What I Got For Christmas

Hello all. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Mine was great. I spent time with my family, caught up with good friends, and had more than my share of good food.

What’s that you ask? What did I get for Christmas?

Well I have gotten to the age where I give way more presents than I receive. I enjoy giving just the right gift, so this is fine. Although I have to say this year I was very pleased with the gifts that I did get. I got a new watch, a very cool custom NY Giants sweatshirt, and best of all the Rock Band 2 Rare Instrument Edition Complete Band Kit. Now I had been dropping hints like crazy so I wasn’t so surprised to see that I got Rock Band 2. I was suprised to see all the intsttruments and downloadable content this version came with.

Rock Band 2 comes complete with Guitar, Drums, and Mic and has 84 songs (plus a bunch of downloadable content). Rock Band 2 Rare Instrumnet Edition comes with all that plus: 

Harmonica – Bonus Content: Stevie Wonder Track Pack, Blues Traveller Track Pack.

Ukelele –  Bonus Content: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (remember him?) – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Bagpipes – Bonus Content: Oh Danny Boy, Braveheart Soundtrack Pack

 Cowbell – Bonus Content: Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper

 Recorder – Bonus Content: Hot Cross Buns, Row Row Row Your Boat, Frere Jacques, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Yankee Doodle

Enough silly shit for today. I’m out.



  1. lol – looks like fun.  We (my husband and I) got a PS3 so we’re thinking of getting Rock Band.  We both play bass guitar so we thought it would be fun

  2. Silly boy! I am like you, though, in that I appreciate gifts the most that someone actually put THOUGHT into selecting for me. I guess it really is the thought that counts for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Are you teasing about ll of the extra instrumants? Cause really… those look like fun! Plus I love Blues Traveler and IZ! I think video of you using them all is in order!

  4. Bwaaah-hahahahahaha … You had me going until the bagpipes.  Having a cowbell would be awesome, though, since it’s the only instrument I can play. The Husband was soooo disappointed to find out he wouldn’t really get a harmonica. (*snort*giggle*) So, who’s going to be in your band? What are you gonna call it?

  5. Rock band? Bah! You should have gone for Guitar Hero World Tour! haha. (Although if I hear the lyrics to “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” one more time, I will shoot the person with the mic singing them!)And now, because I can’t resist:I gotta have more cowbell!

  6. Cool…glad you got what you wanted.Yeah, that’s how I am…I give way more gifts sometimes…or I’ve gotten less gifts than I am used to getting…but I guess they figure I’m 24 so I really don’t need anything except money to pay my bills and gift cards to stock up on necessities. lol.

  7. I wish I got the Rare Instrument edition! *LOL*  If yours is on Xbox, we need to play against each other.  My husband’s user name is The Helldonkey.  I’m not sure if you need more info to add as a friend or not.

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