Xanga Mystery Blogger (Coming Attraction)…

Hey guys. TheBigShowAtUD and I cooked up this new game for you, our blogging community. 

 Mystery Blogger

Every tuesday a blog will be posted from a mystery guest blogger and readers will have to guess who the author is. Readers will be given a list of 3 multiple choice bloggers to choose from. The host blogger will be different from week to week, but any one can post the game if they want to. For example, this week is Matt’s (bigshow’s) turn to host. He will pick this week’s mystery blogger and post the mystery blog for the week. The mystery blogger can be anyone in xanga he chooses. He and the actual mystery blogger would be the only ones to know the secret for the week. This is not a contest. It’s just a fun thing to do with our readers.

So far here are some of the hosts we have lined up for the weeks to come. Again these are the hosts not the mystery blogger necessarily.


– No mentioning yourself by name. Duh, which also means no pics which may be associated with you.
– No mentioning other people (including xangans) whom you might be closely associated with. This includes saying things like “my new baby boy” or “my fiancee.”  
– No reposts. All mystery blogs must be brand spankin’ new.
– You can try to be a little tricky with your writing, but you should write how you normally would write. The fun is to see if people will recognize your writing style.

Well that’s all by my estimation. See you next tuesday with the first installment.
Sidenote: Hey do you guys remember the word dweeb? I am bringing it back this year. My goal is that by 2009, it will once again be firmly entrenched in everyone’s vernacular. Till next time dweebs!
Ahhh yes one more thing. Use the rec button (located just below in the shape of a heart). The more the merrier.



  1. Sounds like a plan.  Although I would imagine that people would have to read you (know who the hell you are) in order to recognize your writing style. Effectively eliminates me from being a Mystery Blogger. lol I’ll still play along though.

  2. i like your ideas – short, fun, lacking in whoredom and they actually involve WRITINGINGING…”dweeb” is somewhat common at my school so youre at least one school’s worth towards your goal.(did you do anything different to the settings on your site?  the last two times i’ve been here it was smooth navigating.)

  3. Sounds like fun. As an alternative to “dweeb” somehow I picked up “duve” (pronounced: doove). Most times when I say it, people ask me to repeat myself. You should spread the duve trend, duve. (As further proof of the fact that I have been using a word I thought was a word, spell check does not recognize “duve”, while it does “dweeb”.)

  4. Sounds like fun and I love mystery thing lolI’m not sure if I wanna be the host but I’m sure wanna be mystery blogger too! LOL if you hosts would pick me 😛 I’m in LOL

  5. @stephanieauuaeinahpets – Well it’s really just about seeing if people can recognize xangans just by their writing. For others it’s just a guessing game. In any case it’s just a chance to have a bit of fun. No prizes, no pressure, no competition, just fun.@Dare2BDiferentt – I’m gonna send out an e-mail on this. A lot of people are asking.@TheTheologiansCafe – You are more than welcome to participate Dan. Always happy to have you aboard.@aznhellaangel – touche. lol.

  6. @niez_cho – @purplepixiepoo – @Shirlann – yep. you got me. Blogging everyday is a pain. People are so demanding.@Kim@revelife – @mslovelyladii – @WendyDarling128 – @MlleRobillard – @Kalligenia – @Evolutionary_21 – @Audiofreak18 – @SnippiesBlog – @Krissy_Cole – @chewysweet – Should be fun. Stay tuned for more folks…@menskeet – I haven’t heard the word dweeb in damn near twenty years.@curtainsopen –  I didn’t change a thing. Hopefully it stays fast though. Glad you like this idea. I’m pretty excited.@lauralen – I’m pretty sure people would think i was on drugs if I started calling them that.@lil_mama2499 – I like the word dork, but dweeb is just so much better.@dragonflyshine – I would love to have lunch with the word dweeb.@starrynite45 – I’ll have more info about paticipating soon.

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