The tough questions…

The Holiday Party is still in effect. I have a game for you guys today. Its a little further down below. Don’t forget to check out these things too…

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And now for the trivia.

Dave’s Holiday Trivia Extravaganza:

Round 1- Warmups
1) What did my true love get me for Christmas on the ninth day?
2) What is the full name of the main character from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life?” – This guy’s name for five points.
3) What was the name of the dentist elf from Burl Ives’ “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
-This one is a tough one. Don’t look it up!
4) Complete this line from the christmas carol “Walking in a Winter Wonderland;” Later on, well conspire. As we dream by the fire. To “_______________________.” Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
5) What was St. Nicholas’ nationality? (The most believed nationality of the real person)

Round 2- Time to kick it up a notch
1) In Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” how may ghosts visited Scrooge on Christmas Eve? – Spooky huh?
2) What was the name of Rudolph’s fat2her? (Hint: It was a reindeer)
3) In the movie “The Santa Clause,” what was Tim Allen’s character’s name before he became Santa Claus?
(Hint- His initials are still S.C.)
4) In what year was Kwanzaa invented? Closest answer gets credit and anyone with the exact year gets double points. (White people with the exact year get quadruple points.)
5) In the popular holiday movie “A Christmas Story,” what message did Ralphie uncover using his little orphan Annie decoder?
(This guy is the man!)
6) What is on the front of my bad-ass Christmas pajama T-Shirt? (If anyone gets this they win automatically, otherwise points to any creative guesses)

Final Question- This one’s for all the marbles. (This one is kind of like Final Jeopardy but since you can’t place a wager its worth 30 points)

Name two of the top three highest grossing (box office) holiday movies of all time. (10 Bonus points for all three and 15 extra bonus points for the top four)

There you go. Let’s see who thinks they’re hot stuff out there. I’ll get back to you real soon with the correct answers. Remember don’t cheat. You are only cheating yourselves.



  1. 1rst rnd: 1. Nine ladies dancing. 2.  George… something… Baylor, Bailey, Baker. One of those, I think. 3.  Elf dentist? Hmm… Herman? No, no… Hermes, Hermee? 4. I used to know that song… but now? Hmm …  To face something afraid.. something else.  I pass this one. 5. Not America, hmm… I remember writing a paper about this guy once… Turkey maybe? Turkish or something. 2nd rnd:1. Three? I could be wrong. Past, Present, and Future? Hmm.  2. Donner was his pops,  Mrs. Donner was his moms, is that right?. I thought that was really adorable. I watched this cartoon recently. Maybe why Im better at some questions  than others. 3. Scott Calvin, watched it recently too. All  3 of them actually, don’t tell anyone.  4.  Kwanzaa was made… in the 60s. Maybe 1967?  5. One of my fav Christmas Movies of all time this one.  “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine” or “Drink Ovaltine” . Somethin about some damn Ovaltine.   6. I dunno what your PJ  shirt says, I’ve been MIA, remember?and the final question? Im just gonna guess on this one, the others, i thot i was right to some degrees. This one, I’m straight guessing. Let me think. Home Alone  1  & 2. Because who couldn’t wait to see adorable Macaulay whoop those theives bootay? How the Grinch Stole Christmas? that may not be right, but it should. that movie was killer, Jim Carrey was in it too!?!  and hmm.  The Santa Clause? But only because you mentioned the movie in your blog would I pick that one. HOPE I GET SOME RIGHT. I LOVETRIVIA!!!!! 

  2. Round One: 1. Nine ladies dancing. 2. George Bailey. 3. Herbie   4. Face unafraid the plans that we’ve made.  5. Turkish…. Round Two: 1. Three  2. Donner  3. Scott Calvin  4. 1926  5. don’t even have a guess  6. Frosty  Bonus: Home Alone, and Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 

  3. 1.9 ladies dancing2.George Bailey3.Hermey I just watched that!4.To face unafraid the plans that we’ve made…5.Turkey, I believeI.3 2.Donner3.never saw it4.I know it was the late 60’s,I remember learning of it in school…67?5.Be sure to drink Ovaltine6.Grinch?I Home Alone2 A christmas Story 3 Elf4.White Christmas

  4. I’ll leave this to the master of useless knowledge: my husband. I’ll make him check it out tomorrow. You’ve lost him to SportsCenter for now. Get used to it. I have. :)Glad the holiday party is still in full swing! I just got the dessert & drink recipes posted today, you know!! Are you working this week or off on vacation? I’m off; but going to be as busy if not busier with other stuff. A long boring bullet post will be spewed forth shortly with the plans… happy happy joy joy!

  5. Oh, and for the record, the livejournal only has SOME of the recipes. Others were posted on Xanga blogs, so I linked them directly. See today’s post for the details.

  6. (White people with the exact year get quadruple points.)  – hahaha!  Although, I must admit it is easy because of AlterEgo’s intro to Kwanzaa that I just read…Some really good questions… too many on the tip of my tongue without being able to think of them!

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