It snowed!

It’s snowed last night! It was so nice. One reason I like snow is that it really puts me in the holiday mood. I went to Borders yesterday and bought three cheesy Christams albums. Just kidding, they’re not cheesy at all. Yes they are, but I don’t give a shit. I love Christmas songs. And not just the commonplace stuff you are used to but Classical stuff like “The Nutcracker”,  the joke songs like “Dominic the Donkey,” soulful stuff like Toni Braxton’s Christmas album, and everything in between. Christmas jazz has become my favorite staple for the season. I have some recommendations for everyone this holiday. So without further ado, here are…

Dave’s Holiday Favorites

Alright. We’ve established that I like Christams songs, but that is not all I want to list here. I am going into a little more detail and listing my top three all time favorites in five festive categories. Let’s begin shall we.

All Time Favorite Christmas Movies
3) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Every body thinks of this movie as just being Rudolph saving Santa, but they always forget about all of the other great characters. Yukon Cornelius, the dentist elf, these are great characters in a great movie.
2) Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (original cartoon)
– This movie has it all. Great lead character, that cool ass little dog , and one of the best Christmas songs ever. Not to mention the best narration in any movie period, provided by my man Boris Karloff (a.k.a Tony the Tiger)
1) A Christmas Story There are too many classic scenes to list here. There are many movies you can put here, but only one that I have watched every year and only one that is on 24 hours a day right before Christmas. The sentimental fave for many might be It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street, both of which I absolutely love, but this movie is just so much different than any other holiday classic. You have just gotta love it.

All Time Favorite Christmas TV Shows
3) South Park Christmas (Santa in Iraq)
–  Mr. Hanky, The Dreidel Song, Santa vs. Jesus, Santa in Iraq. It’s all good baby.
2) Simpsons Christmas (one with Gary Coleman) – Not only was this a hilarious episode where Gary Coleman and Furby (remember Funzowere made fun of, but it also featured one of my favorite Simpsons lines ever. Gary Coleman doing his Tiny Tim impression going from “God Bless Us Everyone” to “What You Talkin Bout Everyone.” Ahhh man. That’s comedy!
1) Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony  (the one with Destiny’s Child)
– This is a sentimental favorite of mine. I already loved the tree lighting ceremony, but this one was special for a reason. I was there and I stumbled into the VIP area behind the scenes (long story). I met Destiny’s Child (when there were four of them ), Al Roker, and some hot ice skater chicks before being escorted out by security. I was upstairs and outside just in time to see the tree lighting. How cool is that people!

All Time Favorite Christmas Characters
3) The Ghost of Christmas Future -There have been many versions of this Christmas classic, but no matter what this character always stands out the most. I don’t know why, but I always thought this ghost was cool.
2) Yukon Cornelius – This guy was just too cool for words. The way he handled the abominable, his staggering screen presence, his kick ass moustache. He’s the total package.
1) Kris Kringle(Miracle on 34th Street) – There are many worthy candidates here, but I don’t think any character tops the original Kris Kringle. This old guy might just be the most loveable character ever. Even more lovable than Bambi, or that cute kid from Monsters Inc . Best Santa in a movie or show ever.

All Time Favorite Christmas Albums
3) Nat King Cole Christmas Favorites– The voice, the instrumentals, the best Christmas song of all time (see below). This one is a no brainer.
2) Oscar Peterson Christmas – Rest in peace Oscar. He died Christmas Eve last year. The same year I discovered this absolutely masterful jazz album. Put this on late at night and let it soothe you to the core.
1) A Charlie Brown Christmas– Best Christmas album ever in my book. This is always part of my soundtrack while decorating my Christmas tree. When the tree is lit, I dim the lights down, make some hot chocolate and admire the lights while listening to this in the background. It gets no better than that.

All Time Favorite Christmas Songs (Hardest to Decide)
3) Christmas Time is Here – Toni Braxton
– One of the most relaxing songs in existence. I am big on relaxing jazz, not to be confused with soft rock or easy listening crap. If you do not have this song in your collection get it. Toni is at the top of her game (with her sexy ass self).
2) White Christmas- Bing Crosby – Is there any need to explain. You simply cannot do Christmas without Bing Crosby. He has the perfect voice for Christmas songs.
1) The Christmas Song- Nat King Cole– This is the best version ever of my favorite Christmas song ever. Nat King Cole absolutely made this song his own. I’ve known all the words to this song since I was like five years old. As far back as I can remember it was playing while we were putting up the tree. It’s become part of Christmas for me.

Alright kiddies, I think that’s enough for now. Time for me to go eat some dinner. Don’t forget the Xanga Holiday Party is kicking off this friday. Go RSVP if you haven’t done so already. Also check back tomorrow for new details. I have been getting some excellent ideas.



  1. Like snow that stuck to the ground? We had snow and then it freaking rained! I was super excited too only to wake to nothing but coldness today. Toni Braxton’s Christmas album is cool, but I like Whitney’s songs from The Preacher’s Wife.

  2. I love Rudolph, that movie is amazing. Snow is nice, just not good to live in. And not five feet of it. I pray this winter we don’t get as much as we did, it was rediculous last time it snowed that much.

  3. Yeah I like snow during Christmas because it gets you in the spirit of the holiday, but after living in upstate New York my whole life I get tired of it quickly. I’m glad I moved to VA. It snowed a bit last night but then it stopped and now it’s just a bit cold which is fine with me.

  4. We just put up our twinkling light snowman as we sung: ” The weather outside’s delightful and a fire would sure be frightful. And since we’ve no place to go. There’s no snow, there’s no snow, there’s no snow.” You gotta keep a sense of humor where I live. Happy holidays Dave! Keep your spirit shinin’!

  5. ok so who told you you could like NKC???? He is only my favorite…copy cat! No you may not have him…mine mine mine.  oh and you were on point with that Rudolph….Who do you think you are being all cool and stuff…psssh!

  6. My favorite Christmas movie will never stop being “It’s a Wonderful Life.” As for The Ghost of Christmas Future, I only like the portrayals of the one who actually has “ignorance and want” under his cloak. HAUNTING!

  7. it snowed for like 2 seconds here. I looked outside and saw some snow sticking and about 10 mins later it was all gone lolhaha, i always sing dominic the donkey to my husband since he has the same name.

  8. Here‘s the mince pies I promised for your party – and as a bonus also the the only modern Christmas Carol a true New Yorker like your good self really needs! We gonna have a “Secret Santa” draw for this shindig?  You could assign a maximum amount and who buys what for whom – it’d be up to us to visit their website and guess what they might like and post a link to it from Amazon, Ebay or whatever.  Could be fun, eh?

  9. You’ve got some great taste in Christmas stuff.  My problem with A Christmas Story is this:  Everytime I see it on TV, it’s the exact same scene when Santa kicks the kid down the slide.  Every time!  But that’s my only complaint

  10. My All Time Fav Christmas Song (and Guilty Pleasure) is “Little Saint Nick” as performed by Dr. Tooth’s Band on John Denver and The Muppet’s Christmas Album. It’s a shame I can’t find a recording of it…

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