Okay White People Listen Up…

Let me clear some things up about the New York Post cartoon I featured yesterday.

First off, I was well aware that this was a crack at the incident involving the Old Navy chimp. I was aware of this when I first saw the cartoon. By the way does it really matter if it’s a monkey or a gorilla or an ape or a chimp? Really?

Secondly I am aware that  Obama did not write the stimulus bill. This point is irrelevant. The stimulus bill is his. It became his as soon as he was inaugurated. It went from “The Stimulus Bill” to “President Obama’s Stimulus Bill” in all of the papers (including the New York Post). So the fact that he did not write it is irrelevant. Let me ask you something. Who does the song “Respect” belong to? Otis Redding who wrote it, or Aretha Franklin who made it hers? What would most people say?

Third the argument that its okay because George Bush was always compared to a monkey is ridiculous. Here is a newsflash people, GEORGE BUSH IS NOT BLACK! Barack Obama on the other hand is (in case you hadn’t heard). So lets forget about the fact that George Bush was compared to a monkey because he was so damn stupid and instead focus on this. I can call a white guy a monkey as an insult. There is nothing insensitive about  it. No years of hate and prejudice tied to it. No references to being from the jungle associated with it. I am just calling him a dumbass. If someone would just have said, “hey Barack Obama is an idiot”, I would have no issue with them. I might not agree, but I will not accuse them of being racist. However for a big market newspaper (with “professional” journalists and “professional” editors) to put out something which associates any black man, let alone our president, to a chimp is just plain wrong.

Like it or not, there are certain hot buttons when it comes to black people. People always think its because black people can’t get over slavery. I’ve heard people say things like, “It happened over a hundred years ago, get over it.” How naive are these people? Really? This is not only about what happened during slavery, this is about all the crap that black people have had to live through since. What many are still living through now. Just because you, Ms. I Love Black People, have never called anyone a nigger doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t. Just because you didn’t know the negative connotations that a chimp has for black people, doesn’t mean that this guy at the New York Post didn’t. I think it’s kind of hard for white people to understand how black people (or other minorities) can be so sensitive about certain terms because there is no equivalent word that I can think of for them. I mean “cracker” is a bad word, but I’ve never seen a white person get hurt too much by it. The usual reaction is yeah I’m a “cracker”. Big deal. Am I wrong here?

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  1. Well said.  I notice that any time the question or racism comes up on Xanga most commenters say “big deal”, but I feel they do not understand the weight of the whole issue when they make such a casual comment.  Of course most are not affected, because they are not the minority group being attacked.  In such a supposedly modern, rational, and intelligent era there is no need for unsophisticated humour probably outside the door cracks of some country dweller’s outhouse.

  2. On one hand, it’s insulting. On the other hand, I think he should and the rest of the country should accept that racism, no matter how it sucks, still exists. Why in the world the paper published it is beyond me. The cartoonist can draw racist crap all day. Where was his editor for final approval?  rec’d by your friendly Xangahood white cracka

  3. it’s hard for some to imagine that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (NOT THAT LONG AGO) didn’t end racism.neither did electing a black present.  he’s just taking it for the team for the next four years… and knowing this, he still ran, anyway.

  4. I’m not white, but at first glance I did not take the cartooon as having any racial connotation. That being said, I understand your position.  It makes sense but so does my interpretation of it.It is not irrelevant who wrote the bill.  That part of your post is incorrect. It’s the Democratic stimulus bill.  All he did was sign.  He did not put all the pork projects into it.  Just because most people are ignorant and associate this with President Obama does not mean I have to adhere to everyone else’s belief regarding the origin of the stimulus bill.

  5. No you aren’t wrong, you are are correct. When I saw the Post’s article I was shocked, and no its not just “Blacks” who are offended. I was pretty offended as well that people consider this funny.And they all say “Well you guys poked at Bush” – How does that make racism OK? Americans poked at Bush’s intelligence (or lack of) – not the color of his skin. There is a difference to me. Hey I think all the “Americans” who are so distraught over a black president need to move out of the country instead of “praying for failure” on Obama’s part.

  6. Perhaps a similar effect would be had if you called a white person a Nazi? I mean, if you did it in all seriousness… I’m actually sitting here trying to come up with an equally offensive word for a white person in America. I think I’m wasting time, but it’s bugging me! Trailer trash is pretty bad, but too many people think of it as a joke… Well… It might work. With enough condescension attached to it.And most white people get offended by being called racist. Maybe that’s it. The equivalent, I mean. *shrugs*I think the cartoon is just ugly and I hate ugly cartoons.

  7. @into_the_lens – Words only hurt if you allow them to get to you.  It’s called having a thick skin.  The only people who should have the ability to hurt you with words are loved ones.  If a stranger can hurt your feelings well then…you have self-esteem issues that should probably be taken care of.

  8. I agree that the majority of whites don’t understand… unless they have lived in another country or in a prodominately black or hispanic culture here in the USA. My mom lived in Laredo TX for many years and she has experience racism. Those white people might have a better understanding but it is still different. I still hold that the cartoon is very insensitive and should not have been published. However, the Times is dying and they needed this press. Good or bad press is still press. Even so, if I were editor there, it would have hit the reject pile pretty fast.

  9. The average black person on the street calling me cracker might not be as kosher as my black friend Warnell calling me cracker.Personally I’m all for people giving up on the Politically Correct bullshit, but there’s some lines that you shouldn’t cross.  The fact that they linked the monkey to the Stimulus Bill thus linking it to Obama was a direct insult.  Had it been the same cartoon but said something about no long being someone’s pet, it would never have made headlines.People push buttons because they know they still exist.  It’s what they do.

  10. THANK YOU.God, the ignorant really annoy me sometimes. White people who don’t get it need to learn when to shut the fuck up >________>All those who don’t get it need to be thrown in oppressive situations constantly. XD

  11. Also…one thing that has really been bothering me about this cartoon: Nobody has said a thing about how it must make the family of the mauled woman feel. Obama’s shoulders are certainly broad enough to handle a sick joke. But this woman … How dare they take a person’s tragedy and use it for their own political gain.

  12. Well as I skipped the last post, I will respond to that here: I have heard the arguement that this cartoonist just flat out didn’t make the connection that this monkey would represent a black person. That would be an editing mistake.This underscores the fact that I did not know there was a connection of monkey and black people, I have never heard that, I don’t consider myself too sheltered but I am a white guy with limited access to the black community (a black friend from a rough neighborhood in Philly that I worked with for a year (I got fired) and the Chappelle Show, which I don’t know if it counts…).There is a sensitivity issue to me with what words are “taboo” and not. I personally take issue with derisive nicknames that are bigger versions of dork, nerd etc because my identity can be tied to those. When you talk about an identity of a black person or any minority that depends on how they look at it. Do they look at it as being a minority first and then a person after? or vice versa?

  13. @misswonderj – true, sort of.  That’s only because he’s been given the title of a black man.  When in reality he’s 1/2 black, 1/2 white.  My point is, why can’t everyone just see him as a man.  Not a black man, not a half black man, just a man. 

  14. This smacks of “Really?!”  by Seth and Amy on SNL.  All I know is (and I am a cracker 🙂 when I first saw the cartoon, I immediately thought it was portraying the President.  First thought.  Someone could explain it to me differently after, I guess.  Anyway, personally I felt the entire cartoon was stupid and unfunny.  Boo Post.

  15. @misswonderj – Real mature conclusion there.  Next time someone does not agree with my interpretation of something; I will make sure to oppress them much like the Israelis are oppressing the Palestinians.Oh no.  A comparison that leaves a bad taste in your mouth huh?  Deal with it.

  16. @AilinCorazon – LOL Oh great the emo comments. Actually the Israeli / Palestinian… issues, don’t affect me really. Sorry?But yes I think that all fucktards like you should just be killed =]Makes things easier on the intellectual community. (:

  17. @xcntrychicka – See what I get confused about is what exactly IS a “white” person? There’s so many countries where people are white and there are derogatory terms for them all–Polish, Russian, Czech, Irish, Scottish, etc. I think “white” as most people think of it applies to people who have a mix of Eastern Europe (or what-have-you) that they do NOT identify with. In other words, they identify with their geographic area rather than their ethnic background. They become somewhat anonymous that way, almost above (below?) ethnic-centered stereotype. I think that’s why it’s difficult to find an equivalent. White people in America, at least, have found it easy to ignore ethnic background as it applies to their personal identity. They don’t need it. They’re “American” or “Southern” or “Californian”. They are no longer Polish-Irish; it ceases to matter to them. That actually makes me kind of sad… The opposite extreme, y’know? People tend to be either fixated on their ethnicity or lose all value for it.~V

  18. In my profile, I list myself as cracker under race. Regarding the cartoon, I can’t believe that was published in any news paper. I mean, I believe you, but I can’t comprehend it. WTF were they thinking? Better yet, has the “author” been fired yet?

  19. @misswonderj – Intellectual? You are beyond retarded.  Period.  End of story.Real mature there as well.  Since it does not affect you; you need not care.  Since this does not affect me, I’m of Latino descent, I guess I don’t have to care about racism anymore when it applies to African-Americans.Kill me then.  Once again you show your immaturity when you only think of life in extremes.  People disagree because PEOPLE are raised differently.  Once again I understand your intepretation but mine holds validity as well.Emo?  Anyone that knows me on Xanga can definitely tell you I am no Emo.  I grew up in NYC and lived my life. I’m proud of who I am.  Get your story straight.Gun for me.  I got all day to tear your supposed intellectuality into shreds.  You ain’t shit.  Period.

  20. @AilinCorazon – Blah blah blah, whatever makes you feel better. Just because you’re too ignorant to see any racial implications doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. =]ps: there are emos in new york too sweetheart. =Dand if you really have “all day” to reply to someone you might wanna think about getting a life… just a thought =D

  21. I believe the cartoon they posted was completely tasteless. Being white, I will not claim to understand where the black community comes from when it comes to racism against them. I think the reason there are not really any racist terms that bother most white people is because all through history whites have considered themselves the “superior” race and there are still a lot of people who think that way, even though it’s not true. Everyone is equal regardless of race, religion or sex although they are not always treated that way. Every individual has their positives and negatives. It really is sad to see that even after all the strides this country has made for equal rights, we are still nowhere near equal thinking. 

  22. Just one minor quibble: hating on George W Bush is wrong. Saying that he’s a monkey or chimpanzee is wrong. Saying that his IQ is lower than the temperature on a mild summer day is wrong. Hate does not have to be racist or sexist or homophobic or whatever “ist” you want to use for it to be hate.That being said, you’re right. All the jokes about Bush being a monkey, as morally wrong as they were, did not have the added wrong-ness of racism. This cartoon did. The cartoonist should be ashamed of himself. The Post editors should be ashamed of themselves. All the Republicans trying to defend it should be ashamed on themselves.

  23. @misswonderj – I’m at work babycakes.  I work on a computer alllllll day.  Guess your attempt to insult me failed.  Much like that abortion that failed on you.  Tsk tsk.Where did I say I did not see any racial interpretation?  IF YOU see that, that’s YOUR OWN mind associating the two.  Obviously all you see is the racial implication it may have.  That my friend is ignorance. Ignorant and Immature.  I guess I should call you an idiot as well to finish off the trifecta, huh honey?

  24. @AilinCorazon – If you’re at a computer all day shouldn’t you have oh I don’t know… work to do? Shows where your priorities are. And you really want to call yourself “mature” with your “abortion” comment? LOL. High school kids.And so now recognizing racism is ignorance. Sure. Whatever makes you feel better. Its really sad how stupid you are though, seriously =xPeople like you should have been aborted =x

  25. @misswonderj – Weak comebacks as usual.  Who are you tell me how I spend my time? Oh yeah a failed abortion.  I forgot.Only seeing racism is in this political cartoon is ignorance.  I guess when you were doing DBQ’s in high school they must have skipped the part where you’re allowed to interpret a political cartoon in many different ways. I see the racism.  I understand it may or not be intended.  I guess your argument has failed against me.  Tsk tsk. You’re not very good at playing this game.It was a bad political cartoon that should have been thought over and never published.  That I will admit.  But to AUTOMATICALLY point to racism and not even take into account other factors is ignorant of you.  Period.

  26. Racists compare black people to chimps.  If the average white person is racist, then sure, obviously this cartoon intends for us to reach into the recesses of our racist minds and pull out that tidbit about black people being like chimps.  This is assuming that that the cartoonist is a racist  and that he himself assumes that the folks reading the cartoon are also racists and will therefore get the racist humor.  If we’re working with the assumption that most white people have at least some latent racism that forces the chimp=black person interpretation to the forefront of their minds, rather than some alternative interpretation (e.g. chimp=dumb person), then yes, it makes perfect sense to call this cartoon racist.  

  27. @misswonderj – I guess metaphors and similes went right over your head in Middle School.Don’t worry Daddy Ailin will help you out next time you don’t understand a political cartoon.  Just your friendly Xanga Hero offering the best he can.  <3Better luck next time.

  28. @AilinCorazon – Mhm. Oh so sensitive you are about the pebbles hm? Don’t worry, you won’t ever have to be embarrassed about them; you won’t get a chance to show them to anyone. Or at least make an attempt to. I’m assuming you don’t carry around the proper equipment for looking at small objects. =]Run along to your little lunch break and come back to your cubicle when you can think. =D

  29. The fact of it is that black people will never forget slavery and neither will white people.. it was something that happened to human beings for tooo long in this country  and had such a horrific aftermath.  so everyone needs to stop saying “get it over it”.. never gonna happen. . people can talk til their face turns blue.. the cartoon was made with racial undertones. Obama signed the stimulus bill rather he wrote it or not.. its his responsibility as president. so cut it out with trynna make these bs excuses. 

  30. Racism exists everywhere…and honestly I have no problem with people being biased and thinking they’re race is better than the rest…its when being prejudice kicks in that there’s a problem (no, they’re not really the same, although the terms are used interchangeably)…Most people believe that Obama is our first black president, but he’s not.  He’s our first president that’s has dark enough skin to be called “black”.  People who think racism is dead, take a look around.  A few months ago, I went to see Madagascar 2.  At the end of the movie, I really did not know how to feel because I had just sat there and laughed through a movie that satirized slavery in a way.  I wasn’t too offended because most of the targeted audience (young children) wouldn’t understand it.  This post in the New York Post just shows us that there’s still much racism in society.  Everything I’ve read about the stimulus bill has slightly or very negative.  I haven’t really read an article in the mainstream media that has completely praised Obama or the Democratic party since the Inaurguration.And about “being black”…I don’t know anyone today who say they know what “being black” truly feels like.  When’s the last time you couldn’t eat in a restaurant or use a restroom because you were “black”?  When’s the last time someone you knew was the victim of a hate killing?  Yes, many of blacks still live in poverty and might still be discriminated against because of the stereotypes associated with being “black” but most of the pain we (as a community) suffer from is self-inflicted.  We choose to let whites use us as puppets and most often we don’t even realize it until its too late.All in all, I believe we all just need to wake up and stop being consumed by other people’s ignorance.  In the end, if our government decides to enforce a New World Order, everybody is going to be in the same sinking boat.  Given that, what difference does it make if some ignorant pig called Obama a monkey?  Or if a minority calls a white person a cracker, honky, redneck, or trailer trash? We’re all adults (presumably) and we all know the rights and the wrongs about racism and prejudice….we need to teach the children whats right and what’s wrong and how not to grow up into racist pigs.  I’m pretty sure that an adult looking at this comic strip wouldn’t have a change in opinion about Obama and the Democrats because of this.  A young child wouldn’t probably understand it unless an adult explained it to them (which is where teaching  them right from wrong comes in).  So…what is really the point of debating the meaning of this?  People who have lived before us have seen much worse.  There’s no need to get offended if you’re black…especially if you know this stereotype doesn’t apply to you…I could go on and on all day about this…

  31.  @lil_squirrel4ever – You are the best. just wanted to say that.@ilovemy2babyboys – Always refreshing to see a white person who doesn’t take being white for granted. @AilinCorazon – Jon google the Stimulus Bill. You will find alot of times it says Barack Obama’s Stimulus Bill. It is no longer called the Democratic Stimulus Bill. Doesn’t matter who wrote it, it’s mostly associated with Obama now. @nattata – That is a great example.@ShamelesslyRed – haha. thanks.@Kestryl – You’ll agree after some coffee. OR ELSE!!!@TheBigShowAtUD – yeah you are so right. This is gonna seem like nothing compared to some of the stuff we will hear along the way.@mrsprosa – Yeah if they moved that would also create new jobs. Win Win!@TheMarriedFreshman – Nazi would be pretty bad for a German. Nattata made a good point.@cre13 – Cre you are right and wrong. Yes he is half white, but the focus with mixed people has always been on the non-white part. Think of it this way, fifty years ago would Barack Obama have been allowed to sit in the front of the bus? @IssyMae – Some people don’t get that blatant racism still exists. Even when it is right in front of them.@weedorwildflower – This is also true.@xcntrychicka – That sounds like an interesing class.

  32. @misswonderj – You sure are a sucker for punishment.  I must give you 1000 eProps for that one babycakes. Why so interested in my nuts for?  You sure sound like a squirrel hungry for some winter snacks.You’re such a flirt ❤

  33. I applaud you!!! This was really well written. I don’t think that blacks as a people will get over slavery ever… there is too much baggage attached to it. I try to move on myself but every now and again… some ASSHOLE goes and reminds me and takes me to that bitter place instilled in us from birth.

  34. @cre13 – that would be nice Cre. Unfortunately, you are a better person than most.@storyslut – Exactly. your first thought is undoubtedly towards the president.@maniac_rose – not fired. Not even suspended. he posted a new cartoon yesterday.@misswonderj – @AilinCorazon – You guys are cracking me up btw.@randomneuralfirings – I can respect that. Wrong is wrong.@Drakonskyr – Its cause you’re white Dan. You are forgiven for that.

  35. i have to respectfully dissagree. the first thing you did here, wrongly in my opinion, was to say “i know this wasnt about Obama, but we are going to say it is.” it would be one thing to try to make a case that it actually WAS about him, but to say that you know it’s not but you’re drawing the association anyway is at best a set up for intellectual dishonesty. the next mistake was saying “i can call a white person a monkey but they cant call me one.” wrong. the old addage goes, dont dish out what you cant take. i dont care WHY you think calling someone a monkey, a slug, a deadbeat or whatever other “name” is wrong, if you would be that offended by it, you have no business using it. of course all this is a moot point since it’s already been conceded that the cartoon was not made with Obama in mind.it all adds up in my mind to manufactured offence, which is a waste of time since there are plenty of real reasons in this world to be offended.

  36. @ueshiba – I’m pretty sure the monkey wasn’t working with a stimulus bill while biting off the woman’s face either. I’m starting to think that people who don’t get the racism in the cartoon just can’t read.

  37. @misswonderj – I understand that…but my thing is why give it so much attention?  A ‘devolution’ can only occur if we let it.  Its analogous to when my son throws a tantrum…I acknowledge his action and let him know that that’s not the right way to get attention.  If he does it again, I don’t respond to it.  He doesn’t throw tantrums with me anymore…however, he does with my mother, who gives him the attention he’s seeking when he does it.  I said all that to say, do you really think that they would’ve been published this in the paper if they didn’t think they would be able to get any attention from it?  Stop giving attention to things like this and they’ll eventually go away.  The New York Post published this to incite some type of emotion- good or bad – from its readers…obviously it worked… Slavery should be a memory that keeps us from going back there…but we need to grow some thicker skin and let things like this roll off our backs like rainwater rolls off of the street into a storm drain….

  38. @misswonderj – no I know she was agreeing for the most part. I was just adding a bit to that. @chelly500 – BS INDEED!@Only_Litta –  Don’t get me wrong, I see where you are coming from. I agree that we shouldn’t let some idiot from the New York Post bother us. I did the post yesterday mostly to make fun of how stupid this was. What bothered me is how many people were so apathetic to how wrong it was. Are people so naive?People still cannot eat in certain restaurants or stay at certain hotels. There may not be any laws or signs, but that doesn’t mean they are going in that restaurant. There are hate crimes everyday. Killings still happen too. We have gotten better as a society, but not nearly enough.@Lifes_Bookmark –  Thanks. And you are right. There are always subtle and not so subtle reminders.@AilinCorazon – It does make it so in the eyes of the public. We are talking most people here Jon, not just you.@antisoccermom – aww goodness. Seems like some drama is starting. Just walk away.

  39. @Only_Litta – The reason why it has so much attention is that racism if you consider it, is usually diminished to locality. Now racism has become a national thing again. That’s why its getting so much attention. The pure nerve / assholism of someone letting this out just to disrespect the President because of his race IS a devolution. And we ARE allowing it. Its not about having thicker skin, its about respecting your history. This didn’t happen thousands of years ago. The Civil Rights Act that practically failed was a mere 45 years ago. If you respect your history, you will study it and learn from it. And in order for the generation to progress you cannot allow devolution. Ignoring the ignorance isn’t a solution to it at all. Accepting ignorance wasn’t the method used by civil rights leaders was it?People need to learn when things are inappropriate.

  40. @vanedave – Dave I’m not most people.  I’m actually into politics.  I was raised in a multicultural society.  I like to analyze things from all angles and not just jump into race.Cartoon was printed in bad taste.  That I do wholeheartedly agree with,

  41. @ionekoa – The reason I said this wasn’t about Obama, was to give the author the benefit of the doubt (which he probably doesn’t even deserve). That does not excuse his editors, or even the fact that he stood by the cartoon after it was brought to his attention.Also calling someone a name and making a racial slur are two different things. People call eachother names all the time. I can call you a name right now and it would be wrong of me, but not hateful necessarily. Calling a black amn a monkey is a whole different thing. My point was this. If you call me a cracker I will laugh at you. I am not white. I don’t give a shit if you call me that. If I call a white person a cracker its a different story.@Only_Litta – On the flipside how do you get the paper to stop publishing racist stuff like this if you ignore it?

  42. I must congratulate you Dave…due to the comments on this post, it has become purely epic! I will admit i do see some people in a different light now, but geez this stuff is HIGHlarious!!!! I like the way that you did it though…it got people to think, some people would be better off not thinking….but hey at least they are doing something! excuse the footprints i am just keeping up with the funnies! LMBO.

  43. I still think that they were simply trying to mock his intelligence as most people did with Bush by calling him a monkey. Honestly, no one would spaz about it if it was any animal that was a different color. And again, I find it hilariously ironic that The New York Times (as in, the liberal praise network) of all papers printed this.

  44. I didn’t think the cartoon was funny in the least, and i was offended by the blatant racism it showed. I’m white, so no, i really can’t fully understand how a black person views life, but i’m not dumb enough to believe that cartoon was just a joke. It was stupid, insulting, revolting, tasteless and uncalled for. That’s my opinion.

  45. @TheWorldsOfficialCritic – IT WAS THE NEW YORK POST!!! And what does it matter the color of the animal. If it was a fucking white chimp it would have been  the same. I am gonna make this explicitly clear to you, because I am afraid of what you might end up getting into some day.BLACK PEOPLE + CHIMPS/APES/GORILLAS/MONKIES = NOT COOL!

  46. @grandmakitty – And your opinion is greatly valued. Please don’t mistake me for saying that white people cannot understand either. I am just saying that its harder for some to understand because of it. You have lived long enough that you probably understand better than I do.

  47. @vanedave – Yeah, there are hate crimes but you won’t drive down a road and see a public lynching going on…to me, FEMA  and the federal government committed a hate crime against the victims of Hurricane Katrina…Yes, people are naive and ignorant.  I pity them but at the same time I don’t entertain them.  The wiser I’ve become, the more I’ve learned how to not speak…even if I know I’m right.  Racism will continue to exist as long as life exists.  There’s no such thing as “Equal Opportunity”…blacks will never have an “equal opportunity”…its the way the power-holders designed it…we focus too much on the here and now and what we see in front of us that we can’t think about the above and beyond and what might really be going on…what we see as racism is just the tip of the iceberg…

  48. @vanedave – I fully understood what you were getting at. They say the best way to understand a person is to walk a mile in his shoes… but this is where that breaks down. No matter how much i might try, i can never be black. BUT… i am human, so i do know how much insults and hateful words and actions can hurt a person’s heart. That’s why i was so offended by that cartoon. And if i were black, i would have been royally pissed.

  49. In regard to that whole topic of how hypocritical it is of the media to allow and even encourage the portrayal of former President Bush as a monkey whilst causing an uproar when it is even insinuated that the same charges might be leveled at Obama, I feel it is so unconscionable that it borders on being vile, and that is the sort of stuff that sows the seeds of racism. 

  50. To enter this fray would be way too exhausting and pointless. We agree it was in poor taste and maybe somebody should lose a job for stupid choices. But no one should die, no one should crusade for equality, and no one should write a dissertation on personal atrocities suffered at the hands of others… as a response to this post (see how I qualified that statement? ). Man Dave… you know how to spark one helluva firestorm.

  51. I think you’re absolutely right. I can’t fathom what it would be like to undergo some of the things black people have to in their lifetime. But I do my best to understand, and also see things from both point of view. And I get what you’re saying. Moreover, the cartoon offended me, and I’m not black. But then, a lot of political cartoons irk me. I’m, as they say, sensitive.

  52. Im just disgusted by the tastelessness of the cartoon. Its not very funny and its quite dumb. Which is why I refuse to get angry over it. It’s beneath me to waste my time on such a dumbass political cartoon that should not have been printed in the first place. 

  53. I think a lot of people are missing the point: if I hurt someone’s feelings, regardless of whether or not I intended to, I should still acknowledge their pain and apologize. The New York Post should make a retraction and apologize for this cartoon. It doesn’t matter what the intention was, many people still took it the wrong way and they should not be criticized for being offended.

  54. I think you’re completely right.  There is not a word one that you can insult my race with…and me REALLY feel insulted.  You may be able to insult me as a woman tho…that would possibly be the closest comparison and it still doesn’t compare on nearly as large of a scale.  As I white person I can’t comprehend the insult as well as a black can.  But, as a single woman with three kids…I can do a little more relating.  Regardless, the cartoon was in poor taste, I have a hard time believing NO ONE thought of it that way prior to running it thru the press.

  55. And you think because someone suffers they are given a right to retaliate? Is that what you mean? Because they’ve been called niggers since the abolition of slavery they are endowed with all the ass kissing rights? They are not the only ones who get called names. I’ve been called a bitch, a cunt and a wealthy of other insults when often times, I never did anything to those people. White people get called crackers. But does anyone make a big deal out of it? No. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exists, because it does. People hate because of skin color but it goes both ways. But I can guarantee that defending someone black for being upset when they’re called a nigger, when someone rails on white people in general for the stupid comment of one person, doesn’t solve a damn thing. You can’t teach people to love one another, their brother, or their neighbor, but you can teach people to let it go, to let it slide, and let it settle. Chances they only said that because they wanted to get someone riled up. I don’t care if you’re a Christian or not but God might’ve had something when told his people to turn the other cheek.

  56. @SladeTheGreyFox – “Personally I’m all for people giving up on the Politically Correct bullshit, but there’s some lines that you shouldn’t cross.  The fact that they linked the monkey to the Stimulus Bill thus linking it to Obama was a direct insult.  Had it been the same cartoon but said something about no long[er] being someone’s pet, it would never have made headlines.People push buttons because they know they still exist.  It’s what they do.”I agree with Slade on that.  But I also agree with vanedave here on many white people not “getting it” when they say that they didn’t crack the whips nor enslave the black folks.  I HAVE black friends and have watched them humiliated right in front of me like I won’t care!  I can’t BELIEVE what some church going people would do to an innocent young black child to hurt their very spirits – for no Godly reason at all!  I always let them know that God has a special place in hell for folks like them.  I may not be responsible for the problems that my brothers and sisters suffer for bodies that they didn’t choose (how do people hate people for things they didn’t choose??), but I CAN be a part of the answer to the fix!  I WON’T stand by when I see it happen.  It’s happening to ME when it happens to them, dang it.  So let’s stop the hate white folks.  We’re too dang quiet about it, and too dang complacent with it.Who’s with me?cm

  57.  @Marci3 – thank you very much Marci.@kim – that is what startles me. See you are a good example. You honestly did not make the connection, but when someone brought it to your attention you were able to sympathize. I don’t get the people that refuse to understand why this is so offensive to so many people.@jediwa72 – Yeah I don’t believe it either.@maeberry2007 – Aww goodness. Okay turn the other cheek was referring to violence. This is not a violence we are talking about it’s hate. How bout love thy neighbor and do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I am not talking about retaliating here. Did I say if a white man calls you a monkey, call him a cracker. No? I am talking about making people aware of ignorance. There are many people who never even knew how offensive it is to compare a black man to a monkey.

  58. Didn’t make the BO connection until someone mentioned it. I took it as we’ll have to get some more trained monkeys to serve in the House and Senate (that’s all they really are). Now, if the cartoon had been of a donkey, people would probably think they were advocating killing democrats.

  59. @vanedave – People do whatever they can to redirect or remove blame in order to suppress or eliminate guilt. Nobody wants to be made uncomfortable, especially people who are not used to discomfort. In this case, those people are the white folk who have not recognized what is termed “white privilege.” There will always be pain we don’t understand, however, so it’s silly to deny the feelings of others we can’t relate to. That is inhumane. We don’t know what it feels like to starve, and we are not the ones to took food from the starving, but does that mean we should mock the hungry and refuse to feed them? Of course not!! So why should I refuse to apologize on behalf of the indifferent or ignorant staff of the New York Post? Why shouldn’t I go out of my way to tend to the hurts of the oppressed? Insisting blacks are no longer victims to racism doesn’t make it true. It is true – I have seen it. It still happens!

  60. @vanedave – “To sit there and take it easy…” What else would I do? If I scream about it, nothing changes. Case in point: I don’t know a single person that was FOR the stimulus package as it was written, lots of folks screamed and hollered “don’t do it!!” and they did anyway. It’s a cartoon. Remember “sticks and stones…” The First Amendment DOES NOT guarantee people the right to NOT be offended.

  61. I was being a smartass when I said it was a gorilla, not a monkey…  Just thought I’d clear that up.  I’m fully aware that it doesn’t matter.  Also, I’ve experienced racism first hand, as I’m Asian/American.  But, I didn’t look at that cartoon and immediately think, “Oh my God!  They’re making fun of President Obama for being black!”  There’s more to it, as you said, than that.But, you do raise a valid point.  Whether the intent was racist or not, they should have been sensitive enought to consider that it might have been taken that way.

  62. The NY post has been pulling all types of “funny” stuff (no pun intended) about Obama and even Mrs.Obama ever since he ran for office so I’m sure they knew exactly what they were doing when they put this piece out. It wasn’t an oversight. It’s a damn shame really and I don’t find it funny at all. Just callous, careless, and derogatory.

  63. I’m kind of surprised how many people found the cartoon to be funny, it was a very crass attempt at a joke. Despite what some people may think, racism is still alive… it may not be as overt as it used to be but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. I feel bad for the woman who was attacked, too…

  64. I just want to apologize for the lack of sensitivity I showed to this issue yesterday. Call it ignorance or naivete, but I truly didn’t see the connection between the cartoon and racism. However, when my husband came home, I showed him the cartoon without putting my $.02 in, and he immediately said, “Oh my gosh, that’s horrible!”I really am very sorry that I downplayed the importance of this issue.

  65. @vanedave – Okay, that makes more sense. I had a hard time believing the Times would print that. Maybe it just didn’t click in my mind, because I’ve never heard a racial slur about blacks being monkeys, and I’ve heard quite a freaking few of them. I and not racist and I never have been, just to let you know. I believe that I have never called anyone a monkey, and I don’t plan to.

  66. Do you want racism to be abolished or do you want to aggravate it? Because for me you are aggravating the issue of racism.You need to just laugh and say “Yeah, some guy expressed a pretty ignorant opinion in a cartoon, and maybe some people had a chuckle because it was humourous, but at least most people have the genuine sense to think the same as me about racism and how shameful it is.. so i’ll just let it be”Just let it be, most people with intellegence understand what has been, and what is, and we all feel pretty horrified (the people who dont care, believe me, they dont just mock black people, they mock us all because they think they are better. As for the racists, i have no words for racists, i actually dont understand them), but allow us some humour in this world. People are always laughing at me because i am apparently “ditzy”, “a weirdo”, “a freak”, “a cavewoman” but i think, yeah i am. And you are black and i know you are thinking “Yes, and so?”.I know its annoying that people make jokes, but really he appears to be such a nice, intellegent bloke that if the race card is all they can pull out then its pretty lame isnt it?

  67. Not to be rude, but this is probably going to sound like that anyways. If you call George Bush a monkey, you can call President Obama a monkey. Just because someone thinks he looks like one, doesn’t mean they’re being racist. I refuse to watch what I say just because someone might construe it to be racist. I wont feel bad for you just because you’re black. At the same time, I wont accuse you of not being about to get over slavery. Even if some can’t get over it, I think they understand that if wasn’t be that was involved. I’m not a racist person, I treat everyone the same no matter what race. But, I wont respect you if you constantly bring your race up to be an issue, and if you do I wont like you. Maybe I’m “an ignorant white person”.

  68. I agree with your post except for one point.  You put in case you haven’t heard Obama is black.  Well actually that isn’t what I have heard.  Obama is in fact 1/2 black and 1/2 white.  He is just as much white as he is black. The sooner everyone realise that the quicker we can move past his race being an issue in everything he does. 

  69. You are an intelligent person and I really can’t see why people can’t see the insensitivity of this. They must have thought that our president elect being black meant they didn’t need to think twice about what they posted or maybe they were naive and didn’t think of the reference of the monkey to a person of African descent.Now, not everyone in the media or press has to be white. Combating racism with racism.

  70. I was offended at it, too. Surely the people that run the paper are smart? Did they think it wouldn’t be taken that way?  No matter how many strides some claim society has made, racism still exists.

  71. Your argument is that white people don’t get as offended by racial insults as minorities. At least, that’s how I understood it. If that’s wrong, I’m sorry. =] But… how is that fair? So white people should just get over it but because black people dealt with slavery and other hardships and it’s not okay for them? I think that’s pretty racist itself. The term white is laughable in itself, I think. I’m Jewish and white. People say stuff about Jews just as much as about blacks. They had slavery, we had the holocaust. Those things are not comparable but lets agree, both pretty fucking bad. What about other white people that should just get over it because they’re white and it’s easier than being black? If I saw someone beat up a person with white skin, I’d feel just as bad for that white person as I would for a beaten black person. Same goes with words. Anyway, I shall repeat my previous point.It’s called freedom of the press. It’s actually a wonderful thing and most Americans take it for granted. If you are offended, don’t read the New Yorker. No one is going to bust down your door and rape your eyes with it. What *I* think, though, is that people need to get over it because it’s not that big of a deal. Like I said, I’m Jewish and technically, a “minority”. But I don’t get offended by “jew” comments and comics and other such things. I just don’t take them seriously. And, I’m pretty sure they have quite a few black people working at the New Yorker that let this pass. Jews too. =P

  72. Maybe it’s just because I’m white…but I really don’t get what holding people in today’s society accountable for what our ancestors did.I think it’s time to stop focusing on all the past mishaps and let society move forward with a clear mind of equality. I mean really….how long are we going to let racism haunt us?

  73. I have a hypothesis (it was a blog until my stupid finger hit the dang control button instead of the shift button and I accidentally deleted it). Anyway…let’s try that again…I have a hypothesis. I get the cartoon. I really do believe (or want to believe) that it wasn’t meant to be racist. The fact of the matter is that…well, it is racist. I think the Post’s editorial staff made a massive mistake by not catching it, nay by ignoring it. I think it was a mistake to not be sensitive to the paper’s audience. I do think (or want to think) the cartoonist was referring to the writers of the stimulus bill being dumbasses, and making an even stronger point about what those writers are perceived as doing to America through the writing of such a bill; however, by misunderstanding and even ignoring the audience they were delivering that cartoon to, they alienated said audience and caused a national uproar. Nice, Post. Nice. All of that to say, I would have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED to have worked with this cartoon in class if I were teaching this year. I think it is a classic example of a cocky writer (cartoonist, editorial board, paper, you name it) ignoring his audience. Shame. on. them.(This was a much better blog because I was actually playing with the picture using it as evidence to back my little hypothesis up. Now, I am just too irritated that I lost it to retype the dang thing.)I am glad you have been posting on this! You have been great with it! (Great example with the Aretha Franklin bit!)

  74. It’s usually pretty uncomfortable to listen to any white person talk about race. If they are liberals, they are apologetic and sound like they are spineless. If they are conservative, they generally are defensive or combative about it. Let’s just Blacks and Asians talk about it together. Actually fuck that, Asians are retarded about race also.

  75. Most of the comments on this thread take the stand of how incomprehensible it was that the Post published the cartoon.  I will say again that I do not understand why people are so upset.  I am not Black so I don’t have the type of cultural upbringing that might allow me to understand.  Bear with me.1) What’s the point of the cartoon?  Is it supposed to be funny?  No.  The cartoon is reflecting the fact that many people are unhappy with the stimulus bill that was passed.  That it could potentially be a waste of money, that that additional tax burden will be put on the American people, etc.  2) Why is the monkey in the cartoon Black?  Is it simply because Obama is associated with the Bill?  How did the monkey all of a sudden become Obama?  The text CLEARLY says the writer of the stimulus bill.  It does not say Obama wrote the bill.  This is not an irrelevant point.3) What does the monkey represent?  Think about this one.  I know with all the publicity about it, bias will be hard to overcome, but please try.  If former president Bush can be portrayed as a monkey for the insanely stupid things that he has done, then why can’t that be applied to the current circumstance?  Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey.Just as some people like to think a cigar is MORE than a cigar sometime, this particular instance is similar with the monkey.  I think people are reading INTO the cartoon more than what actually is there, and that is where I disagree with most people.  I see people use racism as an excuse way too often.  As far the term racism is concerned, I associate a prejudice with it.  The problem lies in the fact that racism is now ANYTHING that offends you because of color, or in this case, associations with racially charged representations.  I simply do not see some sort of prejudice associated with the monkey.  I do not see why the monkey MUST be a Black person.  If this cartoon was run if McCain were in office would there be such an uproar?  Again, the monkey is just a monkey.  It’s ludicrous to think that every time I see a monkey, I must think of a Black person.As for Respect.  The song is Ottis Reddings’.  He wrote it.  It’s his song.  Aretha Franklin merely performed it.  Ask a kid growing up in the 90’s if they knew Vanilla Ice sampled Under Pressure from Queen.  Or MC Hammer for that matter.  Give credit where credit is due.  Or on the flip side, take fault if you messed up. 

  76. I commend you for handling this as you are. And I agree with you 100%. But you know what? That whole “get over it” thing is what I see as the coward’s way out. Most of the time those are the people who want to throw in their two cents but don’t have a thing to say. So what do they do? They say “get over it” and run away while the rest of us try to engage in conversation and debate. The points you made (especially the Bush point) are right on the mark.

  77. i don’t think you’re wrong here at all. i mean, i saw the racist connotations in this cartoon almost within the instant i looked at it. i’m highly opposed to racial slurs and comments, because i know that it’s a sensitive issue to some — and it should be. people ( anyone that engages in slinging racial crap around ) have no right to degrade, humiliate, or poke fun at ANYONE based on the color of their skin, or their ethnic background. and i think it’s awful that someone would say “It [ slavery ]  happened over a hundred years ago, get over it.” if that isn’t the epitome of ignorant and thoughtless, then i don’t know what is. slavery may have ended long ago, but that doesn’t mean that horrible, hurtful racism doesn’t still exist — there are instances of it everywhere. it’s a problem, and most [ white ] people don’t understand, because they’ve never had to deal with it — myself included, honestly. but that doesn’t mean that i can’t at least think about my fellow humans, consider their feelings, etc. i may never know what it’s like to have someone treat me differently based on my skin, so i can only imagine. the thought of what it might feel like, and just the fact that i find such judgements stupid and immature, deter me from ever wanting to make such comments.

  78. You’re not wrong.  White people need to get over themselves with their stupid Confederate flags and “Indian” mascots and so on.  But many of them won’t any time soon.  My only hope, racially speaking, is that it seems like each generation might be getting slightly less ignorant and more inclusive than the generation before.

  79. I wonder if the press will ever be able to parody Obama, without being accused of being racist.  Drawing a caricature of him with over sized lips, large ears etc. – will that be interpreted as racist?  Will late night comics, like Letterman crack jokes about him like he has done with every other political figure?  Race is a sensitive issue, and some people are a lot more sensitive than others.  It will be very difficult not to offend.Obama carries the weight of race relations in this country on his shoulders.  If he does well he will do a lot to bring everyone together, if he does not do well it will help to aggravate racial tensions.oh and it would be hard to claim “ignorance” to not knowing that making reference to a monkey and Obama at the same time would not be construed as being rascist.

  80.  @AirForceVirgin – No problemo. The fact that you were not so stubborn and were able to take a second look at this shows how high your character is.@chadwilly – I know for a fact that at least five or six people are now aware of this type of racism because of me talking about this, If I post something that can get through to at least one person I am happy. Ignoring things like this is not the answer in my mind.@Barby – You do sound like “an ignorant white person” right now. FUCK GEORGE BUSH AND YOU! @kedward6 –  I know he’s 1/2. Let me ask you something. What part of the bus would he have been sitting on 50 years ago? Do you the the KKK members plotting his assasination give a shit that he’s 1/2 white. Gimme a break.@WhenHateIsTheOnlyOption – The artist was white, the editor was white, the Post is owned by a white man. I was not aiming this at the media in general. I never strayed from talking about the Post. Do not attempt to put words in my mouth.@rhinosaur767 – thhanks. i’ll check it out.@Just_For_Shits_And_Giggles – Look I wasn’t saying its okay to make derogatory remarks towards white people. I was just saying that there are far fewer derogatory terms used towards them. Jews on the other hand have quite a few. So if the paper had a turkey in the oven labeled “kike” you would be cool with that huh? Come on dude. That shit would not be cool and you know it.@Starlight_Leigha – That is just it. Society is not moving forward when they allow shit like this to happen. And its not just your ancestors. Parents and grandparents were the ones alive 40 years ago when blacks were being lynched in public. Lets even talk about last year when there were multiple reports of migrant workers in Texas being tortured and beaten to death. Like I said just because you are not racist doesn’t mean there aren’t others who are. I for one am not one to shut my eyes to the truth.@Krissy_Cole –  I am glad you decided to re-write it Kriss. Congrats on the featured.@LonerKat – Thank you so much. Your comment was a much needed voice of sanity among so many fucking idiots. Have you read some of the comments these people are posting. UNBELIEVABLE!

  81. @EgoOverdose – The fact that more people can’t just take a sec to consider the fact that maybe what they are saying is a little fucked up is just annoying. So many people, like the Post, just like to say it’s people being overly sensitive.@relaxolgy – thank you so much. I am just glad some people are getting it. So many people are not.

  82. @vanedave – The point is it isn’t 50 years ago and I shouldn’t have to pay for what happened back then.  His family didn’t even come from slavery.  Not a single one of them so I don’t see how he knows anything about that.   I don’t like him.  It has NOTHING to do with his race or his questionable faith in whatever religion.  Until he proves to be any different than the rest of the government, I will feel that way.  I am not impressed by anything he has done so far.  As far as the KKK thing, I doubt they could pull it off anyway.  Maybe if it was 50 years ago but like I already pointed out it isn’t.  Obama sleeps good at night.  More “black” people tend to think he will get shot than most “white” people.  The point I was trying to make is that the longer everyone keeps bring up his race the more it makes race an issue.  Why can’t he just be our new president and not our first black president (which he isn’t he is our first mixed president but whatever)?  Everyone knows the reason why they (media and Obama crew) choose to focus on his “black” side is because he got more news and votes. 

  83. @vanedave – yep to be understood, that’s what I hunger for, but I’ve failed so many times I’ve just stopped trying and turned to weary silence instead. Trying ti change the mind of someone who’s on the far end of you opposistion — will just give you an ulcer. Lately I’ve longed for talking to people who are more in the middle, able to see both sides.use the extremely  far out opinions for inspiration, to fuel your own opinions, then shake them until ´next time.

  84. I love that you threw Arethra Franklin in.I once did a project about her and had to make a remakeof “Respect.” It was pretty fun.Back to your actual entry, I completely agree and I couldn’t have said it better. I’ve met so many people that say they’ve never said hurtful things to Blacks and that racism is dead. Sure they haven’t said anything racist, but that doesn’t sum up the rest of the population. I don’t think racism will ever be entirely dead. It will of course eventually stop being such a problem, but right now it’s still alive and thriving. “Black racism” is much more controversial than “White Racism.” Sorry for all the “..” but I don’t want to offend anyone. Ha, anyways I like what you said and completely agree. I have to get back to my 500 word essay in Spanish about Human Rights. Fun!

  85. I was pretty annoyed at such a major paper posting something like this. The first thought that came to my mind is …wow, you guys are showing your ignorance to the entire world. I wonder how Obama will explain this to his two little girls if they ever saw it?

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