be against obama without being racist, i am very much for McCain, and it has nothing to do with skin color. 

  22. jesus christ, i am trying really hard to catch up on everything i have missed but there is just too much. I think I may be here all day because everything is def interesting bahahaha.anyway, in case my son wakes up soon and doesnt let me finish reading all your other post i just wanted to say hiand see how  you have been doing. I hope all is well with you.

  23. I would have to argue that the Koolaid may not have been racist.  I have never heard the term Koolaid in reference to race.  I use it in reference to people who have bought into what Obama says when all evidence leads to other things.  I’m sure you know the arguments by now, don’t feel like going there. 

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