Meltdown Answers

Time to reveal the answers to the meltdown game.

Choose the xangan who best fits for each of the following…

1) Most likely to be caught beating down a photographer.
Popular Vote Said: b) DrugInducedDuck 

Correct Answer: a) SnippiesBlogVisit SnippiesBlog's Xanga Site – She is the only one who is hot enough to actually be hounded by photographers. No offense fellas to Bosefius or DID.
2) Most likely to be found guilty of using illegal Blogging Enhancing Substances (BES for short)?
Popular Vote: c) Theo’sCafeVisit TheTheologiansCafe's Xanga Site

Correct Answer: You guys got it right here. It’s gotta be Theo’s Cafe here. He’s got the steroid era numbers to prove it.

3) Most likely to be caught saying, “I swear, I thought she was eighteen. She had a fake passport and everything!” 
Popular Vote: c) vanedave. Over bigshow by 1 vote. I’m so proud to have won this category.

Correct Answer: b) WherethefshlivesVisit wherethefishlives's Xanga Site. Sam wins out over Big and I just on the strength that he is the youngest of us three. Matt and I have wisdom and experience on our side.

4) Most likely to be arrested on suspicion of DUI just because they naturally act like their drunk all the time.
Popular Vote: c) SpideyVisit theblackspiderman's Xanga Site!. This was the closest category but he won by a slim margin.

Correct Answer: It would be Spidey, but not because he is any crazier than Stewie or Jess. He is just more likely to be pulled over because of… well y’know the whole being black thing.

5) Most likey to go on a tirade in which they call a stagehand a “prick” twenty times in a little over three minutes.
Popular Vote:
c) antisoccermom

Correct Answer: a) Ciaobella810Me. The underdog takes it here. ASM would be the most likely to write a damning blog about the stagehand, while DMV would find a more colorful term to use. Maybe something along the lines of calling him an “inflamed rectal infection”. Bella is spunky and blunt. Don’t let the babyface fool you, she’s got a temper!

Alright so who won? Well there was a tie.

kytarra@hoodstars and jediwa72 both won with four out of five correct answers. You guys get to split the prize. That means a firm handshake for kytarra and a pat on the back for Jess. Congrats you two!



  1. man, so true. I’m glad I don’t have to drive anymore, I used to get pulled over on the regular…for no reason!The president may be black, but cops are still d-bags.Btw, notice how my profile picture is of me pimpin’ now…Thanks for being an inspiration.

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