Xanga Mystery Blogger 3

So as you all know, Tuesday has become synonymous with intrigue, and suspense around here. This is due to a little thing called Xanga Mystery Blogger. So far we have had two fun filled weeks, with two wonderful hosts (TheBigshowatud and BarelyJen). There was a bit of a delay this week because of some confusion with the host, but we are gonna keep it going strong this week as well. Your lovely host for this week will be iStephanieMarie. So hop on over to her page and check out this week’s entry. I had the pleasure of reading it already and may I say that it is quite the treat. Here is a little bit…

Why I Am Not a Dog Person

Travel with me down the echoing corridors of time, to the mid-eighties, when good dancing resembled an epileptic seizure, and big hair was de rigeur. Are you with me? Remember shoulderpads? Parachute pants? OK, you’re there. My dad had a chihuahua. A vicious, hateful beast, sort of a cross between a rat and a piranha. His name was Wayne, and he hated me. I considered myself a veritable lion tamer in those days. No animal hated me, but Wayne.

So the audio around here is taking forever as of late. I would like to put up some more music for you guys but it will have to wait. This sucks! In the weeks to come i think I might play around with this mystery blogger thing a bit. I would really like to see it grow. Anyway I’ll leave you with this question;

If you could change one thing about Christmas what would it be? 



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