Xanga Douchebag Awards- Holiday Edition

So I did xangaTV yesterday and it went… um… interestingly. I had to take three showers yesterday night. That’s all I am going to say about that. Head over to SnippiesBlog if you must see my complete and utter degradation. Also CiaoBella810 has revealed who this week’s Xanga Mystery Blogger is. I got it wrong for the first time (this is also the first time I didn’t know who it was in advance).

Today is all about the Holiday Douchebag Awards. Yes it’s that time again my friends. Here’s the skinny:

There will be three main categories hosted by three different people.

stewieismyhero brings us Want to punch santa in the face?. This is for family related stuff. So if it’s family that you people are dreading this season see my girl Stewie.

barelyjen is asking for people who just plain find the holidays annoying. Whether it be the music, or the movies, or the corporate greed. Whatever it is that annoys you about this time of year. Read Bah Humbug … Xanga Douchebag Awards: Holiday Edition for more details. 

canadianbroad wants to know what you would change about the holidays. Would you find ways to fix them or just get rid of them altogether? The post for hers is Vanedave’s Ho-Ho-Holiday Party Extravaganza Grinch/Scrooge of the Year Contest!!!

Next Monday winners from each category will be announced as finalists for the overall Holiday Douchebag Award. It should be a spirited competition (mean spirited that is), so come back to see the worst of the worst. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the party too if you get a chance. Keep sending your gift ideas, recipes, holiday entries, contests, games, etc…



  1. @Kalligenia – I am never doing that ever again. Anywhere. You should have let me know you were there C. Actually you should have helped me.lol.@SnippiesBlog – awww shucks. @LostInTheLyrics – AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to read them.@CiaoBella810 – Okay everyone just keep their socks. No more sripping for the moment.@WifeOfAGayHusband – glad to hear that my tom-foolery was not for nothing.@Millsanicole – lol. I get sandwiches for life now.@shuddertothink – yo dude. Where the standards at?@lizheartshakespeare – You can find something annoying about it I’m sure.

  2. Oh my, I’m almost scared to look. Okay, maybe I’m just scared to look on my work computer…I dunno if I want to enter into a douchebag contest. That just doesn’t seem like an award I’d want to display proudly on my mantel or mention on my resume… I’m also abstaining from entering the Merry XXXmas photo contest. It’s probably for the best, don’t you think?

  3. So, completely unrelated to this post, I’ve been totally slacking onmy xanga duties. However, now that the roar of school is officially over with I will be spending a ridiculous amount of time writing about things (probably things no one cares about, but I’ll write it all the same). Christmas pic of my apt to come 🙂

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