My Not Meant to be Epic, Epic New Year’s Blog

I’ve been comtemplating doing one of those super epic end of the year blogs for today. A year in review of some sort perhaps. It was a good year for me overall and when I think back on it all I really want to say is thank you. You guys make me feel loved and appreciated and that is what keeps me going. So here goes…

Thank you first to my cousins MlleRobillard and Shirlann. You have truly made me feel like family and I love you both.

Thank you to Kalligenia for always being there.

Thank you to CiaoBella810, SnippiesBlogBarelyJen, and Millsanicole for allowing me to be part of the reverse oreo (well at least part of the time). You guys make me smile and support every stupid little thing I do.

Thank you to my boys TheBigShowAtUD and theblackspiderman for consistently putting out blogs that make me want to write better blogs myself. Show is the thinker (hence his catch phrase; “hmm”) and Arie always keeps blogging fun.

Thank you to Krissy_Cole,  kellychicky, TessieLuv, seedsower, JaynebugKim@revelife, weedorwildflower, CanadianBroad, angi1972, Evolutionary_21AlterEgo909, and Erin_Noelle_20, for always making every encounter I have with you a pleasant one. Whether I am reading your page or you are commenting on mine, I always feel the love. (Yes even when you are feeling a little bitchy Kelly.) 

Thank you to elgaberino, wherethefishlives, Drakonskyr (eh what the hell.), DuckTapeJourneyman, curtainsopenthestandards, iStephanieMarie, five11nation (where the fuck you been?), and lyricsninja, for just being cool as shit. These guys (and one girl) always bring the goods.

Thanks to my BFN peoples AilinCorazon, StewieIsMyHero, ginsu417, Kestryl, jediwa72 (SHE’S A NEW MOMMY! Go Congratulate her if you haven’t.), pinky93085, casmarie, and of course edlives (Mr. BFN himself). You have helped me procrastinate time and time again.

Thank you antisoccermom  for turning the page.

Thank you to john, dan, and all the rest of the xanga team for featuring me a couple of times this year. Everytime was a thrill.

Lastly I’d like to thank most of all the people who come back and read and comment even if I have not been to their page in ages. Just to name a few, thank you beli_grrl,  Rchick2006, elelkewljay, In_Reason_I_Trust, MyxlDoveTiRocKiinPiinK, Pawleeen, Lost_In_Reverie, Still_groovy, decembriel, Hathaway_Lane, ihaveanalibi, WifeOfAGayHusband, possums_rock, and LostInTheLyrics
A specail thank you in this regard to LadyAsianInvasion, lil_squirrel4ever and Laryssa, who always leave me the nicest comments. You guys are the best.

Oh and a big thank you and an I’m sorry to anyone I forgot. I know there has to be someone. Wow this blog turned out to be epic after all.




  1. W’sup Dave! Happy New Year! Thanks for the shout out! And for the record, I’m not the kinda guy that comments because I want you to comment back. You just a hella funny dude. Just keep bein’ you and I’ll keep commentin’. Cheers to the best days of ’08 and expecting a fine time in ’09. 

  2. Happy New Year, my cousin! You ARE family, if not by birth; by choice. Of course, you should know that’s a mixed blessing… you gotta take the good with the bad, dear! Hope you have a great celebration; and an awesome 2009. I look forward to reading about it, that’s for sure.

  3. Hey nothing little about my bitchiness! ; )A very safe and happy new year to you!  I have truly enjoyed meeting you here and look forward to many more insanly creative posts from you!and now im one of your myspace friends!! whoo hooo myspace is for freaks ya know!

  4. Happy New Year!(p.s. I just reread the entry about “The Most Hated Xangan Ever” where you referred to me as Xanga’s very own Hannah Montana and I about peed myself from laughing. Again. Kudos!)

  5. its been great reading your site. if you had a nickel for every laugh you’ve caused…idk…and thanks for the mention. nice to have “unpopular” xangans mentioned (even if its probably just me). =]happy new year!

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