A Hypothetical Query (updated)

query has been answered. So XangaTV tonight at 9 ET from this very page. Here are a few things you could look forward to during said broadcast;

9:00 – Dave will greet all viewers with a firm handshake and reacharound. Its the polite thing to do.

9:15 – Dave will sing one lucky lady a song. She had a bad day (No I am not singing that stupid Daniel Powter

9:30 – Dave will teach white girls how to properly booty dance.

9:45 – Dave will stop speaking in the third person for exactly one minute. (What a dick. Who does that?)

10:00 – Dave will tell you all a bedtime story before he tucks you in for the night.

Other Possibilities – Dave gives out really bad advice on all of your most troubling topics/ Dave tells you, live and in person, what’s wrong with your xanga/ Dave shares embarassing things about his past with you on camera

So that’s what I would have in store for you people tonight. I am only doing it if people at least pretend to be interested, so we’ll see I guess.

A few things while I have your attention…- The Holiday Party is still going strong. If you haven’t had a chance yet, go check out BarelyJen’s Chapter 2: A Xanga Christmas Story (Mad Libs). It is an official party game so you know it’s fun. Elgaberino is also putting more about his holiday playlist bash today.

Tomorrow check back here for the Xanga Douchebag Awards: Holiday Edition. I will have all the details for you.- Also it’s Tuesday. That means Xanga Mystery Blogger. Keeping with the tradition of sexy hosts, this week’s edition is brought to you by CiaoBella810. Go on over to her page and check it out. NOW!!!Don’t forget to let me know about the TV tonight. Rec this to no one. Unless you think they should know about this or something.



  1. I say I will come by, and I probably will, but if I don’t it’s not because I don’t like you or anything like that, maybe…I don’t know, don’t dwell on it.  The real question is, will you be serving food?  I really am in to this eating thing lately.

  2. you reminds me of House Elf in Harry Potter who always speak themselves in third person!!Well, I’m in Thailand and I probably still in bed at 9 am here so I will just say hi here and good luck with Xanga TV!

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