You Can Suck on This…

So this is a continuation of a response I got from a pulse I put up today.

The pulse: So I think I am losing alot of my readers with this “cute stuff.”
The response: “
Cute? Who? You? not OG triple OG…you betta tell them to check your police record!!!! Snitches….” – CiaoBella810

Bella got me thinking. Maybe before I go any further with all this cute stuff I should take a minute to let all you sucka MCs out there know the deal. So this post is to all you haters out there who have a problem with the Peanuts background or the Christmas songs or Christmas in general (click here if you hate Christmas). This is going to be fun. (I know you guys crave abuse so consider this an early Christmas gift.)

Alright first off don’t get it twisted. If you think I’ve gone soft then go ahead and test me. You’ll be in for a damn rude awakening. You think just cause I am gushing about how much I love A Christmas Story and putting pics up of mall Santas that I would hesitate to hit you with a literary beatdown if the need arose? Trust me you don’t want to make that mistake. Don’t mistake my kindness, or corniness, or fondness for the cute and sentimental, for weakness. 

What’s that you say? You didn’t mean to offend? You don’t want any trouble? You just want me to tone down the cuteness a tad? Well guess what you can do haters. You can suck on this big ole’ candy cane!
Also to all you Christmas haters. Look I get that not everyone is into it. Special pass goes out to all of you who are of a different religion. I don’t mean to alienate you guys, but I love Christmas myself. So I wish you all a Happy C/Hannukah, an Excellent Eid, a Krazy Kwanzaa, and a Wonderful Whatever it is that Buddhists/Hindus/ People from whatever other religion/belief systems (or lack thereof) celebrate. Just because I am celebrating doesn’t mean I am forcing you to. You can just go about your merry way lighting your menorahs and I’ll go about my merry way putting up ridiculous songs everyone has heard way too many times. You are required to come back and check up on me from time to time though. I will have the occasional non-Christmas blog up and after Christmas you are all required to be reading regularly again. 

Oh and for those people who hate Christmas because its a corporate/capitalistic/pagan/evil/whatever the hell else you people are bitching about holiday, well I just feel sorry for you. While there is some merit to every argument, how can you let any of those small negatives overshadow the pure joy Christmas brings to so many people. If you are not one of those people who find joy in the holidays then I pray that one day you will be able to. Maybe you have not had the best experiences around this time or maybe you don’t have anyone to share this time of year with. Or maybe you are just a crab ass human being who can’t find joy in life at all. Either way don’t ruin it for those of us who can. If you don’t like this time of year then fine. Go somewhere and insulate yourself from the barrage of happiness that is December. If you choose to constantly bitch and moan about it instead, then you can just suck on these big ole’ jingle balls… errr I mean bells.
                                        jingle bells
That is all for today. I will have songs for you soon I promise. Funny thing I was really listening to the Nutcracker Suite while I was witing this. Rather peaceful music for a rant. Just imagine if I hadn’t been listening to that. 



  1. Hey, I’m all for everyone doing whatever they want. My problem is with those Christians (spurred on by douchebags like Bill O’Reilly) that are gung-ho about forcing everyone to say “Merry Christmas.”  That’s nothing short of pure hate. The funny part is that those same fascists call themselves open-minded and tolerant, AND believe that Christians are being persecuted. Sorry, but people like that are just messed up.

  2. That’s right, show em who’s boss.How can you hate Charlie Brown?   I’ve DVR’d every episode and watch them on all the holidays.  Timeless.  …my roommate didn’t even know what The Great Pumpkin was…  crazy.

  3. I’m not a fan of the Christmas season, because it’s a traditionally miserable time in my family, and the music annoys the crap out of me.  But I’m not going to shit all over people that love it!  I do love the reds and greens and the smell of gingerbread and pine trees.  If I could just stay at home and not visit my family for the Holiday, I think the Christmas Season would be wonderful.

  4. Well, this wasn’t cute. Maybe you’ll get your readers back. I love your “click here if you hate Christmas” link. Nice one. That should keep them going in circles for while like dogs chasing tails, my friend. Like dogs chasing tails…

  5. @Krissy_Cole – lol. I wonder how many people will fall for it.@Still_groovy – How can anyone hate on Peanuts? HOW???@Hathaway_Lane – I can’t wait to read it. Might I suggest listening to the Nutcracker to keep your blood pressure down.@baranorewen – Yes unfortunately the family aspect is a minus for some.@Giraffney – Peanuts should be taught in schools.@makethemakersmile – You know that is a good point. I hadn’t noticed that. It takes some pretty manly dudes to brave the cold like that.@seedsower – You make me smile. 🙂@walden_thoreau – @TiRocKiinPiinK – thanks guys. I feel better now.

  6. OH goodness..think of how much more mean you could have actually been!?  It’s not like you told anyone to suck on Christmas lights, or to slip on ice, or even to stick their tongue on a frozen pole, or stand too close to the fire.  I’m sure you’re saving those for a later blog though.

  7. Charlie Brown isn’t cute, it’s classic.  A Christmas Story isn’t mushy mush, it’s culture.  As for the jingle bells, all of us here know you have a big pair. 😉

  8. this is militant Christmas spirit at its best 😀 jk  i really didn’t know there were actual Christmas haters…… what the hell is that all about? lol anyway nice post the “suck on these” pic is freaking hilarious….choralone

  9. Being a sappy “I love people even when people don’t love themselves” kind of gal, I love this lay out. I also have mucho respect for other’s beliefs.  Peanuts was my all time favorite when I was growing up. I still have a copy of the book “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” Good ole Snoopy dog! I never doubted your “softness” or “toughness”. I love you for all of what makes you, you! I have to go write Santa now.

  10. okay so i checked out the background BEFORE i even read this post and i had two giant thumbs up for you!  i love the Peanuts background!  Charlie Brown Christmas HELLOOO!p.s. sucka M.C.’s teeheehee.

  11. that was funny.  I personally like Christmas, but I am not overjoyed about the constant Christmas music.  I tolerate.Way to handle your cuteness, not many men can hang. 

  12. I love Christmas too, honey… but, let’s face it, I’m WAAAYYYY nicer than you. LOL!I also have theme envy. Not only do I covet your theme; but I wanna learn how to make one, I’ve just been too lazy to get to that. So, I choose from the ones that are out there on Xanga themes; and change them regularly. Maybe over Christmas when I’m all happy and enjoying TWO WEEKS OFF WORK; I’ll figure out how to make my own themes. That would make the New Year fun, don’t you think? Oh, and don’t forget, I listen to Christmas music ALL YEAR LONG, remember? You will never get me tired of your audio selections, my dear!

  13. Keep on keeping on!  I’m not much in the holiday spirit either, but you know what!  I’m not posting bloggs on Xanga telling everyone to keep it to themselves.  That’s what this site is all about!  Letting the “You” out for everyone to see, so I say… If the “you” is to love Christmas, than keep on loven’ it!

  14. This is a fabulous post!!!!  I LOVE IT!  I don’t celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, I celebrate Christmas for the family and traditions.  I love the holiday!  I love the Christmas tree and the lights and the reindeer and snowmen and little Santas, too!  I love how most people actually say hello and even chirp out a happy holidays when usually they don’t even look at you.  I love how everyone is buzzing about surprises and sneaking around with their treasures and hoping to give the gift that makes that special person smile.  It’s all about love and happiness to me.  And I LOVE IT!

  15. i agree.  just because your a guy, why shouldn’t it be ok to gush about christmas.  some people can be such dumbasses!  i love christmas myself!  i love the christmas music, watching nutcracker play atleast once on tv, and watching merry christmas charlie brown.  seeing family for dinner, and openeing presents..even if it’s not what you wanted. lol.  giving people presents and seeing their smile when youve got them the right one.  seeing the christmas decorations at starbucks..and just listening to more christmas music as i sip my pumkin spice latte.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS, and no matter how bad it was, or good i still effin love it!! 

  16. You know I find it really hard to keep up with your blog….If I miss a day…or a month or so…I am completely lost…However, I love the back Ground!

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