Holiday Party Details Galore…

Alright look people, I want to further clarify what this Holiday Party I am doing is all about. It’s about celebrating as a blogging community. We are a blogging community right? Are you with me on that one? Good. So let’s break down what it means to be a blogging community real quick. Blogging entails writing, and community would imply some sort of fellowship and togetherness. So celebrating as a blogging community would simply mean coming together to write and read and have fun for the holidays. That is what my party is meant to be about. Okay now that this is clarified I am excited to tell you some more details.

Kick-off party We will have a grand kick-off party on Friday the 12th (remember the party lasts till after Christmas). I will announce the guest list and your hosts, there will will be a red carpet show with photos and interviews, and one very special guest.

Your hub for all things holiday –  I want this to be a place where people come to find things for the holidays. Stories, poems, songs, videos, recipes, gift ideas, layouts. I will have a list for each category set up with links you send me. Share your holiday favorites. I want to have one central place where I can link you guys to some other festive xangans. 

Holiday Chat – There will be chats set up for partygoers to meet and greet eachother. Maybe even a xanga TV or two.

Games – All throughout the season we will have games for you guys. We will have at least one raffle with a real prize and probably a few with fake ones. We’ll have some trivia and some other fun stff too.

Xanga Douchebag Award (Christmas Edition) – I want there to be something for everyone. So if you want to bitch about the holidays then come on and tell me what you don’t like about this time of year. One lucky winner will be named Scrooge of the Year! Tell me how much you hate the corporate aspect, or how crappy your family is, or how annoying all the decorations and music get. Just remember to make it douchy.

Holiday contests – There are a bunch of holiday contests already kicked off. I am going to try and give you guys a list of them. I already have a few in mind.

Remember the party will run from December 12th through Christmas. Come and check up on it anytime.

Alright I think that about covers it for now. I am open to suggestions to make the party as fun as it can possibly be. If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, you can do it here. Also don’t forget that it’s Tuesday, which means Xanga Mystery Blogger. Today’s host is seedsower. Go check it out.

Guys help me get the word out if you can. The more the merrier you know.



  1. I have been meaning to tell you that I am in, but I keep getting distracted. Sorry. I suck. And with my sucking mind…(wow…that could be construed as dirty…) Um. Anyway. Yeah. Whatever you need, I can help out! (That just doesn’t sound good on the heels of the sucking comment…GOSH! I just can’t it right today!)Okay. You know what I mean. I will be there, and I am willing to help out in any way you need!

  2. Aw, how come we have to be douchey to win Grinch of the Year? Can’t it be humorous? Or is that another category: “Best Christmas Horror Story, True Division”? Oh crap, that makes it sound like ghosts and such are required … But that’s not what I meant. (I must have Krissy’s disease this morning … hehehehe)Oh well, I’ll see what I can do for a story … (Wanders off, humming “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”)

  3. Sounds like fun, what a great idea!  krissy_cole suggested I come by and see if my Secret Santa can be “at your holiday party” but since it’s already closed and I’m not taking any more participants, I’m not entirely sure how you could do that other than just another Xanga Holiday Happenin’ or something like that   Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!!  

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