My Profile Pic Explained (Plus it’s Tuesday…)

It’s Tuesday. Everyone’s new favorite day of the week. Why is Tuesday everyone’s new favorite day of the week? Because it’s Xanga Mystery Blogger time that’s why. Head on over to BarelyJen’s page for this week’s installment. Don’t forget to come back and check up on me too though.

I’ve gotten alot of new readers asking me what my profile pic is of. I am changing to a different pic real soon, partly due to the fact that some of my readers are scared of clowns and are henceforth creeped out by my current pic. So before I make the switch I am going to repost the background info for what is in the pic. Most of you already know, but for the sake of the curious, I will post this again. It’s my favorite pic from the Halloween Parade. Here is the scoop…

Lots to Share (Halloween Pics)
So as I told you guys last week, every year I go to the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village and see some kick-ass costumes. This year was a little different. I went to the parade, but instead of spending most of the time checking out other people’s constumes and chasing them down for a pic, I spent most of my time having people chase me down and asking me to pose for pics. I did a couple costume with my girlfriend and we were huge hits with the crowd. We dressed up as John McCain and Sarah Palin’s myspace pages. 

Now going into the week I had no intention of doing anything Palin or McCain related, even though my girl wanted to make fun of her real bad. I just knew there would be a ton of them out there. However after I got the idea to do this I had to give it some consideration. When I finished making their fake pages and filling every little part with jokes I started to get real excited about the costumes. The finished product came out even better than I expected. Here are some of my favorites from the night (use that rec button if you enjoy!)…
Halloween & Janet Jackson 023Halloween & Janet Jackson 030
There we are. We had to make sure that people knew what side we were on.Halloween & Janet Jackson 020Halloween & Janet Jackson 018
Two of my favorites from the night. The BEST joker costume there, and a very beautiful Freda costume.
Halloween & Janet Jackson 028Halloween & Janet Jackson 025
NEWS TEAM ASSEMBLE! The anchorman cast, followed by a Micheal Phelps impersonator who must’ve been freezing his balls off.
Halloween & Janet Jackson 047Halloween & Janet Jackson 034
Joe Six-Pack and his hockey mom friend, followed by little Barack and Michelle Obama. They were so darned cute.
Halloween & Janet Jackson 037Halloween & Janet Jackson 040
Pretty cool Gambit costume here. Also we met the bailout plan.
Halloween & Janet Jackson 052Halloween & Janet Jackson 051
Barack Obama himself. He was a pretty good sport.

I’ll leave you with this video of us getting booed (which happened all night) and the Palin myspace page for your reading pleasure. The McCain page modules are in my photos if anyone wants to see more. I might put them up later. The video is short, but it’s just a sample of the craziness we encountered. We had to keep yelling “WE ARE PRO OBAMA! OBAMA 08 PEOPLE.” I kept telling people I would take their health care and bomb their homelands if I was elected president. Call it creative license.

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  1. Oh man!  I’ve been trying to think of something fun and creative for next year, ANCHORMAN!  I love it.  Too bad I’m a chick and i’d look stupid dressed as Champ Kind.  I WOULD however make a hot Veronica Corningstone.  Hmm.The little Obamas are really cute too. 😉

  2. OMG thoes costumes are amazing hahahahaha I loved Palin’s myspace but I wanted to see the one for McCain lol thats awesome haha

  3. I love Palin’s myspace page! I wish I could come up with something creative like that! And I never thought of the joker as a clown…But now that you mention it…Ahh! It’s scary!

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