Newest Clients (and one more thing)

Okay guys. It’s Monday. I have some things to go over from the weekend, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. Today is all about business. I will begin with my new clients…

This Week’s Plugz Clients

curt                  santvi               kal
kc                   Tess           gabe
manofcivil                 stew            josie    
dafeel                fizzle               blue summer
impossible                    insolent               buck

I also have a special plug for Antisoccermom. ASM asked to be a client last week, despite already having been in the first batch of clients (see here). So December here is a brand new one for you.
Some of you have noticed some of my work flying around your inboxes. I get a kick out of seeing my pugz in circulation. If you would like to be added to the client list just leave a comment saying so. You will receive a defacto contract from me in the form of a message once you are added to the list. I had my xanga lawyer draw it up using MSpaint.

Now quickly before I go, the second item of business for this Monday. Last week I introduced you all to my good friend, PimpDave. Since he knows so many of you could use some pimply advice he was nice enough to make himself available for questions. This is your last chance to get your questions in to him for this week. His answers will be posted Wednesday. I even made a plug to help get the word out. Check it out:



  1. i HAD a felling once.  thanks for your hard work Dave.  it brings a tear to me eye to think that you worked hours and hours for me.  all for meeeeeee.  now how do i actually use this damn plug?

  2. I don’t have the Master’s in English, yet. I will, however, take that honorary degree you just bestowed upon me with joy in my heart and an overwhelming, if only fleeting, sense of euphoria! It looks good! Thanks!

  3. I love Stewie’s plug and I need a new one to run when this one is over,I will give you a  1000 credit mini!Now pimp this question..Do you even know who Huggy Bear is? Have you ever hear of the bar “The Pitts”?Am I showing my age by knowing these things?

  4. I love seeing your plugz floating around. You can tell when they’re yours because they make me laugh out loud and people sitting in this Psychology lecture hall are thinking, “Man it’s a good thing that chick is taking psychology, because she is some fucked up shit.” PimpDave is kind of like the equivalent of what Tony the Tiger does for Frosted Flakes of Corn. Not that I’m implying you’re a cereal or anything here. I’m just saying, he rocks. Maybe you can eventually start selling PimpDave merchandise.

  5. Yo-yo, yo-yo! I love to play with those things. My Ebonics is a little rusty to nonexistent so bare with me.Yo bro Iz lookin’ to get my freak on. Wanna know if ya gots some’m ta keep my john long?Got da greenbacks be-be fur an all night la-de. Ah need one of yo ho’s ta take away my woes.Top or bottom it don’t matter gonna do her everywhere like da Mad Hatter.Fuck da Jacksons got a fist full of Benjamins and when I’m done everybody wins. Yo-yo, yo listen up.Word!I be yo client fo life, just don’t tell my wifePeace allTheo

  6. 🙂 Made me smile. I promise I’ll write more, now that you have publicly called me out on it. Don’t blame me though if I start writing about what I had for lunch.

  7. I have a dream that one day i’ll have accumulated enough credits for one of these of my own.It will read “this is a plug” Alongside a picture of a plug.And that idea is patented, so no stealing guys. 

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