So Far So Good (updated)

Oh man, what a weekend. The holiday party (click here for the main party page) kicked off with a bang on Friday. The turnout was great. As with any party there were a few incidents.

–  MlleRobillard and Shirlann had their testy moments in the kitchen. This was my fault really. I should have that basement kitchen finished by now. One oven for two such prolific cooks was just poor planning.
TheBigShowAtUD was spotted doing the Carlton dance. He was warned that doing so again would result in him immediately being escorted off the premises. 
– A vicious catfight almost broke out when SnippiesBlog decided she no longer wanted to share  CiaoBella810 with Millsanicole . A quote from Snippie: “I’m tired of being a reverse oreo. It’s time for me and Bella to make this a black and white cookie.”
– Jaynebug had to be rushed to the ER after overdosing on Tamales. She would be fine though.
– And of course someone peed in one of my potted plants. I think it was this guyVisit ihaveanalibi's Xanga Site!. He just looks so suspicious doesn’t he?

Aside from those unfortunate happenings everything went wonderful.  SnippiesBlog ‘s holiday chat was a great success and  CiaoBella810‘s red carpet show made me feel like I was on E (the television channel, not the drug). CHECK OUT SNIPPIES ON XANGATV TONIGHT AT 9ET!!! All of our hosts have been doing a fantastic job as a matter of fact. Here are our updated lists for everyone to check out;

dinner recipes
drinks and dessert recipes
Holiday Entries
Krissy Cole’s Favorite Things List
Holiday Gift Exchange

We have lots more in store for this week starting with Elgaberino’s Holiday Playlist Bash. This is just a fantastic idea he came up with. Here are his rules:  

1. What: Submit a Playlist of 10-15 Christmas/Holiday Songs.
I don’t care what they are so long as they are associated with the November/December holiday season and you can preferably provide a link to them. Please no inappropriate content. Let’s keep this classy.

2. When: Submissions Accepted Friday, December 12 – Saturday, December 20.
Go ahead and start compiling that list. I will be officially opening the ballot, announcing contest judges (and hopefully prizes?) and begin posting YOUR submissions on Tuesday, December 16. The winning playlist will be featured on my blog in a “Christmas-Eve-Eve” (December 23) edition Tunes for Tuesday, where I will write a review about why you won.


3. Who: Judges & Eligible Contestants.
I am gathering an elite panel of musically-oriented Xangans to judge the contest. Everyone is encouraged to participate! The only caveat: I reserve the right to disqualify you if you manage to include some offensive content in your list. Or whatever. You people. Tsk, tsk.

4. How: Submission Methods &
Judging Criteria.

Submissions: please provide a list of songs, numbered, in the order/sequence you think they should be played for best effect. If you can submit it in the form of an imeem playlist, or something similar, that would be best, but I won’t be stingy if you can’t find sound to link to each song. Criteria: I will be encouraging the judges to look at which playlist is most listenable, balances creativity with broad appeal. Ideally, each song should sound good following the song before it, so that there is a natural flow to it. Nobody wants a harshly jarring Christmas.

5. Where: elgaberino and vanedave.
Feel free to post submissions in comment or message form (a) to me, the host of the contest, or (b) to vanedave, the host of the Official Xanga Holiday Party. It really doesn’t matter which. We’re going to be consolidating them to one list. Just, you know, whatever. Enjoy the variety.
So think about it, then share it with us! What sounds are going to be in
your Christmas mix?

Click the “recommend” heart and and tell your friends about
the contest so we can get lots of great music mixes



  1. @seedsower – awesome. Oh and thanks so much for submitting the party for featured. I didn’t even think to do it.@CiaoBella810 – well next time don’t wear such a sexy dress and maybe there won’t be any fighting. Troublemaker!@theblackspiderman – Well I couldn’t have ideated it alone. I hope I gratituted everyone I was supposed to. @casmarie – We ain’t stoppin’ till the roof burns down.@der_lila_Stern – awww shucks.@SnippiesBlog – Let me know when you settle on a time. I’ll post it.

  2. I’m Okay! I’ve recovered and my husband says I’m a bit spicer now.  I’m still linking you on my posts so hopefully more can enjoy the party.  Be the blessiiiiiiiiing!

  3. @vanedave – Oh, I thought you were asking what would be on MY Xmas mix.  Since I don’t care for holiday music, I was just listing some of the stuff I normally listen to, which will not change one bit during the holidays. No, CC is not cheery. But, it makes me happy when I listen to them.

  4. I’ve been listening to the “Holly” station on XM. It has a nice mix of everything. :)ps. I’ve only gotten one submission for gift ideas – tell everyone to send some more ideas over my way 🙂

  5. Heh heh heh … That party sounds like a blast. Sorry I couldn’t make it, I had “fambly” type stuff to do. (sigh, stupid families, getting in the way of xanga … )I would pay A LOT of money to see Matthew do “the Carlton” … Honest. He could go on xanga TV and have a pledge drive like they do on public television.   As for my Holiday Song List … the part about “no inappropriate content” removes about half my favourite Christmas songs … Doesn’t anyone else listen to “Walkin’ Round in Women’s Underwear”? (Yes, it’s a real song. Yes, it has “inappropriate content”. Hooo boy, does it ever.) Sigh. I’ll work on it anyways to see what I can come up with that is at least rated “PG” instead of “M”. Heh.

  6. I always miss the exciting parts of parties. I put up my own tree and I’ve been practicing rockin’ around it, so I might be able to do it in public without looking like a total goof.

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