NYC and Halloween


For those who don’t know, I am lucky enough to live in New York City. Now there are some negatives to living here. Everything costs about 300% more than everywhere else, the DMV is a nightmare (even more than the usual nightmare), and I have witneesed a grown man willingly and openly shitting himself on the train (He actually told my friend Alex “wanna see something cool?” Then he shat himself.)

But for all of New York City’s “charms”, there is no other place on earth I’d rather be on Halloween. The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is quite simply amazing. You see the most creative, outrageous, sexy, offensive, and authentic looking costumes on earth. I have made it a tradition of mine to go every year. This year will be my fourth year in a row (I was in the army the year before). I don’t often do photoblogs, but I’ve decided to share some of my favorite pics from the last four years with you.

2005- GIT ER’ DONE!
h07 12nobush h05-3 h07-2
That year was a lot of fun. My costume did not have a particular name. I just wanted to wear a mullet, a handlebar moustache, and my “This is my fucking halloween costume” shirt. I ran around the city all night screaming “whoo, git er done!” That old dude in the cheerleader outfit was awesome by the way.

wingman burgundy
First there’s Fred and I, followed by me and Ron Burgundy. I was so excited to see Ron. I love Anchorman.
boobies 11-4-2006-17
Some random scantily clad women, followed by an appearance by the GEICO caveman (This was before they got played out)
What an awesome Marilyn Manson that was. These clowns were cool too.11-4-2006-062
Two of my favorites that year. Optimus Prime and SALT N’ PEPA! I tried to do alot of mime poses in my pics, but I noticed after that I ended up doing mostly the same two poses all night.

397 361
Aww this was fun. My boy Fred and I were singing the song and doing the dance all night.The second pic is my boy Joe trying to eat my box (commence dirty jokes everyone).385 391
Isn’t that Hellboy real looking! Man that one was cool. Also check out the breakfast cereal celebs.
396 395
Hey girl… I got something real special to give to you.
389 384
LEGO WEDDING! Man those were good. Next there’s me getting off the train. Notice the strings. The coolest part about my costume was that I could make my box sag or stand up on command. I had fun with that.
362 360
There is my pale friend Mike as Luke Skywalker, followed by me propositioning a witch. Ahhh that costume was oh so much fun. I still know the dance and the words by heart.

2008- ????

Guess you guys will have to come back and see…



  1. LOVE last years… I will have that song in my head all day!hmm my special friend is going to be there tonight… many half naked women in hoochie costumes go to this thing??? ; )Cant wait to see this years costume

  2. I love that you could make the box stand up and sag at will! That was the icing on this post! (Now, I need to go get the Dick in Box song out of my head…or maybe I will go watch the YouTube video!)

  3. Awesome!  Happy Halloween! ^_^  I love your Dick in a Box costume. Beauty.  Some of those other costumes are fantastic, too.  I want to do Halloween up there now!  Salt ‘n Pepa use to be one of my favorites.  I wore out their cassette.  Yes, their cassette!Unfortunately, my friends here have no sense of fun. We aren’t doing anything for Halloween at all. Bah.  No costumes.  So no Dick in a Box or crazy right-wing nut for Keith.  We might go tomorrow night to play some Rock Band at a friend’s, but that’s it.  Instead, Keith and I are doing our tenth year anniversary of living together a day early.  We’re going out to dinner and then to see Zack & Miri Make a Porno.  At least I know I’ll get a laugh tonight!

  4. I was in NYC back in 2000. We had a blast on Halloween. People were fun and crazy and gave my kids some fantastic, I mean really cool candy. We did not know of the parade or we would have been there. Oh yeah we didn’t know a soul and had two kids and I was pregnant with Miss A. Never mind. haha Great pictures! Happy Haunting and keep it in the box my friend, there’s some nasty diseases out there. Eeek!

  5. Awesome costumes! NYC really does go all out…Dick in a box is one of my all time favorite SNL skits… and honestly that skit made me respect justin timberlake a lot more… weird?

  6. I’m going to be in NYC tonight. I’m going to be dressed up as Ginny Weasely from Harry Potter. I didn’t know there was a parade. Maybe I can get my friend (who I’ll be visiting) to go with me.

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