Acting Tough Over the Internet

I am a pretty nice guy I think. I am easy going, I like to have fun, and I am pretty friendly. I often write posts that inspire some “interesting” responses, and trust me I am totally cool with that. You shouldn’t write posts joking about racism, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary, if you are not prepared to take on a little criticism. I encourage a little bit of friendly debate. But don’t get it twisted xanga. I am not one to tolerate too much of your bullshit.

Usually if someone leaves me a smart ass or dickish comment I either ignore them, or I try to diffuse the situation with some humor. Every once in a while there is that one person though. A real… what’s the word I’m looking for here? Ahh yes that’s it, a real douchebag! 

Ladies and gentlemen this post is dedicated to a douchebag who goes by the name of  PlasticPill, better known to most of you as “Who?” or “Who the Fuck?”. So a few days ago I did a post where I joked that some of xanga’s content policies might be a little racist. As expected there were more than a few people who did not get the joke. I was real tempted to break out my “Open Letter to Slow People“. Then along came PlasticPill to steal the spotlight all to himself. He started off harmlessly enough with a condescending comment telling me why i was the only racist around here. When I told him I would be breaking out my slow people letter to him, he responded with this;

– While you’re at, start growing a pair.

Look I am all for having fun on here and I enjoy trash talking just as much as the next guy, but don’t try and act tough. Its the internet. What the fuck is the point in trying to act tough? Here is reality. I am 6’1 and 220 lbs. Most likely I am bigger than you. Also real G’s don’t talk shit over the internet. That shit just don’t make no sense. Also I encourage you to go visit this loser’s profile. There are two things that strike you right away.

His profile pic Visit PlasticPill's Xanga Site and his name (Kal-El). So now I have some fucking asshat who still wants to be Superman when he grows up, trying to tell me to grow a pair. Are you fucking serious?

So xanga you may be asking yourself, “Why the hell did you write this Dave?” Well I’ll tell you why. I like to write stuff that will make you guys laugh. And as I sat here reading comments from this loser such as this one;

– Whining like a bitch, how typical. Go ask mommy to explain it for you, dumbass.

I asked myself, “Is there a bigger joke on xanga than PlasticPill?” friends as much as it may disappoint some of you that I didn’t take the high road here, I assure you this is not a trend. We are in a recession. I am frustrated and I saw an opportunity to release some stress. Here’s a fun little game for everyone to cap this entry off.

Over or Under – PlasticPill
Here is how this works. I make a statement about this asshole and you guess if the truth is over or under what I stated.

1) PlasticPill is 16 years old. Over or under?

2) PlasticPill has an IQ of 75. Over or under?

3) PlasticPill has seen a real girl naked once. Over or under?

4) PlasticPill is working with 3 inches. Over or under?

Thanks for playing. Till next time folks.



  1. Hmm, okay I’ll play. I just went to his/her(?) site. 1) Under. Definitely UNDER.2) OVER. He/she can spell Indonesia and form coherent sentences.3) He’s gettin’ married soon so… wow… that’s a toss up. Still, UNDER. No goodies til wedding night. 4) Hmm… that’s a tough one. Even transsexual women taking testosterone can grow a tool of >3″ so, only his fiance’ will know.

  2. Breathe deep, Cousin Dave. You want me to go kick some butt for you? (Flexes her muscles and draws herself up to her full 5′ )

  3. Dave…sigh. I think we should go on a real life G tour. Visit those “hardcore busters” that think they have what it takes. We will beat them down like we are tenderizing chicken then fire their @$$ up! then write eloquent literary pieces about them. MARK @$$ BUSTERS.

  4. kal-el….hahah, he needs a better name than that to be a real G-dawg homie…(or whatever it is you guys use for that butterfly effect)

  5. 1.Maturity level is well under 16, fo sho. 2.Under- He’s obviously too stupid to understand sarcasm3.Under- He is indian so I think their rules are a bit strict on that issue4.Over- Obviously since he has no life other than to talk shit on Xanga, he probably sits at home and plays with himself all day. And it’s not fun to play with a small dick.

  6. I’ll be honest, Dave. I’m not going to that guy’s site, because I like to xanga pages where I’ll want to read whatever it they’re writing. I realize I’m not fueling your fire here by playing the game, but it’s mostly because I don’t waste time with that bullshit. I’ll just stick with you, how’s that?

  7. Ha! Wow. Some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands. Anyways. Here are my answers:1. Definitely under. Gah2. Under, fo sho.3. Under. No girl in her right mind would let that boy see her naked. And if she did, she is obviously lacking in the brains department.4. Under. Some might even doubt if he has one at all.Uber b*tch strikes again.

  8. oh, god. not an internet war. please, no. all your subscribers will verbally abuse him and he’ll get all his subscribers to verbally abuse back and it will be complete CARNAGE!lol, but seriously….you need to like….post the definition of sarcasm over your entries in big, block letters. maybe that will help.<3

  9. never heard of him, and i won’t even click the link to find out.  you and Terri should collab on this.  haha.  and by my PR people.  awesome.i hope he retaliates a little.  haha.  YOU DO TOO.

  10. LMAO @MyxlDove – You are SO wrong for #4. (Make a note I said Wrong… Not inaccurate, just for the record). But to answer the questions for you Dave, 1. Over. (I assume based on that myspace link). 2. Over. (I’m using the same logic as MyxlDove, but I’m not giving that much more credit than 75…)3. I’d say Over… Only because they let anyone into a strip club these days. 4. Jury’s out on this one, but I’ll say under. He’s tryin’ to compensate for something.

  11. I haven’t been in this blogging community for long and I am amazed by the existance of such people, who just have to saysomething nasty. geez. these people onlymake themselves all the more pathetic, whoever takes xanga TOO seriously doesn’t have a life!

  12. I have had run ins with people like this. Tough as hell on the internet, scared as shit in person. I have come to believe that people who are tough on-line are people who are most likely to get wedgies in person. Give the kid a break, he needs to find his balls sometimes. Even is he has to go to www. …

  13. Aw.  I am a little disappointed. :-  But then again, if you’re going to needlessly trash someone with a lot of subscribers, I don’t think you should expect anything less than an e-beat down.

  14. Someone was a little mad…My only problem is that I to want to be Superman when i grow up and i dont like you bashing his persona like thatSuperman is cool… lol… but seriously, I like superman.

  15. Okay, I checked out his site; and the comments he left for you just don’t seem to fit with the type of posts he makes… they seem out of character; so I gotta think you must have hit some kind of nerve with him. I mean, he doesn’t seem like a jerk in general. Maybe he just doesn’t appreciate your sarcastic sense of humor? It could happen, you know. Oh, and to answer your question: Yes, he’s more than 16 (late 20’s, I think). Yes, his IQ is higher than 75… hell, he writes better than most Xangans; uses actual sentences and everything! He was in the Navy and is getting married; so I gotta believe his naked woman viewing is more than one. And, I am not even going to answer the last one; but I will scold you for being so darn crude! Wait, that’s part of your charm, isn’t it?

  16. OH, and explain how HIS “acting tough over the Internet” is different from you acting all tough in this post? Sorry, the Mom in me made me post that because “Cousin Dave wasn’t playing nicely with others!” and “I don’t care who started it… YOU behave like you know you should; you can’t control what THEY do…”  Yeah, I’ve got the Mom-lectures memorized.

  17. 1. Over. You can tell because it wasn’t in l33t.2. Over. By maybe a point or two, because he can figure out how to use Xanga.3. Under. Naked girls scare Kal-El.4. Under. From excessive masturbation.

  18. Under – to all.Seriously? He didn’t think he’d get his ass handed to him by provoking you? That proves that there is nothing on your list this kid will be “over” on.

  19. 1. I’ll take the over, Dave. I doubt that anyone under the age of 16 would have been subtle (pronounced phonetically) enough to come up with a user name like Kal-El.2. I will take the over again.3. The over yet again – manofcivility has a point. They let anyone into a strip club these days.4. I have no idea on this, and I’m not sure I want to find out…I wonder if this guy is the real life version of Comic Book Store Guy from “The Simpsons”…

  20. ….wow. i think i have gotten a few of those needless comments. its like “whaaaat? you are coming to MY blog, to (not even respectfully) disagree and twist my words around? Get a life….”Oh, and a coward always acts tough when he is safe….miles away with a computer monitor in front of him….=)

  21. @mrsprosa – Exactly. I don’t mind you disagreeing, but don’t come to my site and be all preachy and arrogant.Hey you wanna know what’s funny? You were the only person on his friends list I recognized.

  22. @vanedave – LOL…..*hiding* Sorry!  I think he added me after reading a very cool housewife post i wrote, ill have to look back and check out his comments to make sure its not the same guy who hated on me!

  23. All right, lemmee at ‘im (rolling up sleeves, putting on Butcher’s Apron). I am totally and royally pissed off today already. I hate the whole world in general, and Douchebags in particular. So I wanna see some blood … Oh yes, there will be blood … This hatchet ain’t here just ’cause it looks purty, no siree, nuh-uh …. Internet Wars FTW!!!

  24. @CanadianBroad – I got the words that never quit too. I just don’t lose a battle of wits cause I’m armed with me words. With our threesome height, your hatchet and Jess and my tongue lashing ability…oh..I pitty the fool that wants to mess with our Dave.

  25. Oh, jeez. You crack me up every single time. I just love you! I like the what you wrote: “Ladies and gentlemen this post is dedicated to a douchebag who goes by the name of  PlasticPill, better known to most of you as “Who?” or “Who the Fuck?”. Hahahaha! Oh jeez. If I were him, I would dig a hole and bury my head in it!

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