Random Guilt Trip

Every so often my Dad calls to give me random guilt trips. Here is yesterday’s…

Me: Hello
Dad: I just wanted to let you know that I was sick all weekend and you didn’t even know.
Me: Yes well I wasn’t informed of that situation.
Dad: I could have spent all weekend in the hospital and you would have been none the wiser.
Me: Well I’m sure the hospital would have contacted me.
Dad: I was practically on my death bed on Saturday.
Me: Oh really. I had a show so I couldn’t make it over to see that.
Dad: You could have brought me some soup. Or maybe came over and watched a movie with me while I was suffering.
Me: Why would I want to do that? That just sounds depressing.
Dad: Is this working at all?
Me: Nope.
Dad: WELL WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN YOU DOPE! I’m starting to forget what you look like.
Me: Dad would you like to hang out this weekend?
Dad: That would be nice.
Me: You always have to do things the hard way don’t you?

Okay hope that annoyed you as much as it annoyed me.

Before I go, here is what you guys told me you want to see me blog about next:
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  1.  i hate when people do that its terrible i have a couple friends who ALWAYS do it. makes me so mad, cause it usually works and makes me feel bad … i give in sometimes when i know i shouldnt and it works. thats why they keep doing it.

  2. (from a phone conversation with my mother 6 years ago…I was living in Pennsylvania at the time)”I thought you would call me on Saturday””Yes ma’am, I meant to, but I was swamped. I had to-“”I sat by the phone all day Saturday. Your father said ‘Therese, eat something. You’ll faint.’ I said ‘No, Phil, no. I don’t want my mouth to be full when my daughter calls.’ “

  3. When my Dad puts me on guilt trips as to why I haven’t come over to his house or why I haven’t called, I always say something like, “Gee, Dad, I figured you were out buying one of my brothers and sisters something. I wouldn’t want to interfere with your system of giving.” Dave, at least your dad cares about knowing what you look like.And I am stoked about these posts.

  4. lol.  My dad is like that but everyone phone call is either a guilt trip or he’s screaming at me.  Or a combo of both.  So I try really hard not to answer the phone.  That was kinda funny. Can’t wait for the next posts. xD

  5. My dad will call and say something like, “Your mom really misses you a lot, you should come and visit.” Although now he has another excuse to talk to me…. “How is baby Micah doing? Guess what I bought him today!”

  6. Lol. parents are the worst…..Also, I’ll take the “Why popular Xangans leave terrible comments” for 200 please….I did a post with you in it today, check it out yo.

  7. That’s just manipulative. I’d very politely explain that I’m not a mind reader, I have a life, and if he is going to play this high school b.s then I’ll be forced to return in kind by hanging up on him. I don’t put up with it, and my dad knows that. He tried it once and I showed up on his doorstep at 3am demanding that we go eat then because it was the only time I had available. He hasn’t done it since, but then again, I’ve moved back home so I see him everyday. I’m sure he gets tired of seeing me, so we don’t have those conversations anymore.

  8. My grandmother is Queen Guilt Trip. But unlike you, I usually fall for it, only to find out she was being over dramatic to get me to come over.  Gotta love em tho.Don’t know if I’m late for voting but I vote for #1.  

  9. @kytarra@hoodstars – haha. nah I just remembered.@latishamarie – you gotta completely ignore the guilt trips.@SnippiesBlog – oh now you’re giving me a guilt trip. Did he put you up to this?@TheLoquaciousLady – HAHA. That is great. @Laryssa –  yeah I guess I’m glad he smothers me with caring.@RaVnR –  lol. He always jokes that he’s got Jewish blood in him.@ilovemy2babyboys – I get it from my grandpa. He’s waayyy funnier.@jediwa72 – Aww how cute. You and your sis commented in unison.

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