Blogging Steroids (going once, going twice…)

Well isn’t this something? I log on yesterday with the full intention of posting a complete garbage post, and it ends up being a hit. I mean seriously guys I was so disgusted with some of the stuff going on around here lately, I was just going to post that first picture of crap and be done with it. Kind of happy I didn’t go through with that though. Now you may ask why I was inspired to post crap on my page. Well the short answer is that I was uninspired to write anything more yesterday. The mass messages were just the tip of the iceberg.

Yesterday was a much needed shot in the arm. Blogging steroids if you will. It wasn’t just the response to my blog that made my day, it was also the fact that there were some other very good blogs yesterday that people did not seem to just gloss over. TheBigShowAtUD in particular posted one of his finest blogs yesterday, and it was very well received. So now that I’ve found the necessary inspiration, here is a list of blogs I am ready to write (these are all from the past three weeks):

Blogs I’ve Been Too Uninspired To Write

How to Properly Deal With a Man Crush at Work

Rejected Plugz

The Official Xanga Bailout Plan (follow up to the Xanga Recession Post)

Irreverant Ramblings on Jesus and The Virgin Mary

How My Friend Alex Shat Himself (loooong overdue!)

Would You Jump That Fence?

The Case Against Censoring Words in Writing

Xanga The Mini-Series (Possible. Work in progress.)

Why I Occasionally Make You Feel More Neglected Than One of Wilt Chamberlain’s Kids

Top 10 Albums I Own That Violate My African American Maleness*

A Collabo Post With the Aforementioned Bigshowatud (also a work in progress)

Okay that is just about all I have on tap at the moment. I should be able to knock one of these out today, so let me know what you want to see first. (Excluding the xanga mini-series. Work in progress remember?) 



  1. It took me a moment to get past the first one.  Once I allowed it to sink in and set to the side I finished reading the rest. 

  2. my blog was well-received because people like pictures.  c’mon, now.  thanks, though.  i liked it, too.  haha.  as always.and i vote for the bailout plan, also.@Levanna – awww, not first.  foiled.  i know the feeling.

  3. My vote goes to either the “Would You Jump That Fence?” idea or “How to proprly deal with a man-crush at work”. Whichever one is closest to winning by the time you cont votes. ^_^

  4. I look forward to any and all that you write, but: “Would you jump that fence?” brought to mind a few of my own fence jumping memories/stories so I’m interested in yours.

  5. I’m sorry that I’ve been away from xanga a while and I’ve missed out lots of things. I haven’t read much about your post. When available I’ll had it read.

  6. @tequila_sky – Well it looks like the man-crush article finished 3rd. I’ll be posting it early next week though.Off the record, I think my friend Alex’s story is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. I gotta make sure I do it justice.

  7. I’m gonna have to choose “Why I Occasionally Make You Feel More Neglected Than One of Wilt Chamberlain’s Kids”. I gotta see how you make a correlation between the offspring of Wilt and the rest of Xanga Nation…

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