XANGA LIVE!!! (and a few pre-holiday thoughts)

So as most of you already know I am a part time stand up comedian (note: this entry is also for xanga John who asked me when I was going to blog more about my stand up). I live in New York so it is real tough sometimes to get stagetime. There are more venues, but there are also a lot of comics. It takes a while to get your name out there too. In any case I have been doing shows semi-regularly since April. Saturday I got to do something I’ve never done before. I got to perform in front of a couple of xangans for the first time. Thebigshowatud and Theblackspiderman (it’s his birthday today in case you didn’t know) were in town and were nice enough to make their way down to the New York Comedy Club and watch me do my thing.

It was a bit of a thrill not only to perform for them, but also just to meet them (there is visual evidence of this, I just don’t have it yet). I mean I’ve posted videos for you guys and blogged about a couple of my shows before, but to be able to see them right after the show and chat for a minute. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had to cut my night short and attend to some more business, but it was still great meeting them (if even for a brief moment). Any of you NY xangans ever want to come down to a show, you are more than welcome. Just let me know when you might want to come.

The show itself went real well. I found that alot of what I was joking about was stuff that I had previously blogged about. This does not always happen with my stand up. Alot of times what I blog about doesn’t translate to stand-up and vice versa. This time was a bit different. See the video at the bottom for my set from Saturday’s show.

Before I wrap this up here are a few pre-holiday thoughts: 

– Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. I am not sure if I am going to be on xanga tomorrow, but I will try to pop in and say hello.

– Speaking of Thanksgiving can we please get another team for Thanksgiving football besides the Detroit Lions. They are the WORST! Plus they play one of the best teams this year, the Tennessee Titans, so this game will probably be a blowout. Back in the day the Lions had Barry Sanders, so we would want to see them, but since then no one wants to see the Lions.

– Lastly a warning to all. Tomorrow marks the official start of the holiday season. When the holiday season comes around I get real giddy. So over the next month if the sarcastic, semi-asshole, ranting madman you’ve come to expect is occasionally replaced by a sentimental, warm and loving cornball, don’t say you weren’t warned. Now watch this video…



  1. hey, man… that was a killer performance, for real.  we’re glad to have been there to see you.  hilarious.we’ll be back, though, so we’ll make up for not hanging out after the show.”this is the smart breed of dog…”  haha.

  2. You’re hilarious!  I didn’t know you were a stand up in NYC.  Very cool… GOOD FOR YOU Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and I’m excited it’s the holiday season … I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  3. Oh this is frickin’ HIGH-larious! Oh but you want to know what’s really funny? All this time I thought you were the one dressed as the Joker in your profile pic. Doh!

  4. Always love your stand up and soon as I make it back to NY im so there!  Am I gonna have to pay??? kidding! kidding!I wont be back on xanga for a few days so you and your family have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

  5. Oh, I am so jealous! ABD and I want to come up and see you perform some night… would you recognize your “caucasian cousin” if you peered out in the audience and saw us? Hmmm… may have to put that to the test someday… πŸ™‚  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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