It’s A Celebration… Holiday Style!



The time has come people! The Official Xanga Holiday Party is finally here. I would first like to welcome you all to this festive occasion. My good friend theblackspidermanVisit theblackspiderman's Xanga Site will be happy to take your coats (that’s right we got Spidey to take coats! We’re official!). Wipe your feet before you come in (new carpet). Take a look around, mingle, have some egg nog, check out our guestlist (click for the list). Here are some of the things we’ve got going on…

Kickoff Show Visit CiaoBella810's Xanga Site
Go and see CiaoBella810 for your Xanga Holiday Party Red Carpet Show. There will be one very special guest in attendance.

Party Chat Visit SnippiesBlog's Xanga Site
Starting at 2:30 you can head over to SnippiesBlog and chat with some of your fellow partygoers. You can always just stop in to say a quick hello if you are pressed for time. Also the BFN chatroom will often be a mingling place too. Click here for the BFN toolbar.

Have Some Food With Us Visit MlleRobillard's Xanga Site and Visit Shirlann's Xanga Site
So if you have some recipes for entrees or sides send them to MlleRobillard. If you have dessert or drink recipes send them to Shirlann. Go check out the recipes they have posted so far. Here (for dinner) and here (for drinks and desserts).

Holiday Entries
See what
some of your fellow xangans have written so far for the holidays. Stories, memories, contests.  Click here for the list. Submit your own posts for others to read as well, by sending me a link via message.

Holiday Favorites Visit Krissy_Cole's Xanga Site
We want to know what your holiday favorites are. What are your favorite songs or albums? Your favorite holiday movie? What is your favorite thing to do or see this time of year? Do a post about it and submit it to Krissy_Cole or just message her with your favorites.

Holiday Gift Exchange Visit Kim's Revelife Site
My lovely mother-to-be friend Kim is hosting a holiday gift idea exchange on her page. Go to her page and give her your ideas for some great gifts. Plus you may go get some for yourself.

For Those With a Bit of Grinch in Them
We will be having a special holiday edition of the Xanga Douchebag Awards. Your hosts will be BarelyJen, CanadianBroad, and StewieIsMyHero. Check back with them on Monday for more details.

Holiday Games
Today’s game is Saintvi’s I-Pod Shuffle Holiday Quiz. We will have some more games and trivia as the party goes on. Next week’s holiday raffle and the next week’s Xanga Holiday Bingo will have prizes too! Stay tuned for a chance to score some loot.

Much More to Come
There will be plenty more to come but for now so stay tuned for updates. We will have some really good surprises in store for everyone. Remember to get on the guestlist if you haven’t yet done so. This way I can keep you in the loop for updates.



  1. YEA! I’ll post a consolidated link list of dessert recipes later today or tomorrow… I’ve already gotten several; and I did add a few to that other blog you gave me the info on…

  2. @saintvi – I have an extra red with white Santa fur trimmed floor length cape. It’s warm, elegant and calling your name. @theblackspiderman – Can you keep my wrap for the rest of the evening and give the extra one to Saintvi if you can’t find hers.  I’ll bring you some more tamales and ale while you take care of that for her.  Does anyone need anything from the food table?  I’m going that way.

  3. Well Dave…so far so good. I had a great time at the party tonight. Ate way too many tamales and I’ll probably be sorry about the Pico de Gallo in the morning. See ya soon.

  4. Yeah! I LOVE PARTY! Great!!!I’m hosting Xanga X’mas Postcard-Swap on my site…go check out…I already sent the first lot …and anyone who wanna swap with me still can sign up before this christmas! If you are postcard collector and wanna see Thai postcard & stamps so sign up on my iste here!–swap-with-me.htmlit would be very nice of you if you add mine on this holiday list too, vanedave! Thanks…Oh, am I on your guestlist yet? I RSVC-ed in the previous post…

  5. Man, I tried to come last night but couldn’t find my car keys and, let’s face it, your place is too far to walk.   Did find the keys this morning though… in the baby bag. 

  6. Awee this is the coolest thing yet on Xanga. Never had an invite to an Xanga Blow Out Bash b4! I’m like freaking happy! GOOOD POOST!! I feel so apart of something.  <3–Ok I know my question is going to be silly. I have to know cause like I’m going to think about it for a while! My question i: in the Peanuts image right beside the title “Party Time!” Is there like twin girls dancing cause I see 2 of the same girls doing the samething in a purple dress? 0.o

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