Xangalebrity Meltdown Game…

So in the wake of all the celebrity meltdowns we’ve had recently (Phelps, A-Rod, Chris Brown) I started thinking; Might we see some of our “xangalebrities” suffer some similar meltdowns? If so, who’s it gonna be? Since I don’t know the answers to these questions, I thought it might be fun if we guessed together…

Choose the xangan who best fits for each of the following…

1) Most likely to be caught beating down a photographer.
a) SnippiesBlogVisit SnippiesBlog's Xanga Site, b) DrugInducedDuck, c) bosefiusVisit bosefius's Xanga Site

2) Most likely to be found guilty of using illegal Blogging Enhancing Substances (BES for short)?
a) casmarie22, b) seedsower, c) Theo’sCafeVisit TheTheologiansCafe's Xanga Site

3) Most likely to be caught saying, “I swear, I thought she was eighteen. She had a fake passport and everything!”
a) bigshowVisit TheBigShowAtUD's Xanga Site, b) WherethefshlivesVisit wherethefishlives's Xanga Site, c) vanedaveVisit vanedave's Xanga Site

4) Most likely to be arrested on suspicion of DUI just because they naturally act like their drunk all the time.
a) StewieIsMyHeroVisit StewieIsMyHero's Xanga Site, b) jediwa72Visit jediwa72's Xanga Site, c) SpideyVisit theblackspiderman's Xanga Site!

5) Most likey to go on a tirade in which they call a stagehand a “prick” twenty times in a little over three minutes.
a) Ciaobella810Me, b) DrakonskyrVisit Drakonskyr's Xanga Site!, c) antisoccermomVisit antisoccermom's Xanga Site

Correct answers will be revealed later. First person to answer all five correctly will get a pat on the back and a hearty handshake. What did you expect prizes?



  1. 1 – DID.  I know bosefius and he wouldn’t do it unless they were getting in his kids’ face.2. Theo3. Fish.  Sorry Sam, but somehow the passport bit clinched it.4. C.  Ari just seems cool like that.5. B.  C’mon, like you needed more the .005 seconds to figure it’d be DMV.

  2. 1) b -and Robin would do it with a pumped up thrasher song in the background, too.2) c – and then he’d make a controversial question blog out of it.3) My initial impulse was Dave, but only Sam would think to check a passport, so Fish it is.4) a – Stewie cause she’s just that awesome.5) c – Antisoccermom doesn’t beat around the bush.  Drakonskyr would find a classier, more deadly way to say it wounding several people in a 2 mile radius with that sharp tongue.

  3. 1. B-He just strikes me as unfriendly with photogs.2. C-There is no way someone is naturally that popular. Its just not human.3. B-The passport clinched it for me, sorry Sam.4. I don’t know two of them well enough to determine that, and the third is just too sweet to even be in that category, so I abstain from voting in this category.5. B-He’s just mean like that.

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