I Wasn’t Supposed To…

Okay I know I vowed not to do this, but I can’t help it. This post was inspired by Obama’s wonderful speech today. I was going to write something, but instead I decided to use pictures. Apparently words can be a little tricky for people sometimes. I don’t want anyone getting confused.

The Human Spectrum

There’s this shade…

…and this shade.

black guy





native american
The Future

indian kid
The Future

single mother
 Single Mother 

single father
Single Father 

asian stud

Straight A Student 


latina student
Straight A Student 


Embarassment to His Race

blue devil
Blue Devil 

Disgrace to His Kind

White Devil 





asia thug

Black Spiderman 

White Fish



arab soldier



indira ghandi

Robert Kennedy


44th pres         


  1. excellent.  you know what they say about pictures and words.  it was probably to use pictures and not explain with a lot of words.  prose has it’s place, but the pictures were much better than words would have beenwell-done, Dave.btw, I’M the President.  read up.

  2. This was good!  But aw nab… Flava Flav is like that cousin you never invite to your parties, but he shows up anyway because your aunt didn’t know it was a secret. Then after he eats all the food, he asks you for money. WTH?

  3. @TheBigShowAtUD –  You’re the President? Coooool. Listen, do you think you could stop that stupid law that says all Canadians now have to have a damn Passport to cross “the longest undefended border in the world”? That’d be really swell of ya. Thanks.

  4. @theblackspiderman – Hey,can you get a recipe for the corn pudding?I am so jonesing for that!!In Reading there is a restaurant called “House of Good Food” where they only serve soul food,we go there as often as possible,the ‘sweet potato pie’ alone is worth the trip!

  5. @beli_grrl – Trust me, I took it easy on Flav.@dafeelingsinside – thanks dude. i doubt I’ll be up there twice in a row though. Unfortunately.@jediwa72 – Maybe the white dog portrays the spirit of all… aww fuck this I haven’t the foggiest.@sarahb_86 – Dali is the man. I love his crucifixion painting.@wherethefishlives – haha. How bout the white devil?@Monique – lol. thank you so much. You know you could demand that 10 friends rec it. Just a thought.@EarthsAzureLight – @wolvenchic – @thekeyhole – @Girl_Without_Pity – @InaneInsanity – thanks alot guys. I appreciate you guys taking the time out to read.

  6. @featherywings – I’m glad it did. thanks.@ConfusedOptimist – I am sorry. I hope you are not one of his 30 kids or something. Didn’t mean to offend.@Nope_Ive_Never – I thought so too.@MyxlDove –  he’s a plague upon society. Ain’t gonna front I used to watch though. It was like a car wreck.@PinkSunfireDragon – It was random. I didn’t know who he was.@BrunetteAngel1985 – yes it is amazing. I don’t think alot of us can even fully comprehend like the older generation can.@MrsMok – @Carolina17 – Alright now settle down you two.

  7. Lol I know this is supposed to be serious, well entirely it is, but some pictures here are really great. This post could put a smile on anyones face, whether it be for comedy relief, or because all of the things shown here are true. Personally I think that speaking through pictures, sometimes is better than speaking through words. Pictures are an International and national message that everyone can understand, words, are just words that someone from another country may have to learn. It’s dedication, but pictures really are simplistic in their own and really do a great job of proving a point within an expression. Good job.

  8. This is a wonderful post Dave! There are now going to be two special days back-to-back, Martin Luter King Jr. Day and Obama Day. King had a dream, the next day some forty-one years later, Obama woke up and it was true. Look for the Extra Long Weekend some time in the near futurePeace all

  9. For some reason the Blue Devil, (and all other mascotarial figures) make me angry and belligerent.I wonder if it has anything to do with my mom having sex with my high school mascot in my bed (totally kidding, but that would be a hilarious traumatic story if it were true).

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