Not Racist Huh?

So the New York Post expects us to swallow it when they say this cartoon they put out in yesterday’s paper was not racist.


Is it racist now?

How bout now? 

Let’s try for sexist instead.

Offended yet?

dead kool-aid man
It’s funny so it can’t be racist.

Come the hell on New York Post! We are smarter than that. Aren’t we?    



  1. But, for the record…YES, that’s horrible and they should seriously have to pay consequences for posting something like that. 

  2. Yeah, that cartoon went too far in more ways than one… if the monkey is supposed to represent Obama in any way, I don’t like the fact that the monkey has been shot dead in that picture….

  3. Am I the only one who remembers that political cartoons are supposed to go over the boundaries? Ted Rall, anyone? Tom Tomorrow? Nevermind. Sure it’s racist, but fuck, I don’t even think I want to read a political cartoon that isn’t implying something horrible and mean about someone. Wouldn’t be a political cartoon otherwise.

  4. This irritates me on so many levels. Because there are fools that believe that racisum doenst exist anymroe. They think that for whatever little tid bit of blackness they have in there life that they can speak for an entire population! But they will never understand what its like. They will never get it. And to them…the only thing that this may be is just not funny! 

  5. I am pretty sure Kool-aid isn’t a race.  Neither is Chimp, the last time I checked.  The rest of your examples are people, which is comparing apples to oranges.Was the cartoon in bad taste?  Absolutely.  Was it any worse than the jibes at Bush for the last 8 years?  Nope.

  6. Oh, look at us, we’re the New York Times and we’re pushing the envelope!Never mind that racism is reverting to the attitudes of 100 years ago.This is just a cheap publicity grab.

  7. I’m not really feeling that… I get really offened when ppl use monkies, apes and the color yellow to talk about black people. (idk why for the yellow… I guess bananas.) I seriously tried to go for the benefit of the doubt and think they were trying to say that congress and the senate were a bunch of monkies… I tried and it failed. But that Kool-aid one cracked me up!!!

  8. Okay, as a black man with a brain (wait, is that racist? ), I saw this on two different levels. One the one hand, they could simply be saying that the stimulus bill was so ridiculous that it HAD to have been written by a monkey. And no, I don’t automatically assume that monkeys represent black people. 😐 WTF??  But at the same time, the implication that the monkey represents our (half) black president is unavoidable. So in the end, it was definitely crass and uncalled for. But don’t go booking an Al Sharpton protest tour just yet. Step back a moment, because  in a different national social environment, it would be taken differently.

  9. I actually have no issue with the cartoon.  I took it as them criticizing the writers of the stimulus plan as monkeys.  The writers of the stimulus plan were mostly of White descent.This is coming from an AVID New York Times reader.

  10. Oh, and yes… there was the recent killing of a monkey by police officers who responded to a frantic 911 call because a woman was being attacked. I’m almost positive this was part of the drivel from whence this originated.

  11. Lurid sensationlism, racism, or stupidity: The NY Post has to be guilty of at least one of the three.I hope the editor who gave the strip the green-light commits seppuku.

  12. This is why the New York Post is considered trash by most New Yorkers. They think they’re hilarious, but 99% of their stuff isn’t funny, and isn’t true. They might as well be the National Enquirer. 

  13. Dude, that MONKEY represents that chimp that ate the owner’s friends’ hands and left her in critical condition earlier this week. I am now scared of monkeys because of that chimp. The cops came to her house and shot her monkey after she kept stabbing it with a kitchen knife and it wouldn’t stop mauling her friend. I’m serious. lol. And he used to be the OLD NAVY monkey!! I DIDN’T KNOW HE WROTE THE STIMULUS PACKAGE, TOO!!! OMG!!! hahahhahaha.

  14. Uhm … is the comic referring to President Obama specifically or is it referring to politicians in general? Is it captioned that it is aimed at Obama? I thought Congress or the Senate authored the various stimulus packages? Or am I mistaken?I’m really sorry, Dave. I can’t agree on this one because I don’t think it’s really aimed at the President personally. I think it’s trying to say that all politicians are idiots. But that’s only my interpretation of it, and I do live in another country. (shrug)It’s too bad the artist was so ambiguous about their intent. That can lead to a lot of hurt.

  15. newspapers are going out of style, you know.  they HAD to take it there.then, again, this was to be expected, you know.  i mean… he’s going to be President for 4 years, after all.there’s more to come!

  16. anyhow its racist with the monkey in it…all the other characters is just funnyEDIT: nevermind i dont know what im talking about right nowits just racist

  17. @CanadianBroad – The problem is, the United States is in, um, an interesting state of mind at the moment… I admit that not only was I concerned about the monkey, but also by the fact that he’d been shot dead by cops. MyxlDove has a point when he talks about the fact that the cartoon may be referring to an actual event involving a MONKEY GETTING SHOT… not an event I’d heard of, though, so the cartoon made no sense to me at all.The point is, there is indeed racism running rampant all over the country, and people threatening to kill the guy. It’s an unnerving environment and probably a good chunk of our population is jumpy right now. The Post really should have known better- SOMEbody at that paper should have said something.In addition, the New York Post belongs to Rupert Murdoch and has a low credibility level with people who avoid Fox News.

  18. At first glance, I thought it was just a cartoon about them having to shoot that manic monkey that hurt all those people the other day; then I read the speech bubble. Seriously!? That’s just ridiculous.

  19. Everyone says monkey, but I think it’s a gorilla…And, I think it’s meant to say that a gorilla is less than intelligent, and the Bill was ludicrous.  Also, I personally think it’s racist to automatically think of the “black” innuendo when seeing the gorilla.  I don’t think Obama wrote the Bill himself.  It was written by other people, he just approved it in the end.

  20. Despite whatever intention that cartoonist had, the underlying tons outweighs it…it is easily interpreted as being racist and should have peaked the New York Post’s spidey senses to stop it from being put in their papers or at least with a word of caution in front or around it.

  21. WHAT – you actually mean it can be offensive even if it is funny?! Gee, I’ve tried to make hat point so many times over the years….Humor is often used  as a way to express views people don’t dare say straight out, becuase usually  you get away woth anything, bevause it’s humor – humor is a sacred cow.

  22. First thing out of my mouth was WTF why would you even go there??  Somebody had to know it could be taken wrong.  Seriously we all knew with this President some things that were allowed before but looked away from were just not going to be tolerated now…..but damn I didnt think it would be this soon and this blatant!

  23. @kim – I know that is supposed to be the Old Navy monkey and I am aware that it was a jab at all of the writers of the stimulus package. But for this to go through an editor and for the editor not to see the picture this paints is just irresponsible. Obama is now more associated with the stimulus bill than anyone else. Of course he is the first person people are going to think of when they see this. Racist, stupid. Pick your poison.

  24. @kattshorty – EXACTLY. You hit the nail on the head.@ClockworkBunny – It was a parody of the monkey incident, but it was also blatantly irresponsible. For a professional editor to look at this and not say hey wait a minute, black people used to be called monkeys, is just ridiculous.@kellychicky –  You can’t tell me someone didn’t see this at the post and say to themselves, you know what black people aren’t gonna like this, but fuck them.

  25. @Drakonskyr – I agree.  I would be lying if I said that your post didn’t cause me to go into convulsions of laughter for a short period of time.  I think that the NYP is just one of many papers/magazines which prints over the top humor; they just happen to need sponsorship and apologize when too many complaints are made.

  26. I didn’t like it at all… very distasteful. Although Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill or any part of it, so I think it is a stretch to say this is talking about Obama. But, still distasteful in my opinion. Just like I didn’t like it when Condolezza Rice was called Aunt Jamima or when Clarence Thomas and Collin Powell were degraded because of their race. I see a bit of hypocricy there… since no one seemed to care much about those racist remarks at the time.

  27.  Moment of silence for the kool-aid man.  *every head bowed, every eye closed* (T.I. and Timberlake “Dead and Gone” playing in the background.)The strip is terrible enough, but trying to pass it off as anything but racist  is even more offensive.  *smdh*

  28. I think there are a lot of people who are overly sensitive about hot topics like racism, sexism, etc.  Newspapers and comics alike are supposed to draw up a little bit of controversy, because with controversy comes conversation.  People who get so disturbed over topics actually end up publicizing (and in a way, promoting) exactly what they’re offended by.  Before I read this comic, I thought it was in reference to the Connecticut cop who had to shoot the 200lb chimp after he mauled his owner’s friend (article).  Since it’s not, I think that it can be seen as racist… but I don’t think that everything has to be so politically correct, especially in the light of actual events (like the true shooting of a monkey).Oh, and I completely agree with @radicalramblings. Nicely put.

  29. @vanedave – Honestly this white girl (me) wasn’t aware of past comparisons between apes and blacks until I read Al Sharpton’s response after doing a little googling about the response to this cartoon. Needless to say that’s why I should never edit the New York Post. When I saw the monkey I thought congress, not president, because I doubt he even read the entire thing – it’s longer than the bible. My second reaction was this nation has became so accustomed to making blatant fun of the President over the past 8 years that I don’t think they know how to turn it off. We really don’t have respect for the oval office anymore, period.

  30. Gee man, can’t you take a joke? The President is Black now, so Black people can stop saying that race is still an issue in this country. Historical implications? Puh-leease. It was totally about the monkey that went crazy. Because the monkey WAS in show business, after all. Therefore, it maybe could have been able to write stuff.

  31. Well, I can see where it’s coming from. They are simply trying to say that they think Obama is a moron. If they had been talking about Bush’s stimulus package and the monkey was a reference to Bush, no one would think it’s racist, because everyone already hates Bush, apparently. If they had used an animal that didn’t have dark fur, no one would be in an uproar about it.Though it’s pretty ironic, really, because The New York Times has a tendancy to be liberally sided, more often than not.

  32. i dont like this. it was ver rude and uncalled for and i am frustrated with the fact that it even reached the newspaper. however……..some of the fake ones really cracked me up although the first one didnt. at least they arent directed at a specific person such as ….hmmmm, i dont know, the president.

  33. That’s right, it’s not racist.First, Obama did not write the stimulus bill (he encouraged and supported it, but did not write it), so the monkey is not intended to represent him.  Second, we just got through with EIGHT WHOLE YEARS of people comparing George Bush to a chimpanzee!  When did anyone rush to defend him?!The intention of this comic was to illustrate that the stimulus bill is so dumb, it could have been written by monkeys.  It had nothing to do with racism.

  34. I hadn’t seen this cartoon, and it made me gasp in shock. What is wrong with them????Your illustration is brilliant, great post!

  35. Oh please. People do this ALL THE TIME. Even if hate it there’s nothing you can do about so just get over it.Although i have to say, being from Tennessee i did take offense to that 2nd one.

  36. racism is ridiculous, it still exists despite what people say. and the suggestions its making, ushed the boundaries. political cartoons should be something that makes you think, and is funny because its a hyperbole not because its offensive.definetley not impressed.

  37. @kim – you see Kim this is why I love you. You are honest. The comparison to the ape was just irresponsible. Call him dumb, fine, but watch it. I am gonna elaborate on this tomorrow.

  38. If Bush were still president, everyone would find this funny, since he always had that vague monkey-like look…I dunno. I’m a HUGE Obama supporter, but I think the point of a political cartoon is to be as politicall incorrect as possible… Sure, I definitely don’t agree with the message, but hey. I bet there’s been worse. So I guess I’m indifferent on the issue.

  39. People, people. As a Physical Anthropologist, I have to point out that it is an ape, not a monkey.. And the author of the blog claims it’s the New York Post, not the New York Times.Can you please give any verification of when the post printed this, if at all?

  40. it doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re in the political spotlight youre a potential target for harsh comedic attacks.  no, it doesn’t mean they’re all funny.  to me, most of these political cartoons arent.but we’d rather these racist views be expressed in public where they can be discussed and broken down, than murmured behind closed doors, no?  correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t that the underlying belief behind freedom of speech. 

  41. I think it’s more them attacking his mind than his race. I think signing the Stimulus Bill was stupid, and therefore more of a monkey’s thinking than a human’s.And anyway, if they ARE attacking his race? Isn’t it a wonderful thing that people in this country are allowed to express their opinions regardless of others’ offense? I personally found the other cartoons you made a little funny… because truly, stereotypes are formed because of things that have actually happened. They don’t apply to everyone of that race/gender/age group, but that’s why they’re stereotypes, no? They’re not always true.The cartoon referenced the chimp attack and shooting that happened earlier this week, anyway. They weren’t just deciding to use a monkey. It HAD to be a chimp. It couldn’t be a donkey or a snake or a possum or anything because that just wouldn’t make sense. There’d be nothing to play off of.I don’t know if there was racism behind it, but I highly doubt it, and if there was, well then, that’s the artist. Not America. Just one guy.

  42. I don’t think it’s right. i think it’s disgusting. But the beauty of the 1st Amendment is that pigs like The New York Times have the right to publish rubbish. That’s the great country that we live in … and even when I don’t agree, I’m glad the right is there.

  43. Amen.  I didn’t even vote for Obama but I still think their cartoon was way out of line, but there is that whole free press thing.BTW…You forgot include any that had a religious undertone, like a Muslim, or Christian, etc….

  44. Freedom of the press guys. Get over it. Besides, most of the black people *I* know just laughed it off because it’s not that big of a deal. If you’re sitting here, looking at the comic and fuming, relax. If you’re offended, then don’t read the New Yorker but they post stuff like this all the time. A few years back they did some sort of Jew comic and while there were a lot of angry Jews, my friends and I (who are Athiest-Russian/Jews) didn’t care. I repeat.Freedom of the press.

  45. I think it says more about us when we automatically assume the monkey represents a black guy (Obama) than the idea that it was so stupid that it HAD to be written by a monkey. The artist was taking a jab at the writers of the bill, and people are taking offense because they’re associating the President with it just because he supported it.I agree with it, but the Post could’ve at least labeled the monkey. When you reference current events people might not get, like the Old Navy chimp, you need to make your intentions clear.

  46. @vanedave – Yeah, like I said SOMEone should’ve seen how the picture could be perceive. I wasn’t defending the Post. 😛 Just explaining to a Canadian friend why Americans were responding as they were.Because MyxlDove may have a point… in a more mellow social climate, we might not have seen the cartoon in that way, whatever its intentions actually were. But this IS the social climate we’re in, so the media should act responsibly. Then again, who expects the Post to be responsible. -_-

  47. This insolent ignoramus is nettling racism throughout America.  It gloomily disheartens me that people gloriously depict witticism with a jaundiced eye.  Anyone who looks at this picture undoubtly knows the intent.  Some jovial minded people riddle reason to gormandize the truth.  These insensitive, cold-hearted individuals lack the courage of facing their inner feelings and use dogmatic facades to delineate blackheartedness.  For anyone to think this is a joke insults intelligence of those involved.  This hurtful, despicable, drivel promulgates ignorance but to expect laughter at malice is mutinous.  I can not believe some of the people on this site think this is a joke.  Comparing this to Bush is ridiculous. Saying that it was confused with other storys involving monkeys is absurd.  The target was hit in the language, need I say more.  Cruelity is rampant.  Will there be relief in sight?  This is no different from the Imus incident with the women basketball players.  I feel extremely sick to my stomach.

  48. Monkey has been a deragotory term for African Americans for many many years, so for them to compare the person who wrote the plan (the president) to a monkey is racist because at this time, the editors are aware of insensitive remarks. The same for the person who made fake food stamps with Barack on them and everything associated with African Americans on them  ie. Kool-Aid, chicken..etc. Who knew the stupid people would be at the newspapers.

  49. Funny how many people immediately jump on the conclusion that the monkey represents Obama. In case you haven’t noticed, political cartoons from the New York Post tend to get mixed with other headliners. From the first posts on this entry, as well as the poster of this blog, it’s safe to assume that many have not heard about the news of a chimpanzee that was killed because it attacked a person.The whole stimulus bill is bullcrap. Where do you all honestly expect to get the money to pay for all the things that the stimulus bill is supposed to pay?

  50. Oh give me a break about the monkey representing black people. Bush constantly referred to as a monkey during his presidency, with more than one political cartoon portraying him as one.  So the idea that he is a monkey because he is black is ludicrous, he’s a monkey because he’s a politician.  And while yes, being shot is a little touchy, that’s what political cartoons are meant to do!  Stop trying to twist everything into racism, you’re only spreading the disease.

  51. But I must say this: there is a double standard in this country when it comes to racism. When something offends these people, there’s an uproar, but I hear them say worse about other races. I’ve seen Dave Chappelle (whatever). I know that’s suppose to be comedy, but comedians like him take it to far.

  52.   A monkey probably could have done a better job of writing a stimulus bill than Obama. SPENDING money is not going to help a governmant that is already so far in the red it will never get out is only going to totally break this country. Hang on America, you wanted change but I fear you aren’t going to like what you really get.

  53. Ok…racism.  Yeah it’s still around, but people use it all too much as a crutch.  It’s almost like Black people want to hold on to racism so that there’s always something that can take blame.  Get over it.  The more Black people rail about racism, the harder it is to get rid of it.    Oh, and the monkey was in reference to a monkey mauling that happened recently.  Not for an instant did I think of A) a Black person, or B) a president.  Sometimes people try to connect dots that aren’t there, and this is what we get.  Why was it that all the monkey analogies to our dearly, ex officio, President Bush drew no ire?  Are you telling me that no Black man ever referred to Bush as monkey?  A redneck?  A sub-human creature and didn’t laugh one bit?  Not even a snicker?  Come on.  Are you saying only white republicans can be racist?  Does being Black provide immunity against being racist against whites and other races?Let’s say that Nabisco accidently made some crackers that got people sick, McCain was President, and the stimulus bill went through as now.  Would there be a similar uproar if there was a politcal cartoon say…with a saltine CRACKER that was being fed to pigeons labled American people by some person labeled Congress, with the caption “Right from the Straight Talk Express”

  54. I got really mad once the defenses came up from this comic creator. I mean, of course people want to say “get over it” and “that’s not what he meant”. And then, it all slides by. The WORST defense is the whole Bush/Chimp thing. I didn’t think that was funny either. Despite the fact that I didn’t like the man, I was actually embarassed that a leader of this country was being compared to a chimpanzee. What was that saying about America? I mean, of COURSE people are going to take it “there” to that place where we’re comparing a Black person to a chimp. Sadly it’s a part of history along with blackface and a lot of other thoughtless, racist things. Even if it’s really not going ‘there’, it’s a blatant disrespect for the man in charge. Whether it’s a statement of his physical or mental being. I realize these kinds of comics are satire commentary. I HATE them. They’re expression and they’re fine. I try to avoid them at all costs. Sucks that this one had to catch my eye. Is it racist? Yes. It’s also a smart ass commentary on the caliber of smarts behind the creation of the stimulus bill. Obviously.Hooray for division in the land of the free.

  55. i’m guessing you made up the remaining cartoons? the one with the monkey is the true NY post?how is that racist, unless you’re assuming they’re saying black people = monkeys…..then it’s more “SPECIE-IST”my mom calls me a monkey all the time cuz i like to eat bananas

  56. The last time I checked, depicting someone as a monkey or any other kind of primate constituted stupidity, remember all those Bush/ape comparisons? Oh yeah, I guess you’re right, me neither. If you find it racist, it means you’re subconsciously comparing black people to primates. It works in much the same way as when someone finds, say, a cock, in something innocent or unintentionally sexual. I guess that means whatever the content was, it was sexually explicit, hm? All I see is more hype for no reason other than to have something to complain about, more distractions from the important things in our lives that we love to neglect.

  57. That hillbilly cartoon pissed me off. It sucks. Funny, but it sucks. I guess that’s how you felt over the original. Of course I am extra sensitive towards this at the moment because Diane Sawyer just done a ’20 20′ special about my home, and how horrible the kids live, how toothlessness runs rampant, (mountain dew mouth my ass) How everyone is on the draw and on the dope. Poor pathetic hicks. We are the world’s new real target. you want to talk about racial profiling?

    That was an HBO special about my community,

    There is the most recent documentary, I think it happened two weeks ago.Oh brother. Everyone is pissed about it, but there’s nothing we can do. As long as there are poor people who kill their own chickens to eat, there will be Hollywood making films about “the land that time forgot”…

  58. @maniac_rose – I think this Yo Gabba Gabba short about “goons” is also racist against white folks from Appalachia, but it goes unnoticed, because white folks are fair game I guess. You can watch the short here: only difference is that most white folks don’t identify with stereotypes against poor white folks from a different part of the country and feel they can brush off the stereotypes. For some reason, even though none of those stereotypes about watermelon and chicken and all that nonsense apply to ALL black folks, they are often used hatefully AS IF they did apply to all black folks. The same is not done with the cousin marrying, hillbilly, deliverance stereotypes about white folks. I could say more, but I’ll leave it at that.Do you think this “Goon Holler” concept is racist? 

  59. if you looked and wanted to see rascism with the original you’d see it but if you looked at it to see a personal insult on a persons intellegence you’d see that as well.even if it is racist, people need to lighten up, it’s a technique in comedy like any form of discrimination can be. there is certainly a  wrong way and a right way to do it thoughi personally didn’t look at it and think “racism” first time i saw this

  60. @MyxlDove When I first saw it I didn’t think automatically of a black person I thought of your point. “the person who signs the stimulus had to be a monkey.” I think people look too far into find something racist come out of everything. 

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