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So yesterday a lot of you got a message from me expressing my disapproval of one of the posts xanga chose to feature. The post was entitled “We are so Screwed” and it was in a word, dangerous. The author made remarks about Obama rigging the election, about how he is not his president, and worst of all that he murdered his grandmother. There was much more about how we on the coasts are ignoramuses and how people who voted for Obama are either bad or ignorant. Now look, I am not saying that this guy shouldn’t have written this garbage (although I find it absolutely hilarious that he edited it so as to tone down the radicalism since yesterday). It’s his site he can write whatever the hell he wants. My issue was that Xanga chose to put this on the front page.

Now for me to be criticizing Xanga’s taste in featured blogs after being featured for two days in a row might sound a bit less than gracious. You may call me a hypocrite for it. The fact of the matter is that it would be hypocritical of me not to speak up about this. This is a critical time for our country. As happy as I am with the results of this election I also understand that there are many people who are just as unhappy, or angry, or just plain scared. Whatever their reasons may be for having these feelings, I am not one to say that they are not entitled to them. However these feelings of anger or fear should not be stoked. We should be helping people to properly cope with these feelings and find ways to move past them. Making up ridiculous accusations that Obama rigged the election and murdered his grandmother will not help our divided nation heal.

I’ve read many blogs from happy people who supported Obama and are optimistic about our future over the past two days, and I have also read some very poignant entries from McCain supporters who expressed their disappointment in a much more somber and respectful manner. However disappointed they might have been though, they all hoped for the best for our country under Obama. They all vowed to give him a chance. If Xanga wanted to put a different perspective up, they might have given a few of these posts some consideration. 

That’s really all I am hoping for out of those of you who are not as pleased with the outcome of this election. Give the man a chance. A fair chance. I feel as if there are some people out there who won’t be happy unless Barack Obama personally delivers a gold plated Mercedes to their driveway. If McCain had won I would have been devastated. I would have been a little scared too (especially with the prospect of President Palin looming large). Still I would have held my head up and looked toward the future with the hope that McCain would do his best to make our country better. I would have prayed every night for his health and I would not have been so damned bitter about it.  Though I would have kept up with the Canadian real estate market just in case.

In the end I am not here to bitch about Xanga. I love Xanga, I really do. Which is why I expect more out of it. I expect it to have a bit more of a sense of social responsibility. We shouldn’t be in the business of promoting hate. There are those of you out there who think this is about freedom of speech. As I’ve said before this guy can say whatever he wants. Just please consider for the moment that we are a divided and fragile nation, and that Obama has a huge target on his head. Let’s TRY to do a little better with our words.   



  1. We are completely on the same page. People are already talking about impeaching him?!?I am terribly sick of everybody being so darn negative.

  2. @Drakonskyr – yeah some of the comments were interesting. That guy is just fucking nuts. He didn’t even have the conviction to stay with his batshit crazy statements either. Did you see how he bitched his entry down today?

  3. Well what you’re saying may be true, but look at all of the people who recommended the post. Most of them did it so that the author of that blog would feel backlash. In doing so, they helped that post make it to the front page. The page also had many comments and some people argued their points well and gracefully, while others did the same thing the author of the post did but about McCain.

  4. It’s not an issue of free speech. He is entitled to write whatever he wants on his personal site. But Xanga is a community of people and the homepage is supposed to be representative of that community. It’s perfectly reasonable for any member of the community to protest the post’s position on the homepage. 

  5. Xanga is a business.  There are Xanga employees who make their money by running Xanga.  Since it’s offered for free to users, they have to get money elsewhere.  To do this, they need to draw attention to the Xanga website.  To do this, they post things that will get people riled up.  Then people will comment more and, in the end, Xanga gets more money from all the traffic.  At least, that’s how I think it works.  I really don’t think they enforce such negativity.  And I’ve noticed that Xanga often posts two featured blogs near the same time that speak to opposite sides of an issue.  Just sharing!  But you probably knew all of that, didn’t you!?!

  6. I’m sick and tired of hate, especially when it’s not-so-cleverly-disguised as political or religious conviction. I mourn for what has happened to this country in the last eight years. I’m hoping and praying for changes, and I refuse to surrender my joy to anyone’s bitterness. 

  7. Did he have lots of comments?  I think its a pretty automated process which doesnt filter out idiots.  Only way for xanga to know about its hate message is to flag it.But I agree with what your saying 100%

  8. Nice post. I was quite shocked by that post being featured. As you said, there are so many other posts out there from McCain supporters that could have been featured. Of course each side of each story should get it’s spot light, but that one was just ridiculous.

  9. i saw that entry the other day, and thought it was written in extremely poor taste. sure, there is freedom of speech in this country, and it may have been a mere conspiracy theory, but i do agree with you: xanga has a social responsibility not to masquerade such entries. regardless of how many hits and eprops that entry received, i do not think it should have been headlined on the front page for all to read. i am a mccain supporter, i was very disappointed he lost the election, and still to me, that entry just wasn’t funny at all. it is that sort of mentality that holds this country back from progress.

  10. @TiRocKiinPiinK – what you said is partially true, tiana.  however, no matter how many recommends/comments/views/stars/eprops a post receives, the xanga team still has the final say on whether the blog entry makes it to “featured” or “top blogs.”  i’ve known posts that had several recommends/comments/views/stars/eprops, but still didn’t make it to “featured” or “top blogs.”  the xanga team makes the ultimate decision.

  11. They picked up the first guys who were plotting to assasinate him today. Crazy folks! What is wrong with these hating people? I don’t find it funny at all in any way.

  12. I believe the Xanga team has an obligation to allow a variety of posts on that front page, and they fulfill that obligation very well. This is why we see posts both pro-life and pro-choice, both positive and negative, both political and fun make their way to the front page. That said: Within that obligation is an editorial one. Within that obligation, they need to weigh a post. Is it merely mindless vitriol, or does it promote dialogue. Any post that is  mindless vitriol or will only promote mindless vitriol need not be on the front page. You were right to speak out. That post only promoted unadulterated hate, and it should not have made the page. It was a mistake, but certainly it was one we can forgive since Xanga so rarely features posts like that. I would wager it slipped through somehow, and they will be more attentive in the future. At least, I hope.

  13. LOL, here’s how the post got featured. AuthenticBlackDragon I think it was came into xanga chat and told us to all go read this blog. We all thought it was hilarious because the guy was obviously one of the dumbest people out there. We then decided to fuck with him and recommend his post, but give it 5 stars and zero eprops. Everyone in the channel recommended it, and then our xanga subscribers recommended it because they also thought it was ridiculously funny. That’s how it got featured, because it got a ton of recommends, and probably because the Xanga team found it funny, too.

  14. I think dude knew what he was doing, and so he expected this. As far as the featured or top blog thing is concerned…i am happy with my little circle of friends…i would hate to be associated with the likes of that!

  15. I was 100% against Obama from the beginning.  I don’t like him, and I have zero respect for him.  I don’t like his policies and I don’t like what he has planned for our country.BUT… I read that post, and I was disgusted.  It was utterly tasteless. 

  16. With freedom comes responsibility. Obama is just a person trying to do his best for this country. Everyone may not agree with what that is right now, but at least give the guy some credit.

  17. Oh, stupid people will be stupid people. And, you have every right to say that posts that spread hate, venom and idiocy shouldn’t be featured. And Xanga has every right to ignore you. This free country thing ain’t always easy, is it? I would think that Xanga webmasters wouldn’t want to be responsible for spreading hate and lies; but hey, that’s me. Maybe it really is about traffic.

  18. Well said sir. In Xanga’s defense, I think they featured the article because it was so controversial. Xanga has a habit of featuring good things as well as bad things with a lot of discussion going on. Basically if you read the comments, a lot of people recommended the blog for the sheer ludicrous and shock value of the piece. People who hated what the guy wrote recommended so all like-minded friends and level-headed thinkers could all flock to the blog for an all-out dumbass beat-down. Although I really disagreed with what the original blogger said, I think featuring it helped put it into light and discussion of the matter helped dispell some of the utterly ridiculous accusations made in it. Plus, it’s the guy’s blog, he can write whatever stupid non-sense he wants. He and his dinosaur pals can have a grand old party!

  19. I’m with you, man!  I have no problems with people with different opinions as long as they’re expressed in a reasonable and intelligent manner. Fear-mongering and hate-filled radicalism will only hurt the nation.  If a person truly does care for the country, they wouldn’t do it.

  20. well said. I didn’t read the post that you are refering to but I think you are right that people need to be positive about the future. there are things that worried me about Obama during the election [McCain too]. But America has spoken and he is our president. Everyone should try to support him and hope that he does well. that doesn’t mean you have to agree with him- just respect him as our country’s leader. Bashing him and spreading vicious rumors about the president doesn’t help our country.<3

  21. i agree. a post by someone who was much more respectful would’ve been better. if Obama didn’t win the election, I would’ve been disappointed but I wouldn’t write a post saying that McCain won by rigging and that he shouldn’t be president because I heard he was born in Panama. I would’ve have said that he well deserved it and that he will do a good job. I understand if someone is upset but don’t let emotions take you too far where you go and do some things you might regret later on.

  22. I agree =)  I way I see it–things can’t get worse than it was under good ol’ G.W. Bush.  I, myself, am relieved and I am not even American–but it’s a democracy and I’ve always believed that may the best person win.  You are always welcome up in Canada btw =)

  23. I didnt get to see what this dude said 😦   is his site still up?From what I see, this guy took it a bit too far.  Ok so perhaps our Barrack Obama is a bit far left…ok a lot far left. But that doesn’t make him a murderer. I think people are seriously scared. And the only way to vent is on here. Or by talking about it. What they dont understand is that by preaching hate and continueing with the political blame game is not helping nor does it make them any better. The way I feel is, now that Obama is president, we should support him. Even if I didn’t vote for him or agree that he should have won, I will support him. Because he needs us right now. And America needs us to unite together and stop all this bruhaha. Unless he messes up big time, I say we give him a chance.Although I am hoping he gets McCain a position working beside him lol. I sincerely doubt that’s going to happen though. I have a feeling it’s only going to be Dem’s. Although people have a right to put whatever they want on their Xanga, I dont think it should have been featured. Simply for the fact that we just dont need that kind of talk right now.

  24. I think it was definitely an interesting move to feature a pot like that. Like you said, people can and do say whatever they feel. But I do think some thought should have been given to featuring it. Then again, these things are about what gets people talking, not necessarily what posts are well written or even thought provoking. Great observations as always.

  25. Well… I’d say that Xanga had the right to feature it on Top Blogs.The wonderful thing about the ‘net is that it’s one big open forum.He spoke his piece, a bunch of us spoke our pieces in comments, and freedom of speech reigned.The qualifications for getting on Top Blogs involve much activity. There was a heckuva lot of activity on that post. The only time I’ve publically objected to posts on Top Blogs was when all those Harry Potter role-playing sites were taking up space. The owners of those sites didn’t even want the attention.But other than that… I have to say I love the internet’s openness. I just do. It’s good that we know, for instance, that there are people actually accusing Obama of murdering his grandma. We really should know stuff like that.

  26. I didn’t read through all of the comments here, but I can say this…A while ago, there was a hubbub about a post titled “What’s wrong with being racist?” I think that Xanga put the anti-Obama post on the front page for possibly the same reason they put the Whats-wrong-with-being-racist post on the front page – perhaps it’s a means to foster more debate and discussion – and hopefully, a little more traffic as well.

  27. yeah, i was a bit angered by the post too. just showed how much more the McCain supporters are acting like high school students hearing that their pick for the most popular student didn’t win :(eh, i viewed the last few elections more as high school elections for people over 35 )

  28. I agree. I know there’s been some issue with Xanga’s front page and censorship. (Don’t question what the Xanga Gods do or you might be pulled!) But there does need to be a line drawn for hateful and discriminatory posts. Personal page? Be as much of an asshat as you want. Featured? Some intelligence should be a requirement.

  29. Look at the comments on the entry, most people probably told him that his opinions and claims were absurd.I agree that this is inappropriate, but people in our country are ignorant (after all, Bush WAS reelected in 2004). I remember seeing youtube videos claiming that the bible predicted Obama, cast as the anti-christ, taking over. There is so much garbage on the internet. But I disagree with you, I think people should see this propaganda esque writing. It reminds us that America is not the well educated, idealized place that we assume it to be. I think their ignorance sheds light on the fact that our country has a long way to go towards tolerance and education. maybe. That’s just my take.

  30. @SuperSafe68 – That would be a pretty accurate depiction.@TessieLuv – yes it would be so nice if the featured stuff was always well thought out and thought provoking. Too many posts go up just because they are controversial. Controversial and well written would be fine, but not controversial crap.

  31. Dave, I totally agree with you. That guy is all kinds of Hateful Crazy. (I worry about lax U.S. gun laws when I read crap like that, I really do. )There are a lot of insane conspiracy people out there, seriously. Some of them are just laughable, but some are dangerous because they are fanatical.I have said it before, but it bears repeating here: Fanaticism is WRONG and DANGEROUS!! It doesn’t matter what the issue is, whether it is “good” or “bad” … Fanaticism itself makes it wrong and dangerous. Fanatics don’t care about facts, rationality, other people or anything else but their “cause”.  

  32. @SuperSafe68 – I am a Mccain supporter and I am not like that. So dont blame it on all McCain supporters cause not everyone is like that. The guy that wrote that post was just plain crazy.There are racists on both Obama and McCain sides. So hating people who voted for McCain is asinine. You have your oppinion and I have mine, thats the beauty of being in America. Doesn’t mean we have to dislike each other.

  33. Hate is what drove the fascists to power in the late 30’s. It is dangerous as you say. Protesting hate is an obligation. LDV recommended the site so her subscribers so they could disagree with the author. I forgot we could flag the site ’cause it is so rare to do so. ‘Free speech’ is not guaranteed to those promoting hate in any form.     

  34. I’m sick of seeing the posts about Obama, saying it’s the end of the world and we’re all fucked, etc.He isn’t even the president yet and already, some people are so negative about it.  It’s just…  Crazy.

  35. I agree. And it is one thing to be disappointed or even enraged with the outcome of the election… but it is another thing entirely to throw out unfounded accusations, distort facts, and fling uncalled for insults at people who had every right to vote whichever way they pleased. I too have read some very admirable posts from McCain supporters that would have been much better suited for the front page. Unless Xanga is TRYING to paint a picture of McCain supporters as psychopathic jerks… which also wouldn’t be very nice, would it?

  36. i would think in America of all places, equal opportunity to hear of all views would be accepted.  is the point of free speech not to encourage people to think for themselves and make their own decisions on what they hear or read?i’m not saying i like that person’s post.  i thought it was completely ridiculous.  but Xanga has done nothing different from what the media has done throughout then entire campaign.  it’s up to the viewers/readers to make up their own minds though, isn’t it?

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