Is Xanga Racist?

Earlier this week I attempted to make a plug advertising my new advice column. I wanted to make the headline say “come and ask a pimp,” but was greatly disappointed when xanga told me the headline contained inappropriate language. What inappropriate language? Was it the word “come” they had a problem with? I didn’t mean it that way xanga, get your mind out of the gutter.

Upon further examination I came to the conclusion that it was the word “pimp” that xanga has a problem with. I was outraged! Here I had done a complete site overhaul centered around pimpness and I can’t even use the word “pimp” according to xanga. What the hell?!! I shared my dismay with some of my xanga friends who also expressed their disapproval of this policy. seedsower and Krissy_Cole were particularly disturbed by this. iStephanieMarie made me aware of another instance of ridiculous xanga censorship. A post that had recently made top blogs had the word “butter” censored because the first part says “butt”. The final straw came yesterday when I saw this bit of censorship on the front page; “sc***ping”.

I looked at it for a second, trying to figure out what the problem was. What word was this supposed to be? “Scooping”? No. “Scalping”? No. The word was supposed to be “scrapping”. The three letters that were censored out, RAP. I was dumbfounded. First I can’t talk about pimpin’, then you tell me I can’t mention butts, and now I can’t say rap! What am I left to talk about as an African American male? Pimpin, butts, and rap are my lifeblood. You might as well tell me I can’t eat fried chicken or drink Koolaid! (Yes I went there. And what?!!)

On the flipside, further review of top blogs and plugz headlines revealed that it is perfectly acceptable to mention things like mayonaise, Yahtzee, and Michael Bolton. This shows a blatant double standard. It’s just not right I tell you. There was only one conclusion I could draw from all of this. It was hard for me to admit it to myself because I love xanga so much, but in the end there was no denying it.

XANGA IS RACIST! (Or at the very least there content policies are.)

So here’s the deal xanga. I’ll give you one week to fix this egregious error. If I cannot use the word pimp as I please by next Friday, things will get ugly. I live in New York City. This means I am just a train ride away from Al Sharpton’s Do the right thing xanga!



  1. They better watch out! I feel a protest and a media frenzy comin’ on! In other news, I am fairly certain that you are taking over Plugz whether we get to call you a pimp or not!

  2. I don’t see nothing wrong with the word pimp. What if you were a really big fan of ‘pimp my ride’ or something? I think it’s silly how much they censor. Yet they let me post a plug to someones article involving having car sex, and the plug image had a model of the sexual situation used in the blog. 

  3. My “hooker” was bleeped out when it was in top blogs but when it got featured it was back in.  There’s a bit of an inconsistancy.  Maybe it’s because they realized there were more white hookers than black?  I don’t know…but I’d look into it.  You crack me up…they could never bleep out chicken or kool-aid.  That would be racist to the farmers and all the little white kids.

  4. I think that it is a bug in the content filtration system rather than the staffs censoring them in racist basis. But it is a good idea to report this so that the error will not happen again.

  5. The censoring on the front page is pretty funny at times. Just to point out, though; the word they were censoring was “crap,” not “rap.” And now I’m just biting my tongue and forcing my fingers to not type what I’m thinking.

  6. I see the “Pimp your site” ads so I really do not understand why you can’t use the word.Just a Question…is there anyone else  to go to BESIDES Al Sharpton? Please say there is.

  7. LOL…I don’t know if to applaud or to chuckle. It’s mostly because the picture of that woman’s butt is distracting. Where does one find “butt” pictures anyway?

  8. NYC! haha And if anything, don’t forget that Xanga headquarters are in the city as well. So if by Friday and the word pimp is still unusable, you can always go and break down some Xanga doors. 😀

  9. i think al sharpton needs to hear of this regardless! i would say we need to text barack’s blackberry, but he’s probably very busy fixing the free world and this is the last thing that needs to be on his mind. i agree, do the right thing xanga!

  10. Dang. I use words like “cheese,” “love” and “whatever,” and they let that stand.This must be stopped! Oh, I also post pictures of animals and landscapes. What the heck?!?I’m on board with ya!

  11. @vanedave – I was referring to your pulse. i had visited this blog and recced it when you threw the pulse up about never giving out mini’s. To that I say, You can always do both. *snicker* I can see the confusion. SOrry!

  12. Hey Dave! This is my new page, come check it out! Anyway, I remember when I tried to make a plugz, too, under my old page, and Xanga policies wouldn’t let me use a word…..”c&%*” (crap) or “a@!” (ass) or something. I didn’t think it was racist, but now that I think about it, it may have been. Just not in the way you think. Notice that hardly any of the African-American population here are featured bloggers——it’s almost always an Asian or Caucasian, at least 3/4 of the time! (I’m not being a racist myself! This is just a point I noticed!) Same thing with the plugz——maybe lesser so than with the featured blogs, but still.

  13. (scratching head) The Mad Censor strikes again … Automated word filters are wretched, really they are. I was on one forum site where the discussion turned to Cocker Spaniels (for some reason, I dunno) and we found out that we were actually talking about er Spaniels. No dash, no stars … nope, just deleted the “offensive” word.And if you think we didn’t have fun with that ….

  14. funny! OK Bro, I’ll spend some time in the dog house with you, for my readership dropped 90% since I’ve started mentioning controversial persons like Jesus, and quote Bible verses in my titles. I’m losing the Christians ’cause I ain’t one, and losing the heathens ’cause they think I must be a Christian, so I might as well come hang out with a pimp.

  15. Yeah, even a white girl like me doesn’t understand why Michael Bolton is allowed.  It’s just wrong.I wonder, do they censor “hip-hop” and “gansta”, too?

  16. That censor program they’re using is beyond nonsensical… >.> It throws around so many asterisks sometimes I flat-out don’t know what a post’s title really is.P.S. Your theme is centered around pimpness? Since you changed it around early-January, I thought the clock theme referred to the New Year. Then I figured you were just leaving the theme up because you liked it….I’m so white.

  17. They’re censoring crap, not rap. And I don’t see anything racist about censoring any of those topics. I think it’s stupid as hell, but racist? Assuming you had some seriousness in this post ((which I know, it’s mostly a joke)) the only racist one out of this is you by trying to equate an entire race to the things you happen to enjoy. I know, I know, you were just joking, right? Right.

  18. @SwordAndSacrifice – Well there is nothing I love better than having someone speak down on me. Is it comfortable up there on your pedestal? Look really I would usually just ignore people like you, cause lets face it nobody gives a crap what you have to preach about, but since you want to persist, and more importantly since I am bored, I decided to answer.

  19. @SwordAndSacrifice – I’m sorry was that an attempt at sarcasm? @PlasticPill – Start growing a pair. So is this meant to say that I am afraid to say something to you? I don’t understand what I don’t have the balls to do here. See you make no fucking sense so it’s hard for me to make heads or tails of that comment.

  20. @PlasticPill – Look little guy, I know you have no friends on here or in real life. So you are probably bored out of your mind. So you say to yourself hey, let me go start some shit with someone. Let me pick this dude because I hate the fact that he can form a blog that people actually enjoy and can attract more than a dozen people. I’ll call him names and pretend like I am a badass because, hey it’s the internet and I know he can’t do shit to me. In real life I would probably never even dream of saying this shit to him because he is 6’2 and 225, but I am way over here and he is way over there so fuck it. Look I find you amusing you little pissant. It’s the only reason I have continued this. But realize that I really could give less than a fuck about you at the same time. So let’s see what bullshit ass comeback you have for this. Really you can’t say shit to me. I am smarter than you, I am wittier than you, and unlike you I am actually relevant. Now kindly go back into the shadows you came out from, and go fuck yourself.

  21. @vanedave – 😉 Need a tampon for that pms’ing you’re going through? What else you got, Bubba? So far the one talking shit on the internet is you. Makes you feel big now, don’t it? Loser. Come on, type up another response, I know you got more sand in that vagina of yours. Get it out already.

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