So You Work at Burger King…

Just in case you guys didn’t get to read this. It was my blog for last week’s Mystery Blogger… 

So the other day I headed to Burger King on my lunch break. I wanted to try the new Shroom’s n’ Swiss Steakhouse Burger because it’s new and I am somewhat of a masochist. It was pretty quiet on this particular day. Fairly peaceful, by lunchtime standards. Yet for some reason this woman behind the register, who look like she was perpetually smelling a fart, still felt the need to be short and rude with the people who were on line before me. All two of them. 

The first customer looked like he had been waiting for his food for a while. He came over to politely ask if she could check on his food while I was ordering and she put her hand up at him and said, “you’re just going to have to wait sir.” He came back at her politely,”I’ve been waiting for ten minutes, could you please just check?” This time she just put her hand up and ignored him. I was in my head like, “Awww snap, you gonna take that homie? She made you talk to the hand twice!” Then after I ordered I watched the other customer, one of those old guys who is just smiling for no reason at all, ask her for some sugar packets. She went for the packets behind the counter and instead of handing them to the old man, fung them across the counter one by one. How fucking rude is that?!!! If you aren’t going to be nice to this sweet old man who are you going to be nice to?

I left Burger King that day feeling really shitty about humanity in general. That is unpleasant this woman was. I mean it was quiet, the customers were polite, why the hell do you have to be rude? WHY?!!! Is it everyone else’s fault that you are forty-two and working at Burger King? No it isn’t. Is it our fault you probably haven’t gotten any in twenty or thirty years? No it isn’t. Maybe if you smiled a little more and wiped the “is that shit I smell?” look off of your face, people would like you a bit more. Then again that might require you acting like a normal human being so good luck. Furthermore what’s wrong with working at Burger King. At least you’re working. The reason people don’t respect you is not because you are a Burger King employee, it’s because you are a shitty Burger King employee. I have had some outstanding service at Burger King before and you’d best believe those people had my full respect

So I’ll leave you with this moral. This is for all you young people out there. Whatever you end up doing in life, if you take pride in your work it’ll show. If you are going to be a doctor, then you heal the shit out of your patients! If you clean toilets, then you clean the shit out of those toilets (literally)! If you are a teacher, then you be the best teacher you can be! Make sure every child leaves your class better off than they came. If you are going to be a ho, then be the best ho you can be! No sloppy handjobs. Make sure every customer is a satisfied customer!…

…and that my friends, is it in a nutshell. 



  1. I can’t stand rude people like that.  Your last paragraph is great–reminds me of this Martin Luther King, Jr. quote: “If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well.”

  2. i’ve worked in fast food and i was always’s not hard to fake a smile and just generally not treat people like shit.i don’t understand what makes them so’s just…ugly, you know?

  3. You do often run into people in really low-end jobs who are really good at them and smiling like they hit the jackpot in life. I love those people. I usually give the jerks who work these jobs a lot of slack. I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for angry, rude bitches in my more philosophical moments, when they aren’t being that way right in front of me and pissing me off. Can you imagine how much it sucks to live your life in that place of anger? I’ve worked at shitty jobs and had some great times there. It really is all about attitude and a positive disposition is worth more than any fortune, I really believe that.

  4. Yesterday I was grocery shopping and the stock-shelvers were all so nice. I’m sure they don’t get paid much, but I appreciated their attitude. And I told their manager, because I’m sure they usually only get negative comments. I will shop there again b/c I was treated so kindly. Niceness goes a long ways in my book.

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