The Ball is in Our Court…

First off may I say that John McCain’s concession speech was easily the best speech I have ever heard him give. It sounded sincere and genuine. It was the first time I was moved by him since this whole thing started. Also he looked truly annoyed when his crowd started booing Obama. Sarah Palin… not so much. Obama’s speech was amazing to watch. My heart beating three times as fast. My eyes started to tear. I felt like he was speaking directly to me.

There were many times throughout these past few months when I wondered how much Obama could actually change. How much one man could do. Winning the presidency is big, just as so many of the challenges he faces are big, but if you want a good measure of what kind of change we are witnessing you have to start by looking at the little things. When I went out to work this morning you know what I saw? I saw black people smiling. For no reason and without pause. Just smiling. I woke up this morning to a different world. 

Now here is the thing…

“This victory alone is not the change we seek – it is only the chance for us to make that change.  And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were.  It cannot happen without you. ” – Barack Obama

I’m putting you on notice black people (and by black people I mean all us minorities). The “man” is not to blame for your bullshit anymore. We have an opportunity here to really push forward. To take the dreams of Martin and Malcolm and so many others and truly make them a reality. To rise from the fringe of prominence to prominence. So here are some basic guidelines to follow going forward if we are going to make this happen:

Read a Book Look I love X-Box just as much as the next guy, but it cannot be the focal point of your existence. Go to a museum, see a play, head to the library once in a while, do your homework, help your kid do theirs. Stimulate your mind a little. EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS! Don’t be so god damned predictable.

Dress the Part Alright this one is very important. Let’s break it down into three steps;
1) Stop wearing clothes that look like some shit out of the Lisa Frank catalog. You are a grown fucking man. Sherbert colored should not be part of your wardrobe. The worst part is that for the same money that you used to buy this ugly shit you could have bought a suit.
2) Learn your proper waist size. How the hell are you 5′ 9″ and 140 lbs, wearing a size 40 waist? That shit makes no sense. While on the subject of wastes, underwear go inside your pants. It’s why they are called UNDERwear.
3) It is absolutely unacceptable for you to not own a pair of dress shoes. Especially if you are past the age of 18. How the hell is it that you have a pair of patent leather sneakers for every color of the rainbow and Jordans 1-40, but you don’t own one pair of real shoes. Damn shame.

Hennessy and Weed are not Breakfast Items If they are for you then you have a fucking problem. Get help.

The Day Does Not Start at Noon Get your lazy ass the fuck up out of bed. By the time noon rolls around there have already been five white people interviewing for the job you should be going after.

Fried Chicken, Watermelon, Ribs, and Kool-Aid Still delicious, still acceptable to eat. Mmmm.

You Do Not Have to be Gangsta You know who’s not “gangsta”? Barack Obama that’s who. Yet he is about to hold the highest office in the land. FUCK 50 CENT! Stop trying to be harder than everyone else. Go to fucking counseling, get some Ritalin and calm your ass the fuck down.

Ho Can No Longer be an Acceptable Career Choice for Women.- Stop idolizing Lil Kim  and start finding some new role models. Here is a good one to start with.

Stop Using White People as an Excuse – And start using white people. Learn their ways. You will get further by learning to adapt to your society than by letting it drag you down. Here is a newsflash for you. A black man is president. Furthermore a black man who’s last name rhymes with Osama and whose middle name is Hussein is president. Of the United States of America. And you mean to tell me that you can’t get that job at blockbuster?

I could go on, but for now I’ll leave it at that. In all seriousness black people the ball is in our court. I look at kids these days and I see how fucking retarded they are and I hope that we can begin to set a better example. They have a chance to be great. All of them. Let’s not take this chance for granted. Obama cannot do it for us. We’ve got to do it for ourselves.



  1. I think you’ll find that we all have stereo types in our race that make us ashamed or angry… All of us. As for using white people… There are some that ren’t worth spit… I thinkwe should all look close to home and imulate the people that are important to us there… Your right this proves that anyone can do anything and we need to NEVER allow ourseves to use others as an excuse  for ourselves not becoming spectacular… great post Dave~!

  2. well the whole concept of American freedoms is “we the people.” if you want to improve your life then that is what you must work to do- no one is going to make it happen for you.

  3. Oh, you rock. I couldn’t have said it better; hell, I couldn’t have said it at all! Why? Because I don’t come where you come from, see what you see, or think what you think… but I couldn’t agree more. I think I may have to do the “what white people need to do now” counterpart to this post… the first of which is to “quit yer bitching and moaning!”I’m white, but I love Kool Aid, ribs and watermelon too… can I still have ’em?

  4. I’m not a fan of Obama – too socialist for me, but your post does open my eyes to the reality of what this kind of encouragement could do for the minority community. Hopefully, hopefully it’ll stick.Recc’d.

  5. I agree about McCain. He looked much more relaxed and even looked younger than he did while campaigning. I thought it was a classy concession speech.I guess since I’m white the rest of the post doesn’t apply to me. But it certainly sounds like a reasonable message. I feel like as a liberal and a progressive the ball is also in our court. Do we sit back and watch our politicians get bought by lobbyists as bad as the Republicans did or do we call them on that shit and make them answer to the people and not the $$? That’s what I’m feeling. I think a lot of us, regardless of color, gender, etc are feeling like it’s time to step up.

  6. Mister, I’ve gotta tell you that all over London people of all races and nationalities were smiling and excited.  My better half is in Berlin right now and she said much the same about there.  After 9/11 the world was American.  In Europe, I feel that spirit again.

  7. I will say I was a McCain supporter ’cause I was not sure if we were ready for a black President. I am not racist in the least little bit, but I live in the south so I see racist people everyday of my life. I hate it. I would love to be able to congratulate Obama with open arms but I am in fear of many things (people protesting out the wazoo & the fear of assasination is there as well). I was afraid that Obama won solely ’cause he is black and that not many people looked up political views. I can understand why it is important for young black (and other minorities) people to have a minority in the Presidential seat, I never thought about it that way before. Your post did open up my eyes in a different point of view. I will definitely recommend your post. Even if I am not all that happy with who won, it will hopefully open up a lot of peoples eyes as to what they CAN do if they just set their mind to it.

  8. kudos, love this post!  It made me smile last night when local news here in Detroit showed people out in the streets celebrating downtown like the Pistons won a World Championsip. Ha, who woulda thunk that it was a presidental election.  PolySci teachers all over the country are rejoicing  that “the young ones” and “the minorites” finally care enough to vote and believe that their vote can and will make a difference.  This is a whole new world.  We/I have never seen an election like this.  The genuine optimism shown last night proves to me that Americans will not settle for being less than great and when our backs are up against the wall, we do something to change it.  Here, here to a nation no longer filled with whiners and complainers, but doers and seekers!

  9. whew….cuz I dont care what anyone says im not giving up my kool-aid!!I just watched Obama’s speech this morning cuz I couldnt stay awake last night and it was a very moving speech he knows how to speak to people in a way that keeps the attention without talking down.  I am so looking forward to what is to come.

  10. Awesome!!! You just said many of the things that I’ve been thinking for years but didn’t know how to say without offending someone. Thanks for stepping up and saying it straight!

  11. Great post!  Especially the part about READ A BOOK.  All my younger cousins hate to read and rarely pick up books and it bothers me!!  But they know every superman, batman, robocop, soulja boi, spongebob dance there is.

  12. ABD here Dave. Great post. See, if I had said those things, I would be called a racist. It is time to get real with each other, no more politically correctness or being afraid to say what we think. As long as we can do it constructively, with a manner of humanity, we can all use a dose of honesty – from Congress, from our President and from each other. Let’s make America better starting at home. 

  13. “Why you gotta be hatin’ on the Henn wake’n’bake”  haha that was too funny…..I saw a movie last night that showed a black gang banger putting beer in his cheerios!!! That has to be an over the top racial exaggeration right?  Right??

  14. …Lisa Frank….LMAO!!!!…..You are right tho there is no “the man” any more “the man” is Barack Obama, no excuses……BUT, I am still on a strike from kool-aid for now

  15. Funny and achingly true. We have no excuse anymore. Tante Ruth sat up with us last night, weeping and remembering the “colored entrances” to public buildings, the back of the bus, the “paper bag test”, the day her sister was rejected from attending nursing school after having saved for years to pay for it. She reached over and pulled my hair, saying “This is an example of the power they had over us” (I’ve never heard her refer to placage before).We can sit and mourn the past for another generation, we can be our own enemy, or we can take the hands of our future, tone down the coonage, and grow up. I know what I’m hoping for.

  16. @MlleRobillard – “tone down the coonage”. I love you you know that. I wish I could have sat there with Tante Ruth yesterday. That must’ve been something. I can only imagine what she must have been feeling during Obama’s speech and his passage through history.Amazing isn’t it? Simply amazing.

  17. @Child_of_the_Earth – thanks. I was lucky to find good pics.@BarelyJen – the party was fun. We must do it again soon. @sarahb_86 – And I think that you are sexy, in an intellectual and completely innocent way 😉@angi1972 – Thanks ang. You are right about this stretching across all races. Ignorant is ignorant.@LucyWrites – From your mouth to god’s ears.@CiaoBella810 – yes they are. Have at it!@theblackspiderman – Glad to have you on board.@walden_thoreau – lol. thanks. Glad you liked it.@Monique – These hoes gots to go son!@iwantmycheez – Yeah that’s old school. lol. @SladeTheGreyFox – Sounds like a plan. Book the tour dates.

  18. @StewieIsMyHero – thank you madam.@hecticmuse –  I say next dude you see trying to be gangsta you go up and tell him he looks like a fucking retard. That’s what I plan on doing. Then we blog about our experience tomorrow. What do you think?@PreciousOnyx – very well put. I think people have grown too complacent. @ClockworkBunny – Yes you women should get up off your asses too. lol. @psycho_ash – Well your name scares me a bit but okay.@bosefius – of course it is. Ribs and watermelon will never go out of style. It’s like jeans or the little black dress.@elgaberino – thanks dude. Coming from a master critic such as yourself that means alot.@Levanna – I’m glad you are not bitter about the outcome. Keep that positive outlook.@DuckTapeJourneyman – thanks dude. I live to serve.@ginsu417 – Well luckily I am.

  19. Great post… I just don’t understand why NOW? Just because Obama became president? All of this should’ve been done a long fucking time ago. Maybe, just maybe, our economy wouldn’t be so shitty if people started taking these steps into consideration many, many years ago. Blacks are not reaally minorities either. By the year 2010 (maybe even sooner) WHITE people will be minorities. Slavery ended a long time ago, there are no victims here. I do truly agree with you though. Again, very well said. 🙂

  20. @baranorewen – yeah I agree with you. There are prolems to address all across the board. Getting the Hills off of the air would be a good start with white kids. @beli_grrl –  This post is for everybody. If you know some stupid ass white kid who needs to hear this then let them have it. You are right about us needing to participate in our government. Time to hold our government accountable.@ihaveanalibi – Ohh I know that people overseas are overjoyed. The world needs America to pull it’s head out of it’s ass.@lyricsninja – thanks dude.@lilwetduckie@momaroo – thanks so much for your comment. It really meant alot to me. I am really glad that you are able to be so open minded and objective even when surrounded by so much hate. I hope that there are more people like you in the years to come who are able to listen.@bubblzinthed – Yes it is high time the whiners and complainers cut the crap. It’s a wonderful time to be alive.@suchapurdyface – Yes don’t worry no one is going to confiscate your Kool Aid, lol.@casmarie – my pleasure 🙂@TheOriginalImperial – lmao. I gotta learn how to do the robocop. Is there a youtube video you could direct me too?@WifeOfAGayHusband –  Oh you’d best believe I was talking to them too.

  21. @Shirlann – Greetings ABD. How does this sound? Since I know you are not racist, I’ll say all the things that might sound racist for you and you say all the things that might scare white people coming from me. I think this could work. 

  22. OMG ! I love you. This is the best fucking post in xanga history, hands down. I so agree with everything you say to the 10th friggin degree. I live in an urban area in the Bronx and they talk so much shit about Obama being the man & they now want to come out & flaunt their gats.. -_- not cool. Thats not the type of shit they should be doing. Get off the corner, find a suit tie & some shoes, & GET A FCKN JOB. Get on your ass. dude, i can only give you 2 eprops, but you def deserve more. lol.

  23. @kellychicky – I can only hope so.@ccRowp – @skittlesruletheworld – @peacelOveamberx – So glad you guys enjoyed. Thanks for reading.@wherethefishlives –  I can’t believe I’ve never seen that before. That video was awesome. It should be shown in schools. WEAR DEODARANT!@kirakirasky –  Unfortunately no.@SuperSafe68 – It would have gotten pretty ugly.@AlterEgo909 – Yeah I had to bring it back with the Lisa Frank.

  24. Wonderful post! I especially like the suggestion to read a book. I would make that suggestion to all of us. Is it weird to say that I think Bill Cosby would like this post? He has said this on a number of occasions…minus the f-bomb.

  25. One of the funniest fucking posts on Xanga.I have just one remark: white people invented the ho’ing business. There are murals of ho’s in the Roman Empire back before Christ’s time. And you know what, Western history is rich with ho’s who became powerful and prominent (either directly, or through marriage). Jesus’s girlfriend was a ho, for christ’s sake.I’m just saying, it’s not about image. It’s about self esteem and intelligence. If a ho is intelligent and has self esteem, she can become a widely publicized, main stream star and multi-millionaire with connections in the mass entertainment industy (think Jenna Jameson, Jenny McCarthy, Pamela Anderson, etc)

  26. May i start off by saying, excellent post and agree with you on your first point. That may have been John McCain at his very best, a little too late, but he spoke well and I commend him for all he has been through for this entire race. May i also congratulate Barack Obama on an amazing campaign and an even better speech last night. The time for change is now! and this is where I also agree that those minorities who need to be put on notice, must be made aware of the faults they are making and why their actions are putting America into a downward spiral. However, they are not the soul perpetrator. We are all at fault. The dumbing down of American society can no longer be tolerated. So i call for not only the minorities to rise up and strip themselves of their stereotypical images, but for this nation as a whole to give themselves the overhaul they need. We as a people can not be pushed into ignorance and mediocracy any longer. This once great nation is on a dangerous path, but i believe we are heading toward change if we make the change happen. Basically, one group can’t do it alone. We all have our own faults and we all must contribute in order to bring back the great nation once reveared by all. The time for change is now, do something!

  27. preach on!! that was sorely entertaining. >___> i freakin agree. >_< with everything you said dude.  at least my brother’s pants fit him. i think you should also add, LEARN HOW TO SPEAK PROPER FREAKING ENGLISH to people. v__v

  28. Great post and I’m SO happy Obama won up here in Canada-Land. Loved both their speeches too – Obama’s was definitely moving and inspiring. This may be for another post but it does bother me that they keep focusing on him being black…you know, he is half white too! Yes, him being black is MAJORLY significant but he is also the one America voted for because they believed in him to be the most QUALIFIED leader.

  29. I like this post alot. I hope that this election opens the eyes of not just young  African Americans but all Minorites and such for those who think its just a “white man’s” world. This election has proven to show that absolutely anyone can do big things. Mainly all you have to do is be goal driven. Focus on your goal at hand. Anything can happen. For all  you middle school and high school kids, Stay in school get your education, go to college, its the bes investment you will have to opportunity to make in your life. Remember nothing is impossible unless you dont try!God Bless

  30. I like this post, but there’s one thing I disagree with… the part about how black people (minorities) should learn the way of the white person, that is to say that the “white” way is the “right” way. I do understand what you’re saying, though, about not letting your surroundings drag you down and blaming others for your predicament. 

  31. Although this post has good intentions (or I’m assuming that it does) I find it a bit offensive that you assume that all black americans are like this. Let’s not forget it is not racial but rather generational. I really wish this assumption that only black americans are like this would stop. It doesn’t effect one race, it effects all americans as a whole. Instead you should have just simply addressed this to the younger generation, not just to a particular race. 

  32. “stop using white people as an exuse. start using white people”loved it.and on the other side, those of us who have “Made it”, whether we’re white or not, especially us goddamn asians too self centered to think about lending another nonwhite a hand, its our turn to try for education reform so its actually equality of opportunity. i actually think obama’s biggest strengths have always been in how he handles and understands race issues: it is not ALL the white man’s fault, but it isnt ALL the black man’s fault either. its gotta be america’s responsibility

  33. Your line that “ho is not an acceptable career choice” was very well said; I was just watching one of TI’s video and I told my sister that the video seems to be promoting women to be gold diggers.  The guys will dress up in suits and the girls will dress up in skimpy clothes and like wait for all the material goods to come to them.  That’s a total misconception and not a good msg to send to the young viewers.

  34. i definitely agree.  i mean no offense to african americans but you guys tend to use the past as a excuse when white people complain that you don’t act proper.  i mean when you think about it japanese were treated horribly in world war II i believe.  yet they still act properly, and go to school and get a good forth.  let’s face it..all minorities do need to step up, and stop acting like uneducated, classless fools.  go to school, and actually do higher than a C.  stop talking in ebonics 24-7.  SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH!  respect yourselfs and each other.  obama made a change, if you really don’t want him to be judged..straighten up.  so we can have future black, asian, and mexican presidents.  

  35. I agree.  That was the only time that a McCain speech moved me.  I was happy to see his speech exactly the way it was.  If he had spoken like that during the campaign, the vote may have been closer.

  36. Huge props…especially for “You do not have to be gangsta.” @Shirlann – You left out the fried chicken! Woman! Have you never had Church’s?! *swooooon* Don’t even get the pregnant white chick started on those honey-butter biscuits. *droul* And, yes, that post needs to be written. BADLY. Please let me know when it is so that I can rec it!

  37. I am Australian and I was really thrillied to see Obama elected as President. Most of my friends were excited, too. When Rudd was elected as Prime Minister I felt ‘alive’ again. I felt Australian and was proud to be. I felt change can happen. I understand how symbolic and how powerful the message is to have Barack as President and I am excited about the future.Great post!!!

  38. Yes we can. Obama did it, so can we. No more excuses.McCain’s concession speech was amazing, yet I was uncomfortable hearing the audience over there being all rowdy and booing around. Show some respect.

  39. So many good books. Only so many hour in the day. Solution? Read in the bathroom.@Shirlann – I gave up the ribs, but refuse to share my watermelon and BRAVO to quit bitching. Let’s get the healing started.

  40. I don’t think it’s a question of what he’s capable of doing as an individual to improve the conditions in the u.s. per se, but rather that the PEOPLE of the u.s. collectively made change simply by voting for black president.

  41. Dang it.. I had a huge comment, and when I went to give you a ton of minis it limited me to ONE!Thank you Thank you, THANK YOU for telling these idiots (all races included… ESPECIALLY  my white sons and future son in law) to pull up their pants.  If I want to see what color you are sporting on your boxers, I will ask.However, you can NOT hog all of the ribs, watermelon, and KFC.  You can keep the koolaid.  Ribs are my favorite, but I have to concede, no racism intended, that black people DO make the best darn ribs!  LOL!And I think the intelligent, poised, and beautiful new First Lady is a role model for every woman.  I hate it when people refer to women as ho’s.  It makes them sound like and idiot, and is completely disrespectful.If you run for office, let me know.. I will vote for you!

  42. Here is my advice to Obama, everyone in Washington, and all Obama supporters:  You have a Democrat for President and the Democrats control both the Senate and the House.  Your new President elect has already started back-peddling on his promises.  Tell him to stop.  He’s going to have control like no other President has had in DECADES!  Stop blaming the previous administration…  they are lame duck and soon to be toast.  I highly recommend you start working on those wild and grand promises you made and actually DO something.  If the next four years are a failure, you can’t blame the Republicans, you will only have yourself to blame.Further advice for just Obama.  Get yourself some really knowledgeable advisors because you know less than nothing about running a country.  Most of us realize that the true power in Washington lies with the advisors and with Congress.  Listen to them, decide on the best course of action, and run with it.  But please do us all a favor and take responsibility for bad decisions.  Quit blaming others for your own mistakes.  We’re all sick of that!

  43. Wow, very blunt and non-PC. However, I have to say that there are a large % that should follow the above. I want to add that people should be responsible for raising their kids too — I was at a national conference for a foster family orgranization and probably 80% of the youth there were black, though black people only make up what, 15% of the total population. I think this is a great stepping stone in terms of motivation. You’re right: any underachiever who’s black has to just give up the whole man-is-keeping-me-down BS cause there is a black president. Hopefully we’ll see great achievement from the black community as a whole in about 10 years, when the youth seeing Obama in office are adults.

  44. You are SO right! Awesome doesnt describe this good enough. As a multiracial woman, I’m so sick of seeing people my age & younger come up with bullshit answers saying why the cant (or wont even LOOK) for a job & wear their pants around their knees. Although I admit I get a kick out of watching them trying to run. LOL. I’m praying this encourages people. You cant wait for life to hand you something, you have to go out there even when it looks hopeless.—>MiNA<3

  45. Absolutely spot on….I can only hope that people follow the extremely sound advice out lined here!!! You must be reading my fucking mind. As a 24 year old black man I can say that this is just what a lot of us need–a kick in the ass.

  46. VaneDaveI’m probably the definition of the man you talk about in your post but I think this is one of the coolest posts I’ve read on xanga as of yet.  Honestly the things you mention piss me off to just as much of an extent as any other.  I love X Box to and I hear you but I’ve begun reading books in my down time along with video games and my mind has been boggling recently, it’s unreal.  We all need to stop wearing our pants at our knees whether white, black, or any other minority and get our asses in gear and take responsibility for what our country can become.

  47. “This victory alone is not the change we seek – it is only the chance for us to make that change.  And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were.  It cannot happen without you. ” – Barack ObamaThe sunshine couldn’t be truer than this. In business, people feel that they have to conform to the ways that had been established before them in order to make it ahead. I’ve been fighting my part, and I’ve always believed that slowly, this generation of mid 20s to mid 30s will be able to shape the new corporate structure, and who am I not to lead it on my end?  Just depends on how much you want the change. Seeing that in business, and having that as the core of my integrity in what I do, I think Barack is the one person who can lead others to do that as well in society and in their everyday lives. I feel like I can breathe a little easier with a like-minded person in the top position of the country and, arguably, the world. John Legend and others before him said, “Be the change you want to see.”Funny you mention the current trends. You do know that Kanye West dresses like this (although he looks HELLA smooth in a white suit and in all white, period) and that he is pretty much the leader of Urban Trend at this point? I did hear on the news though, the young kids and polling areas in the urban cities were saying that Barack Obama makes them want to pull their pants up and walk straight. Might sound superficial, but it’s powerful. Fellas look much better in fitted clothes anyway. So fellas, if you can pull off that look, why the hell aren’t you?? & you probably already know there are only 23 Jordans. I own 2 of them, lol =) There’s that sense that fellas want the swag of these hip hop artists, but they don’t remember that those guys already have the money. Style is style, but if you have style, you can sport all kinds of looks and you know when and where to present them. That goes for the ladies too. I liked your “You Do Not Have to be Gangsta.” I know Ciara might like a man like 50, but seriously, a man like that in the real world with no money can only hold a grown ass woman down, and that’s word. & I agree, Michelle is a very good roll model for young ladies. Learning the environment of where you want to go and using it as knowledge rather than a way to assimilate – I think that’s what you alluded to when you stated “Stop Using White People as an Excuse.” I think all minorities need to start doing that instead of letting ourselves be controlled by what is already established. Your message seems to only be to black people but I think you have a good message for anyone who feels that they can’t go anywhere, and “cling” to things that are doable or make sense to them, or they see others doing, thus copying but not idolizing – I know plenty of people like that.  Interpretted “correctly” I think this is a really good post. Forgot why I’m here, but glad I read it.

  48. @eskirara – Thank you very much for a very well thought out response. I appreciate the time you took to read and process what I wrote. For the most part you interpretted everything pretty perfectly. I especially like the part about knowing when and where to present cetain looks. Hit the nail right on the head. The only part I think that was a little off the mark was the part about this message being only towards black people. Alot of people had this misperception and understandably so. While I was talking to black people and other closely associated minorities (because they are my people) the overall message was intended for all. Some people found this racist because they felt like I was grouping all black people into this underachiever status, or that I was promoting the white way is the right way. I am glad that you saw it the way you did instead.

  49. This is some of the best stuff I’ve read in years……You know, some of this (language cleaned up a bit) could have been added right into Obama’s acceptance speech… Now, that would have been awesome. The pictures displayed on a huge projector…. I could soooo see that 😉

  50. 🙂 i live in New Orleans, in the deep, dirty South (I love the South, btw). I go to a university in New Orleans East (an area that is generally populated by African Americans and is somewhat dangerous if found on certain streets). I definitely noticed a change in the way minorities were conducting their behavior on November 5th. I, myself, am white and I did not endorse Obama for many reasons (NONE of which included his race), and therefore was upset to the point where I debated if going to school that day could be productive. But I went reguardless, and finally seeing an acceptance on some usually scowled faces zapped my anger and uneasiness about the election’s outcome. I still don’t care for Obama, but I won’t disrespect him simply because I don’t agree with him. He will be my president, no matter what, and people who won’t accept that are playing the fool. If his presidency can do this for the people, something I’ve been hoping for a long time, then I can look forward to the future as well.

  51. Now, how did I miss this post?  Brilliant from first to last, and being a librarian I particularly like the recommendation to read a book.  Just this week someone forwarded this link to me: the text of a speech Obama gave to the American Library Association in 2005.  I was struck by a line he quoted from an earlier speech, his address to the 2004 Democratic Convention: “parents have to parent, …children can’t achieve unless we raisetheir expectations and turn off the television sets and eradicate theslander that says a black youth with a book is acting white.”I’ll go along with that.

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