New Clients…

So last Friday I started a new career here on xanga (for more on this see here). I got a decent amount of clients for my first day. Here is the work for my new clients as promised. Remember clients you may feel free to use these for real plugz if you like. Just so long as you abide by the contract I sent you guys. (I actually can’t wait to see a few of these in circulation for real)…

New Clients! 

afv                       loquacious                  seed

                   jen                  cas
kathi                   reason                  kelly

                      ed                 dare

levanna                pawleeen                 college
                         dove                     antony
rissa                  eclipse                 me plug

Alright that’s it for today. Remember if you would like to be added to the client list just leave a comment saying so. You will receive a defacto contract from me in the form of a message once you are added to the list. Here is the list as it stands now:

Client List: snippiesblog, ciaobella810, theblackspiderman, thebigshowatud, antisoccermom, istephaniemarie, edlives, airforcevirgin, Dare2BDifferent, MlleRobillard, seedsower, kellychicky, levanna, In_Reason_I_Trust, Still_Groovy, Rissababe, casmarie, College_Ruled11X85, MyXLDove, eclipsethedawn, Pawleen, anth0nyc…



  1. These are hilarious! PS- If you get another video of you doing stand up comedy, please post it. The last one had me laughing so hard I was in tears.

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