I Apologize For This in Advance…

So this is a follow-up to Monday’s Is Your Friendship Bordering on Semi-Gaydom? post. One of the comments I received read:

Hmmm. I wonder what prompted this post? Shirlann

Well here is the answer to her query…

Actually it had to do with the discovery that the male equivalent of synchronized periods is synchronized crapping. My friend Alex came over on Saturday and we played Rock Band 2 like all day. We had the same crappy food all day. So around 6 PM we both had to go. This is how it happenned.

Alex: Yo after this song pause, cause I gotta take a mean one.
Me: Yeah me too.
*After the song ends we both go to one of the bathrooms in the house. We come out at the exact same time.*
Alex: (He loves to gross me out with details about his movements) Yo my doodoo was mad soft. That was such an easy crap.
Me: Haha, me too.

And hence the lightbulb went on in my head that maybe we are a little too close.



  1. haha. Just a bit. Now, the question is: for girls who don’t have the monthly visit from their Aunt Flo, what is the equivalent of synchronized periods? (I can tell you this: it isn’t sychronized crapping.)

  2. IEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLG!!!!!!!!!Why woyld you tell each other what your crap looks like? I don’t think that’s semi-gay, though. My cousin and his ‘alpha male’ (if you ask me it should be ‘alpha dog’) do the same things and they don’t consider themselves semi-gay. Or maybe you’re just afraid you’re gay

  3. Sometimes people have their best ideas on the john, but this is a slight exception.I wonder though, what was your reaction to your own semi-gaydom?Also, this perfectly explains why girls always go to the bathroom together, they eat the same crap, and they have to take craps together.  There is no other logical rationale.

  4. OMG!!!Hmmmm question…Does he roll it around his hand to wipe, or does he jut bunch all the paper up and uses it?  <—-This will let you know if your spending too much time together….LMAO

  5. First off, that is way nasty. Second, I worked in Banquet Setup for a major hotel/resort and I found the majority of the guys did that, so I think its just a straight guy thing. I got into a many conversations about crap, including one involving blue slushy and I think you get the idea.

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