Mailing It In (edited: Now with even more crap!)

Because I promised some of you (Krissy_Cole) I would do this and because I am a man of my word (plus because my readers are spoiled). I give you crap…

There’s Soft Crap…

Hard Crap…

TV Crap…

mall c
Movie Crap…

t pain
Music Crap(Note the album title)…

Human Crap…

Featured Crap…

Football Crap…

Baseball Crap…

City Crap (Yes I am hating now Spidey!)…

…and last but not least….
…Mass Message Crap!

Seriously, when did we turn into myspace around here? I see more and more survey posts every day (although a select few have been very interestng. Shoutout to seedsower ), we have more and more crap invading the front page everyday, and now we have to deal with shit like this! Not too long now before people are hacking into my account to post an ad for fake gucci bags and free PS3s.

You brought this crap upon yourselves.

Edit: Even more crap! (For Steph and KC)

There’s also Cat Crap…

…and of course Holy Crap! 



  1. i am hoping xanga doesn’t turn into myspace with the account hacking. they are prolly just reading the blogs to see if somebody reveals some top secret info or something. and boo mass messages!

  2. You, my friend, are the king of Metacrapping. lol And I will say once again for the record, I didn’t start that mass msg crap (although I did score a few key numbers in the process… hmmm) Sorry… off on a tangent there for a moment. Where was I? Oh… right… the crap. Xanga will NEVER be MySpace. If Xanga ever becomes a Cut N’ Paste community, I’m outta here. I’ll start my own blogging community “DoveSpace” or “MyxBook”

  3. yeah, ask me how much fun i had cleaning the mass messages out of my inbox, today.  and “don’t blame me, it’s a forward” doesn’t make it better.  what, are people sheep, now?  i’m going to rec this crap.

  4. I can’t believe you hijacked my poop… Yeah My poop post! (okay so maybe I was just thinking it was mine first…it should’ve been mine first? ) While I didn’t send the kooky phone message out, I actually did GET a number. ?? YES i gave my # to ONE person. Great Post as usual Dave!

  5. I am not sure the EXACT parties responsible for message crap, but I put the blame on Alex and Me.This post crap is getting rec’d.Peace & LoveAnna

  6. I agree, and I’m upset at the MySpace-like changes that have happened to Xanga and Facebook. I deleted my Facebook account for that reason but I’m glad that, with Xanga, I can keep my old layout and information.AND LOLLLL at the T-PAIN ALBUM TITLE! I never knew he owned one with that name. I’m completely upset.

  7. Not me, I stayed safe & boring. My sister bought a book of nothing but pictures of crap this past summer… I’ll have to find out the title and send you an Amazon link. You would enjoy that one. It’s freakin’ hysterical, to be honest.

  8. The football crap made me laugh the most!  Okay, I will think of something clever to write…something that is not crap (like this post, it is full of crap).  Hmmm???  I’ll have to think on it.

  9. I think the Kansas City teams may be worse than Phillie honestly. At least the Eagles MADE it to the playoffs! That T-pain album title is BAD! hahaThis post is full of shit, but in a good shitty kind of way. 🙂

  10. A shout out!!!! Thank you.I worked in an elderly home (15 residents),and was the only staff on duty through not one but two stomach flue epidemics….I have seen enough shit to last me a lifetime.

  11. Oh the poop pictures are just nasty!! lol. And I’m about to head off to bed, which means, if I have a dream about poop tonight, it’s your fault!!

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