Ask a Pimp (edited)

So the other day I introduced you guys to my alter ego, PimpDave. Even though he was foul mouthed and borderline psychotic, most of you guys gave him a pretty warm reception. Some of you (Pawleeen) even wondered what he looks like. Well since I’ve decided that he is going to be sticking around for a while, the first thing I would like to do is formally introduce you all to PimpDave.

“Hello Ladies”

So here is what I was thinking. Since PD (take that Puffy) did such a good job literally whipping me into shape the other day, maybe he could do the same for you. So my fellow xangans, starting today PD will be available to all who need him. Send in your questions. Whether it be about life, love, philosophy, or pimpin’ in general, he will be happy to take a crack at it. Or maybe he’ll just go upside your head one time. 

I will be taking questions for the next few days. EDIT: SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS VIA COMMENT OR MESSAGE. ASK ANYTHING YOU WANT AND PLEASE SPECIFY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Answers will be posted Monday. Help a pimp out and rec this if you please.

Oh one more thing. I am so happy to be seeing some of my plugz work floating around xanga. Here is a list of new plugz clients for next week. The contract is in the mail people.

New Clients: saintvi,dafeelingsinside, Krissy_Cole, TessieLuv, impossibleangles, josiebunny,insolent_existance, fizzleshxt, manofcivility, elgaberino, Kalligenia, blue_summer, buckeyegirl31, stewieismyhero, and last but not least curtainsopen.



  1. My man! Yowza! That outfit is just … breathtaking. *snort*Okay, PD, I gots a kestion … Wha’ goes bettah wif mah acrylic platform thigh-highs: Mah purple rabbit-fur jacket o’  mah black leathah jacket? My pimp be sayin’ th’ fur, but Ah likes mah leather.Oh, not that kind of question?

  2. Ok. If you had two hookers and they both owed you money but one owed you three hundred duccits while the other owes you only twenty, but the latter won’t net you as much because she’s fuckin’ ugly and doesn’t show a promising future… and they both need to make it to Detroit to buy bread at old man higgin’z grocer with only three dollars each but the bread costs six-twenty and they both are reminding you constantly they need that bread… well, which one do you beat first for bringing up such a stupid idea because you don’t live in Detroit(what?!!!)? By the way, there is no wrong answer.

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