Alright settle down geeks, this is not about the show. This is about my sincere and utter disgust at our supposed “role models” in today’s society. You just can’t look up to anybody anymore. No matter what industry, no matter what race, no matter what gender. Everyone is just a screw up.

Our Heroes

wayne      amy 
cb                        Britney-Spears-101

I am gonna stick to baseball here since it is our national pastimeroids
bush Palin

Olympic Heroes

Even super heroes are fucking up these days…
wolverine       routh       Bale

With all of our heroes failing so epicly, I am left wondering who to look up to. Are there any heroes anymore?



  1. Wow this was absolutely what I’ve been thinking recently. What a bunch of idiots we look up to. I suppose truye heroes should be the people who have in our lives influenced us to be a better person. Those people are heroes…I guess you can put Dan the theologian in there but that’s it!

  2. saying christian bale has a “potty mouth” is like saying jessica alba is “kindof cute”granted obama’s only been in office a few weeks, but everything ive read and seen about him and his actions is looking promising for minimun screw ups.  the guy is just smart.

  3. I just feel like Obama has disappointed me already. He campaigned for change and then put a bunch of Clinton people in his cabinet. He said he wouldn’t allow lobbyists and he did…at least twice. He said he would hold his leaders to the highest of ethics, and then nominated 3 tax cheats. He campaigned on less government spending and then is supporting the $800 trillion+ stimulus package. I’m not giving up on him yet… I just feel like he’s another politician who won’t keep his promises. I’ll stop there so I don’t get hate mail! Just my 2 cents.

  4. Okay, I was a bit disappointed that this wasn’t about the show. They have a good looking cast. All of those people I really don’t care too much about. Too bad he will mess up and everyone will be all over him!

  5. I so thought it was about the show. I was disappointed. :(But I enjoyed this post enough.PS. I used the plugz you made me as my FB profile. MyxlDove saw it and commented that I should probably tell you. 😀

  6. You know what, Obama will probably fuck up on something sooner or later, whether it be personal or political. When you’re president, this is bound to happen. But I think for all the above, the key term is “role model,” as in, they are admirable and inspiring in the roles that they play and in their particular craft. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. As for Obama, unless he is a closet fascist or something extreme like that, he’ll have many people’s support . 

  7. I don’t roll with that crowd. I see everyday wonderful role models who make a difference. A real difference. They live among us and are quietly active in everyday living. I’m far too serious tonight eh?

  8. I’m with you on Amy Winehouse. I’m going to Coachella this year, and she’s at the top of my “Must See” list because 1) She is genuinely talented and I’d love to see her live 2) I believe that she’s the Janis Joplin of our generation, which means I’d better go see her quickly before she OD’s

  9. Hm. What’s wrong with Broadway? Jackman’s career started on stage. All the theatre people are saying…”Dude just fucking sold out!” Well, no, they aren’t saying that, but they could.  Even though I do love me some X-Men. Oh, and that’s Brandon Routh as Superman.

  10. Maybe its time we lost the celebrity thing.  People are human.  You can see its already declining – we watch reality tv and would rather read unknown writers on blogs than newspapers

  11. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Obama, too. I think the true heroes people should look up to are the ones we don’t hear about. The every day man or woman who does the right thing.

  12. Gosh, has anyone ever said Amy Winehouse is a hero??  I think that’s a complicated word.  I think Micheal Phelps is a hero who just messed up.  Do they totally have to be perfect?  My hero Martin Luther King cheated on his wife.  Does that make him not a hero anymore in my eyes? No.I think real heroes are over in Iraq right now fighting a war.  We can guarantee these are real people who mess up, but are very heroic, also.

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