Saturday Mornings: Then vs. Now

This entry was inspired by Millsanicole’s entry on Saturday morning cartoons. That entry really took me on a stroll through memory lane. Had me reminiscing about my old Saturday morning routine. Kids just don’t know what they are missing out on these days. Let’s take a look at the Saturday lineups from then compared to now and see which one wins out.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Then vs. Now

Pre 9AM

Then: I wasn’t always up before 9, although there were many a day that I was. If I did happen to wake up early, I always had something to watch. All my facvorite DIC  cartoons came on before nine. (Remember that girl’s voice at the end of their cartoons. “Deec” made me giggle everytime. Still does in fact.) There was Heathcliff, Super Mario Bros., G.I Joe, ALF: The Animated Series, and of course, the crown jewel itself, Inspector Gadget!

I still wish I could do some of the cool things he could do. And I want his car.

Now: Well judging by most channels kids don’t get up before 9 AM anymore. If you do then you are probably under the age of five. Therefore if you are a little tike nowadays and you happen to wake up before 9AM, the networks give you a choice between Guthy Renker, Oxy Clean infomercials, and baby cartoons like Oswald or Dora the Explorer.  This Round goes to the past in a landslide.

9-10 AM
Then: This was the Bugs Bunny hour. No question about it. My dad even got up and sat in on this hour. Yes a big bowl of cereal and Bugs Bunny & Friends. Can’t beat that.bugsbuny

Now: Well we’ve already established that you can’t beat the Bugs Bunny Hour, but let’s see what now has to offer anyway. Hmm at nine we have Sonic X (crappy Sonic the Hedgehog show), Spectacular Spider-Man (not the best Spidey show ever), and whatever display of horrible child acting ABC has on at that time. Actually PBS has the best to offer at this time. They have Clifford. But still this is no contest.

10-11 AM:
Then: This was always sort of the revolving door time slot. This was when I would sometimes shower or make my bed or get something else out of the way. Still there was always something good. Some notable 10-11ers were Beetlejuice, Garfield and Friends, Eek the Cat (awesome show!), Bobby’s World, and of course Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Now: Well now we basically have two choices. That’s So Raven for an hour or the new Ninja Turtles show for an hour. The old choices are still more appealing, but I’ll give this round to Raven because of how much I loved her on the Cosby show. The new Ninja Turtles show sucks big time though.

11-12 AM
Then: This hour had some of my favorite shows ever. Freakazoid, Darkwing Duck, Saved by the Bell, Fat Albert and Alvin and the Chipmunks back in the day. Power Rangers made it’s debut in this time slot. The real anchor for me here was X-Men. Maybe the best cartoon ever (besides Bugs).

Now: Veggie Tales, Yugi-Oh, and Hannah Montana. Ugh I feel so sorry for these kids. What the hell kind of crap is this?!!! You’d think that with shit like this on TV more kids would be outside.

Early Afternoon
Then: If it was a lazy afternoon then I got treated to WWF Wrestling and American Gladiators (nothing like mullets and spandex).  Mind you I said WWF not WWE! I’m talking Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, The Rockers, The Genius, Mr. Perfect, Jake the Snake, Coco B. Ware, Andre the Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and the REAL HULK HOGAN!!!

Now: You know what I am not even going to bother looking this one up. You can’t beat Hulk Hogan. He’ll just hulk up, turn invincible, then leg drop that ass. By the way the leg drop was probably the corniest finishing move in the history of wrestling, but it was Hulk Hogan so we loved it anyway. I must have legged dropped my little brother about five hundred times when I was younger. I might go leg drop him today just for old time’s sake.

Alright that’s it. Hope you enjoed this stroll down memory lane with me. I’m off to lunch now.   

Sidenote: I was considering doing an afternoon cartoon version of this as well, but there is nothing there at all. That is a total blowout. We’re talking The Snorks, Duck Tales, Animaniacs, Tale Spin, Thundercats, He-Man, Tiny Toons, Rescue Rangers, and Batman (you guys know the Batman show I mean), going up against Judge Joe Brown and Tyra . Not even worth it right?



  1. ok let me show my age here……….I loved saturday mornings which included Land of the Lost, Capt Caveman, School House Rock, Sigmond the Sea Monster, Fat Albert and then progressed to American Bandstand and Soul Train!Have to admit I still love laying in bed now days and watching the Qubo cartoons like Dragon and Jane and the dragon. But nothing beats the cartoons of the 70’s

  2. I turly had it gooood. The cartoons were a lot better in my day in the 90’s when I was little. I remember watching Sailor Mooon, Digimon, old bugs bunny cartoons, Inspector Gadget, The adventures of Ten Ten, and a lot of others. truly great!They play Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears on channel 2 over here. on saturday. It’s ot that bad over here.I’m 19 by the way.

  3. Bugs Bunny and Animaniacs were the only shows on which my brother and I could agree, though he could think of no one on either show that could engender in him the unholy passion which Wakko Warner inspired in me. In fact, now I have to go back and listen to Wakko’s “America” song. Dear as you Xanga folk are to me, and as delighted as I am to be engaged to the guy of my dreams, I’d ditch it all to go be Wakko’s groupie tramp.

  4. Definitely not worth it. Honestly, when my Girly Girl was sick this weekend I thought I was going to hurl after spending an hour or two tortured with ABC Family programming. I dunno if you’ve checked out the Nick offerings; but The Suite Life and iCarly are enough to make me barf. Nope, kids’ TV ain’t what it used to be… although I laugh at some of your selections! They are 1) very boy-like and 2) show some of the age difference between us. I don’t suppose you’ve ever seen Ben & Jerry? Superfriends (with the League of Justice)?How about The Flying Nun?

  5. I might be dating myself… but I remember the Old School ‘toons like Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle and the Original Tom & Jerry. Staples on Saturday mornings for me.

  6. Every Friday night we ate beans and hotdogs,Sat morn while watching Johnny Quest and Scooby Doo my brothers had farting contests, my fond memory.We had Schoolhouse Rock between shows,which I always loved! It is how I learned the Preamble to the Constitution….to recite it I have to sing it though.

  7. @Shirlann – Ben & Jerry? You mean Tom & Jerry? Now that is showing your age. lol. Can’t say I’ve ever seen the flying nun, but Tom & Jerry and the Superfriends are shows I was very familiar with.@MlleRobillard – lol. Wakko’s groupie tramp huh? That just sounds hilarious when put that way. You should make Jared learn how to talk like him. @MyxlDove – All excellents choices. If we were going to go a little further back then you gotta throw in Space Ghost, Shazaan, and whacky races.@seedsower – Sounds lovely if I do say so myself.@SnippiesBlog – that she did.@WendyDarling128 – bobby’s mom = sarah palin@kellychicky – Capt. Caveman was fun. I remember a few schoolhouse rock episodes too. Can’t say much about American Bandstand, but I messed with Soul Train once in a while.@hotpinkstarberry – Ahh you’re a youngin. Where do you live?

  8. @vanedave – Absolutely!  And while you’re at it, throw in the Original Speed Racer, Raydeen, Woody Woodpecker and the sister show to Sesame Street, The Electric Company.  Aw man, now you got me all nostalgic. Lemme go see if I can find a few throwback torrents to download.

  9. Yugi-Oh, what the heck kind of a name is yugi-oh for a cartoon????? Ok that might be a very valid name someplace just not I’m my house! these are the signs of the times Dave…signs of the times.

  10. All I have to say here is why the heck is Home Improvement and Fresh Prince of Bellaire on NICK AT NIGHT?? When I was little and enjoying those shows on prime time, the shows that were on N@N were things such as: I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dike, Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore etc… I loved those shows. Home Improvement and Fresh Prince are not even that old, at least not old enough to be on nick at night…ugh. Good post though, I miss the old cartoons; they were the best! Oh, and am I the only one who remember VR Troopers?? We are, we are VR Troopers!! Virtual Reality! Good stuff, I liked them better than Power Rangers.

  11. My mom liked the Animaniacs as much as I did. One of those cartoons that definitely had stuff for adults too… I wish they’d show the reruns.And omg, I remember the DIC girl, I had totally forgotten till you said it. Too funny.

  12. You’re the best Dave!!!  I can remember getting up and eating a bowl of Smacks (you know…the cereal with the Frog on the box) and watching these cartoons!  GO GADGET GO!  I always wished I had that hat of his! LOL  Wonderful trip down memory lane!

  13. I used to watch the “new” episodes of Speed Racer of Saturdays and I used to wake up at 6 to watch Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors, then go to Popeye or Tom and Jerry. I used to watch the original Spiderman too.I used to watch a lot more TV.

  14. *squeals* You just brought back so many wonderful memories. Sounds like we had the same Saturday morning TV schedule and then the WWF stuff. Damn. I miss good Saturday morning programming.  I can’t stand the cartoons on these days.  Sunday mornings weren’t as good, but you get the Davy & Goliath stuff.  Nothing like a preachy talking dog.I totally remember my after school programming: Thundercats, Transformers and G.I.JOE.  Battle of the Planets was in there for a bit, but those first three were the staple.

  15. @vanedave – Voltron kicked ass.RYC: I was ranting in my blog and almost forgot to mention LARPing.  I’ve done it a few times before and had a lot of fun.  Most people who play RPGs don’t like LARPers.  It’s usually the LARPers vs. the regular gamers at conventions.  Big war!  I think if you can get in the fun of acting and don’t get overly serious about it, it’s a great time.

  16. @Shirlann – Ben and Jerry Ice Cream? hee hee Tom and Jerry were so funny. I wasn’t really allowed to watch cartoons, but I found ways to see some and caught up when I left home.Dave, Don’t you just love the things that you can look back at and feel so happy inside. Those memories are the best.  Every once in a while you find some memory “gem” that takes you back in time. Enjoy each ride you get. On a side note: some gals that worked for me when I was running a computer department at a medical clinic, gave me my official Inspector Gadget pin and I was proud to wear it.

  17. I miss the good old days.. these kids nowadays dont know what they are missing and Lol @ “deec”.. i think they had to say it so we wouldnt think it was “dick”.. lol do u remember denver the last dinosaur?

  18. OOOh! I was having this discussion with someone a while ago. It’s funny,  I got a random selection of the old cartoons growing up in the Caribbean. I loved: Eek the cat, Darkwing Duck, Animaniacs, Smurfs, Chip N’ Dale (remember that?Isn’t Chippendales some kind of “take your clothes off” place? Shame, the associations in my head), X-Men, Bobby’s World, Freakazoid…ah the list goes on.”I might go leg drop him today just for old time’s sake.” are the reason I snorted and promptly had to cover it up while at work tonight. I think I scared at least one unsuspecting child.

  19. I feel really bad for kids now.  Although Inspector Gadget always creeped me out for some reason, Bugs Bunny and Garfield and friends were always favorites.I watch TV with my nieces and nephews now and I WEEP.

  20. I would say a big factor is if you just had Public TV or if you had Dish or Cable.  When I was a kid the only time to really watch cartoons was Saturday morning.Having a channel that gives you cartoons all the time demeans the value and makes Saturdays seem less special.

  21. Animaniacs and Eek the Cat were a family event in my  house on Saturday mornings.  I also vaguely remember Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (I think?).   Your next blog should be about TGIF then versus, well…whatever they have going on now…

  22. eh, everything went downhill in 2004. i think it accounts for what appeals to kids NOW. though even during my generation, i loved the stuff from even before the 90s. now it’s like everything was changed to suit more programming for dumbdowned masses (say so by the networks supposed ‘demographic’)oh well, there’s always sleeping in and/or watching DVDs (Funny Games US anyone?)

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