Almost Time…

So everything is almost set for the Holiday Party. I have some exciting updates to share with you guys, including a few of your hosts.

Kick-off party (hosted by yours truly and ciaobella810) We will have a grand kick-off party on Friday the 12th (remember the party lasts till after Christmas). I will announce the guest list and your hosts, there will will be a red carpet show with photos and interviews, and one very special guest. If you would like to be a part of the red carpet show please message me or ciaobella810
 for more details.

Your hub for all things holiday –  I want this to be a place where people come to find things for the holidays. Stories, poems, songs, videos, gift ideas, layouts. I will have a list for each category set up with links you send me. Share your holiday favorites. I want to have one central place where I can link you guys to some other festive xangans. 

Recipes – Send all of your dinner recipes to MlleRobillard, and all of your drink and dessert recipes to Shirlann. You can either message them a typed out recipe or post the recipe on your page and send them a link to your entry.

Holiday Chat (probably hosted by Snippiesblog) – There will be chats set up for partygoers to meet and greet eachother. Maybe even a xanga TV or two.

Games – All throughout the season we will have games for you guys. We will have at least one raffle with a real prize and probably a few with fake ones. We’ll have some trivia and some other fun stff too.

Xanga Douchebag Award (Christmas Edition) – I want there to be something for everyone. So if you want to bitch about the holidays then come on and tell me what you don’t like about this time of year. One lucky winner will be named Scrooge of the Year! Tell me how much you hate the corporate aspect, or how crappy your family is, or how annoying all the decorations and music get. Just remember to make it douchy.

Holiday contests – There are a bunch of holiday contests already kicked off. I am going to try and give you guys a list of them. I already have a few in mind.

Remember the party will run from December 12th through Christmas. Come and check up on it anytime.

Tell one, tell all. See the rec button, be the rec button



  1. I will certainly submit something along the lines of a holiday story or something. I just don’t know what it will be yet.

  2. I am thinking of becoming scrooge of the year. I know if I set my big mouth off I could win it. i will have to try to look at your posts to find out where and when because the new decor of your blog is making my browser freeze up. I wonder if it has anything to do with having a 6 year old computer?

  3. I’m spending my day NOT working today, hopefully decorating and becoming festive around here. I’m running to the kitchen NOW to get some of my favorite dessert recipes to share…

  4. BTW, I offer up my next few “What am I?” games (through Christmas) as holiday party games! (yeah, I know, I’m late with this … I haven’t seen much of Xanga this week, due to RL blahness)

  5. @SnippiesBlog – gasp. I am fixing. I think it’s cause we were still working out the details about the chat. @BarelyJen – I am going to make a post called The Zen of the Rec Button. I happily accept the offer. Just message me when they are up and I will link them. You are not late. This party is going on till Christmas.@simply_steffy – You should. Everybody loves desserts. Send them to Shirlann.@jediwa72 – Actually I am pooping out Christmas trees.

  6. Oh I totally want to be a part of this! I have a layout site and my partner and I are working on a huge Christmas update of icons and layouts so we’ll let you know when we get them all up. (link is on my site via credit)

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