Rejected Plugz (edited with client list)

So I’ve  been real busy as of late. I started a new business here on xanga. I am a Plugz Ghostwriter. I figured I have seen enough lame plugz around this place. If they are going to be sitting there next to my inbox everyday, I might as well help make them interesting to look at. I will be accepting payments in either cash or credits, and I am hoping to build a huge client list real soon. Here is a sampling of some of my work thus far (edit: If I have created a sample plug of you, please feel free to use it):

Sample Plugz

 STD Plug                                                            snippies plug

                                                      asm plug                    

bigshow plug                                    FuckTheo Plug

                                                      dmv plug
 steph plug                                                         bella plug              

jesus plug                                                             tbs plug

mancouch plug
                             datingish plug
                                                     lovelyish plug

                                                                                     hoodstars plug 
theo plug                                                                  pulg-sexy

So there you are xanga. Spread the word, I am your man when it comes to plug writing. If you would like for me to add you to the client list, just leave me a comment saying so. I’ll keep an updated client list for you guys here:

Client list: snippiesblog, ciaobella810, theblackspiderman, thebigshowatud, antisoccermom, istephaniemarie, edlives, airforcevirgin, Dare2BDifferent, MlleRobillard, seedsower, kellychicky, levanna, In_Reason_I_Trust, Still_Groovy, Rissababe, casmarie, College_Ruled11X85, MyXLDove, eclipsethedawn, Pawleen, anth0nyc…

Help me get my client list going. Click that little red thingy down below (the rec button for all you slow people).



  1. LOL.  Those are pretty awesome.  I’m not sure I’d want you making a plug for me.  I don’t want my name associated with having a small penis.

  2. I want one. Bad. I got 841 clicks on one one time, but man, you’re good at this. As long as you can cut out the swearing on mine, I’ve got 16,444 credits and I’d be willing to give you 2,000 of them for a plug.Maybe.

  3. Okay, these made me laugh; but I’m not sure I’d want you to write one for me. In fact, I’ll save you the trouble and do it myself:Shirlann: “Somehow making the life of 40-something suburban working Mom seem not so bad.” LOL! At least that’s my hope…

  4. dave, dave, dave.  stop implying that people read my site as a form of reparations for past injustices to our true as that probably is.  ahem.  well-done, sir.  white guilt.  haha.

  5. Okay, I’ll bite. Give me a sample plug. Preferably one that’s about my stream of consciousness wit and abstract Izzard-esque style. Or one hyping the fact that I’m an actual full-blooded Italian.Or whatever else. I’m not picky. We’ll discuss credit-payment when I get my damn plug.

  6. @vanedave – I’m guessing you’ll say something like: “Hates all Christians. Worships logic.”  Heh, heh.  The first statement is definitely not true, and the second is almost true, but not quite.  I’m just sayin’ it to clarify, but I wouldn’t mind one bit if you did use something like that. I can take a joke.

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