Vanity on Display

I had something up my sleeve for a while that I was going to post today. I am not doing that post. Instead I am going to get something off my chest that I have been thinking about alot lately;

My readers are spoiled.

This is not to say all of them. There are those who appreciate what I do and I am thankful for that. However there are a great many who just don’t. Does this sound arrogant to you? Well if it does then fine. I figured it was about time I started living up to the vane(vain)dave name. 

Look I don’t want you to think this post is just about me. The fact is that I am ranting about something that affects many consistently good bloggers. I can think of more than a few off the top of my head. Readers get caught up in what I like to call “Sean Penn Syndrome. Let me explain Sean Penn Syndrome (or SPS for short) to you real quick;

Yesterday I saw a preview for the movie Milk. The commercial was chock full of nominations for best actor and best movie, and this screen guild’s award and that critic’s association award. Now in my head all I was thinking was, “YAAAWWWWNNN. Another awesome Sean Penn movie. Whoop de fucking doo.” This is not to say that I was doubting that Sean Penn deserved all of this praise, this is just to say that I was unimpressed. If it had been, oh I don’t know, say Steve Guttenberg  getting all of that praise things would have been different. I would have said,  “Holy shit Steve Guttenberg made a good movie? I must see this right now!”

This is SPS in a nutshell. Sean Penn would have to make a movie so good that just seeing it would end all hunger and bring about world peace for me to be impressed. I would have to see an article in the newspaper that read, Milk Movie Cures Cancer, for me to be even think “not bad Sean Penn”. If even one person comes and tells me that Marlon Wayans’  performance in Little Man 2  was pretty damn good, then I am damn sure seeing that movie. This is how I feel right now. I feel like an unfamous, much less talented version of Sean Penn.

Look I am not just pulling this out of my ass. I get great reactions from a wide variety of people on a good portion of my posts. These are just from this week (Here is where we dive deeper into vanity…)

You crack me up! lol. Hilarious as always.

It’s hard to type while laughing and my eyes watering. I’ll have to come back later!

This was an awesome post – top form (as usual).

OMG…at various parts of reading this I just screamed out a loud HA! because of the hilarity.

I hate you Dave. You suck!

I just added that last one to bring myself down a notch. Conceited bastard! Now look let me get to the crux of this whole post. I think we’ve all felt a bit slighted by xanga at times. I am not alone on this and I am used to it. I write primarily because its fun and I always enjoy hearing from whichever friends I hear from. The reason this has come to a boil lately is because I am growing tired of being inundated with crap writing, while great writing goes undervalued. I am forced to sift through crap writing now on featured, top blogs, the ish sites, mass messages, recs, and tags. It gets so frustrating. Look I don’t care if Sam Fish is on top blogs every day, I don’t care if the only recs I ever get are for blogs by Bigshow, if their writing is great then I will be happy to see it. Just stop promoting crap xanga. Focus on the writing not the writer. This SPS (Sean Penn Syndrome) epidemic can only be cured if we all fight it together.

Modestly Yours,




  1. Yes! (with a fist pump) Is there some sort of petition, picket signs or Molotov cocktails to throw?!? C’mon Dave! I’m witchu! Let’s blow somethin’ up!

  2. I agree somewhat. But what may appeal to me, may not be appealing to someone else. Ex: I love your posts, but you on the hand, don’t like my style of writing, (guessing by the way you NEVER come by. )  But it’s all good.It works like that all over the place in Xanga. Some of the featured blogs- I have NO idea how they even get there. There is a SPS syndrome in play. It sux

  3. MooncatBlue,MlleRobillard ,Krissy_Cole,Bricker ,SamsPeeps and Blue_summer just to name a few are incredibly gifted writers and move me when I read them. When a post is good we should not only rec it but submit it to be featured and ask others to vote on it.I do hate to see when they feature crap.

  4. This is a pretty good post. I understand what you’re saying… it’s kinda like when I got good grades in high school, my parents were never impressed because I always got good grades. I would have to get a 100 for them to consider praising me (although they would rejoice if my sister got anything higher than a C+, what the crap is that?!). *shrugs* People… they’re silly.

  5. I think the pressure of stardome is getting to someone! lolDont worry we dont expect greatness from you all the time Dave……in fact we know you can blog like us normal folks once in a while.Now just go back and look at all your previous posts…………the ones I didnt comment on…….I actually think sucked!!  lmao……..j/k……..I think you are becoming more famous than even Dan!  You my friend are an amazing blogger and still manage to impress the hell out of me.  ;p

  6. I hear what you’re saying; but I do not share your obsession with being featured. In fact, the ONLY times I have checked to see who had “featured content” were times when one of my existing Xanga friends said something about being featured. It’s just not important to me. In fact, given the rapidly declining intelligence of the comments you (and other friends) get when your content IS featured; I’m not sure it’s something to wish for… more of a curse than a blessing, in my opinion. But, go ahead… whine about “less worthy” featured content. Perhaps you should ask Xanga what the criteria are for being featured?

  7. I only rec’d this because you are popular and i am hoping that you will come by and rec something i wrote so that i too can be a popular xangan! I promise i will use my powers for good not evil! 

  8. I refuse to complain about featured content because I think they try to feature a variety of posts that will appeal to a variety of readers. Generally, the ones I think are poorly written, mean-spirited rants get recommended by nearly everyone who shows up in my inbox. That tells me that either most of my xanga friends and subs are idiots, which I refuse to believe, or that my viewpoint and taste in subject matter and writing style is not in line with the average xangan, which is pretty likely considering that’s been my experience in most other areas of my life. I do get annoyed with the little clubs that seem to form on xanga in which everyone in the group recs every single post by everyone else in the group regardless of how poorly conceived and badly executed it may be.

  9. OMG…at various parts of reading this I just screamed out a loud HA! because of the hilarity.In all seriousness, I have never thought about this before, but you are right. I get loads of recs just because of who the author of the post is rather than because of the quality of the post. As for being a spoiled reader, you have my full permission to write an utterly shitty post. (Or, you can do what I do when I poop out: post some stupid quiz results that declare you the ruler of the free universe or something like that.)@seedsower – aw, thanks.@saintvi – I agree.

  10. I think I left the “I hate you Dave” comment. But it’s only because I’m jealous.  Funny people have an unfair advantage over the rest of us and you must be stopped.

  11. For Steve Guttenberg, I swoon. Have you looked at the other side of this? I mean, really looked at it. A person lacking in the grammatical and mechanical disciplines of writing is still quite capable of having something noteworthy to say. Sure, it’s not the prettily wrapped present replete with a perfectly tied bow whose ends are neatly concealed, but it has a message that resonates with the masses. There’s something worth reading in every text, even if it may be painful trying to spot it.

  12. I’ve not really read your blog much – but the last line, that it’s all about the writing, not the writer, is exactly right.  I do hate it when sub par writing makes the frontpage.  Still, i do like a fair amount of what i read, probably a higher volume than  I like of new music that comes out on the radio.BTW, on of my favorite blogs is Bricker59.  Great stuff.

  13. I am surprised you feel under appreciated.  Before I subbed you your blog would be rec’d in my box quite a bit.  Now if you’re popping up on my box, you’re a pretty big deal, right?  I’ll give my rec’ing more thought mhm.

  14. I have found that the top blogs page throws people on and off.  I like the idea of more readers, but the ones I have are golden. We breathe in and out on this space depending on the rest of our reality.  The rules are only what Xanga asks for our participation.  The rest is what we want to creat, but you know me, I think that about all we do.  And by the way..I am spoiled by your witty humor.  Keep rockin my friend!  

  15. This is MY theory. But the reason you get to sift through so much xanga bullshit is because xanga is a very diverse group. It’s got its pros and it cons. On the one hand, we can all say whatever the hell we want and not care what people think. We can also get our friends to rec us until we’re blue in the face and everyone who subscribed is ready to shoot us. That’s just how it goes. I sift through shit all the time, but when I come across something especially amazing, I make sure to let that person know. ‘Cause you never know how much your support might mean to them, and hey, maybe they’ll get featured if they’re lucky.

  16. All of this featured-ness, ish hateration, and monkey shit kind of wears Laryssa out. But so far, the one they call vanedave is apparently keeping sanity (as seen in this post). Therefore, I’ll make it through this too.

  17. yes, please preach on! we focus on “celebrities” around here while there are many great, some even, dare i say it, better, writers here. sigh.but thats life. xanga isn’t any different.

  18. @jediwa72 – I do@ShamelesslyRed – I do come by. Alot of time its poetry which I like, but I don’t really have comments for besides stuff like “that was nice.” That was a slick ass guilt trip you laid on me though;)@seedsower – You picked some fine examples. Don’t forget yourself. @Pieces_of_a_Melody – That and add in that they like your sister better cause she has more friends than you.@InaneInsanity – thanks. I’ll have to use my license to be vain more often now.@suchapurdyface – Yeah lets not get carried away. lol.@Shirlann – you always give it to me straight. haha. This post was not about me getting featured. Its just me venting some frustration after having crap thrown at my inbox all week. I need to do some spring cleaning.@wherethefishlives – I think there are some worthy candidates.@saintvi – I definitely agree with you. I think the truth lies somewhere in between our theories.@nattata –  While that has something to do with it, it does not tell the whole story. @Krissy_Cole – Expect some crap posts real soon.@LisaNYM10 –  mmm cake.@Automaton_Emotion – I think you misunderstood somewhat. I am not a grammar nazi. I do not mind a few errors here and there (although I hate shit like I can haz blogz). If the content is good and substantive then I will read it and enjoy it. Problem is too may promoted posts are about either the same recycled crap or nothing of substance.@SnippiesBlog – *blushes*

  19. @vanedave – Definitely misunderstood. Truthfully, though, when is the last time you came across something that didn’t bear some amount of resemblance to something else you’ve recently read? In my mind (which can be a scary place, I admit), it’s far more equitable to view everything with no expectations. I do understand now, though. I think. I would still argue that you can find substance in almost anything, if you look hard enough for it.

  20. well, unless it’s the great writing that makes a person elite, of course.  i like to think my blog is about more than just well-written sentences, but also about me, as a person.  some people on here write well, but there’s no personality, anyway.  i’m not into’re absolutely right about the misconception that “top blogs” and “featured blogs” means the best writing on here.  it generally doesn’t; it really just means “topic of the day.”  eh.  you KNOW i stay away from trends, for the most part.  but you know i enjoy your site very much, and it ought to be more recommended than it is.

  21. Okay, okay … Hissy Fit heard and noted, Sir. *salute* But seriously, Dave … you know I love you. And I love your writing. And I love your sense of humour. I never go to the Front Page (okay, twice in the last month … Just because so bloody many people were whining about it) so I don’t know what (or who) is featured or is a top blog or is a performing elephant. Honest. If I rec something it’s because I really liked it, or I think it has something to say that my friends would be interested in (even if the writing is only mediocre, the message may be important). And I agree, there are serious amounts of talent on xanga that are not getting the recognition they deserve. While some horr …. errr, undeserving … blogs end up on the “most wanted” list (as it were).However, despite the Syndrome … it’s still waaaaaay better to be Sean Penn than Marlon Wayans, no?

  22. When I finished reading this, two thoughts went through my mind: “Good with words” and “Shit, what an arrogant bastard.” I guess you really DO live up to your name. But you do make a few good points. I have to honestly say that the recommends I receive are often of very good posts. Then again… ‘good’ is a relative term. Very creative writing on your part, though.

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