The NY Post Apologized… Kinda

So this afternoon I get a link from RogierFvV regarding this chimp cartoon I have been so hot about lately. The headline to the article he sends me reads as follows…

N.Y. Post Apologizes for Chimp Cartoon Some Linked to Obama

Now if you just read this headline at first glance, you might come away thinking that some bit of right has finally come out of this story. Try again.

For starters take a look at the headline again. It says “Apologizes for Chimp Cartoon Some Linked to Obama”, not for the Chimp Cartoon they wrote linking Obama. This is only the start.

If you read the article, which way too many people do not bother to do, you will discover how truly shitty this apology is. Some snippets from the apology;

“It was meant to mock an ineptly written federal stimulus bill. Period.  But it has been taken as something else – as a depiction of President Obama, as a thinly veiled expression of racism.”

“This most certainly was not its intent; to those who were offended by the image, we apologize.” (Now this is where you might get fooled into thinking they’re sorry, till you read the next line…)

“However, there are some in the media and in public life who have had differences with The Post in the past – and they see the incident as an opportunity for payback. To them, no apology is due.” (In short, fuck you Al Sharpton!)

“Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon – even as the opportunists seek to make it something else.”

That last line was just pure brilliance to me. This was not an apology for being insensitive or inappropriate. This was saying sorry all you black people are so fucking sensitive! Arrogance at it’s apex. Even after so many voice the hurt this cartoon caused, even after it was brought to their attention how it came across, they stand by that it was “just a cartoon.” Unbelievable. Its kinda like if I punch you in the face and break your nose and then turn around and say, “I’m sorry your nose is so fragile you friggin sissy.”

I am gonna leave you with an absolutely wonderful comment from my new friend IMChurchmouse:

I also agree here on many white people not “getting it” when they say that they didn’t crack the whips nor enslave the black folks.  I HAVE black friends and have watched them humiliated right in front of me like I won’t care!  I can’t BELIEVE what some church going people would do to an innocent young black child to hurt their very spirits – for no Godly reason at all!  I always let them know that God has a special place in hell for folks like them. 

I may not be responsible for the problems that my brothers and sisters suffer for bodies that they didn’t choose (how do people hate people for things they didn’t choose??), but I CAN be a part of the answer to the fix!  I WON’T stand by when I see it happen.  It’s happening to ME when it happens to them, dang it.  So let’s stop the hate white folks.  We’re too dang quiet about it, and too dang complacent with it.

Who’s with me?




  1. i love that comment…anyhow i saw it on the news yesterday night..they still didnt even try to explain what it was exactly that they were poking fun at…disappointment…I guess this is how the a very well-read news publication apologizes…just a cartoon…eh?

  2. well, i do think that comment pretty much summed it all up.  and their apology is about as meaningful as being slapped in the face, getting an i’m sorry, and slapping again.

  3. that my brothers and sisters suffer for bodies that they didn’t choose”  —— oh yeah I relate to that. As an exprted/adopted Asian to a white European country, yep nobody chooses their body, or WHERE they are born.

  4. It was totally the first thing I thought when I saw the cartoon, that it was racist. But I thought about it, and I think it’s unlikely that it was on purpose. I think it was an editorial slip. It’s unlikely they’d do something like this on purpose, for which they would have to publicly apologize right afterward. And while I can’t imagine the implication didn’t occur to the cartoonist, sometimes you work a visual concept out, then later someone tells you (figuratively) that your pants are down. I made a logo of some flames and after working on it for weeks someone pointed out that it looked more like garlic than fire. They were right, and I scrapped it in embarrassment. But I wouldn’t have seen it if no one had said anything, because I was only seeing the flames I drew. I can totally imagine some middle-aged dude going on the theme that people are monkeying with the economy; it’s an old expression in Washington meant to demean bureaucrats and politicians. People are going to have to get used to the fact that the presence of an African American in office means that joke probably can’t be used anymore. I think we’re seeing an example of that here.I think it’s also important not to throw unlikely accusations of institutional racism. It fuels paranoia, fear and real racism. White children shouldn’t be taught to hate or fear anyone’s skin color, so I think black children shouldn’t either. I disagree with Al Sharpton about a lot of things, and that’s because I am not a racist. I look past his black dignity and see someone I disagree with politically. There is a very different dialologue going on about race, one that we have to be careful not to feed, which has nothing to do with black versus white. It has to do with the “black” political machine, who call every white person who disagrees with them a racist and every black person who disagrees with them an Uncle Tom. If Obama had been conservative, they wouldn’t have called inauguration day a history making day. The NAACP and all them would have claimed that he wasn’t truly black, and they would have challenged his intelligence. It’s slander and libel, and it’s institutional to liberal black politics. They would accuse me of being racist and dangerous for saying this, and while you know that’s not true, other people would believe them. I quit the Republicans because I don’t like BS politics, and I refuse the Democrats for the same reason.But on the church mouse’s comment, I agree. I am not silent on it and never have put up with it. I understand the “I didn’t enslave or whip anyone” thing, because I don’t like the way paranoid reverse-racists treat me when they see my skin color. But I agree that it’s not enough to throw your hands in the air and claim your innocence of it. You have to fight it everywhere you see it.

  5. Ok, I’m white and now I’M insulted!  What the dickens was sooo humorous about that cartoon? Or, what was the tie-in that the cartoon was making if it wasn’t aimed at President Obama or at black people in general?  I’m insulted because they think that I don’t have the intellectual ability to see that there is utterly NOTHING funny or humorous about that cartoon unless it’s racially aimed at black people, or a smack at President Obama!Now, there is always going to be some smacking at any President; but it’s got to be just DUMB to not see that using a monkey to target a black person in any office has to be racially infused.  The worst part is that there have been enough threats against President Obama’s life that letting ANY cartoon of a shooting implying the President has got to be irresponsible at the mildest.  Mind you, as I say this, I did NOT vote for President Obama this time.  I voted for him as my Senator, but he promised then that he wouldn’t run for president if I did, so that is why I refused to vote for him as my President.  HOWEVER, he got the office, and as a Christian I believe in praying for all persons in authority, including all the ones I didn’t vote for.  That’s cause God decided that they were supposed to be there, and that’s a done deal as far as I’m concerned.  So, before anyone decides that I am blind about what I am saying – I’m not.Like I said, I have people who mean something to me who don’t look at all like I do.  Some are black, some are asian, some are hispanic.  It hurts ME when I hear racist remarks and I think of how it would feel for them to hear it.  I wanna shut it all down NOW, and it should have been done and shut down back in the 60’s dang it!I’m trying to stay calm, but it’s a struggle some days….We gotta make this world safe for the KIDS who don’t look like white people!  Can you step up brothers and sisters of the pale skin tones??cmTo the NYPost: Psh! : loser motion:

  6. Lame ass stuff, but then again, this is the NY Post. Who reads it anyway Nevertheless, the unfortunate fact is that Al Sharpton’s tactics don’t help anybody either, just reinforce the stereotype that them poor Negrah’s need help, just come to uncle Al, ’cause you can’t speak for yourself, can you now.A straightforward, dignified response would be much better than stooping to the gutter level of the tabloids.

  7. As an “apology,” this was deeply unimpressive.I am not from New York, but I had the impression the Post was a pretty bad-quality paper. If I didn’t think that before, I sure do now. I can’t decide if they are that stupid or … what their issue is. It’s sickening.

  8. Art is all perception. But perhaps I only think that because I’m white?Don’t you think it hurt to the core to Former President Bush that people equated his intellegence with that of rocks? We all have our sensitive spots.I think you’re reading WAY to far into that cartoon love….really…..

  9. I hate their apology. Why? I refer back to my original hypothesis. I really do want to believe that they didn’t mean it as racist. (*If I am recalling correctly, the Post was one of the first papers to endorse Obama during the election. If I am recalling correctly…) Anyway, so, referring back to my original hypothesis, I really do believe them that they didn’t mean it as racist. What they meant and what was accomplished were two different things, though, and the final product is out there and published. That said: Don’t apologize for what people saw. Apologize for what you ignored/refused to see, Post. I sat in God knows how many English classes having this very same discussion. It always ends with this:What the author (in this case cartoonist) meant, be damned. What is accomplished and published is what we have to work with.Poor editing, Post. You should apologize with no strings attached.(I keep commenting you and shifting into talking to the paper! lol. I wonder if that’s annoying…)

  10. @IMChurchmouse – Look, I agree that it’s inappropriate. But given the stereotypes typically aimed at bad lawmaking, your statement that there’s no other way it can be taken is just convenient and indulgent. JFK said we have nothing to fear but fear itself, and it’s the paranoia of Republicans toward liberals that caused them to follow Bush as he expanded the power of the central government, and paranoia of the liberals toward conservatives, blacks toward whites, and vice versa, that will cause more fear and accusations. I mentioned that I disagree with Sharpton’s race-advancement politics, but I don’t have the luxury of calling him a racist against whites, because I just don’t know that to be true, and it would be irresponsible for me to make that claim. Meanwhile, all the while the national government steps in more and more, gaining more and more power at the expense of the everyday working man. I only make about $20k a year, but a third of that goes to funding things like the AIG bailout. Why? That’s ludicrous. They’re talking about nationalizing private banks now. That means the government seizes control of private citizens’ money. The patriot act wasn’t OK, the bailouts aren’t OK, and nationalizing private property isn’t OK. The more paranoia and fear there is, the more power we give to power hungry men who ask us to trust them. Our founders are famous because they constucted a government that didn’t allow them to just seize power. They didn’t ask us to trust them the way Democrat and Republican politicians like Bush and Obama do now. That’s the stuff Caesars and dictators are made of. The reason the government hasn’t taken more of our freedoms before now is that it couldn’t, not that it was well intentioned. But increasingly, while we’re all distracted by the politics of terror, economy, race and whatever else, our freedoms and our property are being seized, monitored, controlled and mismanaged by powerful people who don’t mind asking us to sacrifice. Did Obama say the government was going to sacrifice to help the private sector? No. The government isn’t selling, they’re buying. In this time of economic struggle, the government is going to take more of working people’s money (blacks and whites alike!) and use it to buy huge chunks of the economy, and to leverage debts on state and local governments. As soon as the fed starts giving money to the state and local governments, which is one of the latest developments, the fed has power over them. They are no longer independent of it. The same goes for the private sector.It was in Obama’s inaugural speech. There was no talk of freedom. He spoke instead of “safety” and “prosperity” for which we must “sacrifice” and trust the government to provide for us. The government is meant to protect and police an otherwise free society, not take over, own and manage it for us. Those bailed-out companies should have been allowed to fail, and the economically sound ones allowed to succeed, so that investors can see that and begin to have confidence concerning which companies are worth investment, but instead we have these bailouts because the government (both sides) is trying to tamper with the situation. I am not trying to defend the New York Post. It pisses me off too. There is no defense for their running that crap. But I still have to respond responsibly. I am trying to say that as irresponsible as other people are, we can’t afford to be. Those of us with level heads need to point out the fact that in spite of stuff like that cartoon, our society is significantly less racist than it was 50 years ago, and we need to keep fighting for that progress with hope, not fear. Claiming that an entire major media outlet has a hidden racist agenda is spreading paranoia at a huge cost. The fact is that the New York Post probably is not institutionally racist; if there is evidence of that, they should be federally indicted and investigated for discrimination. But I think if you were to actually forfeit the armchair commenter’s luxury of painting in black and white with broad brush strokes, if you actually went behind the scenes there, you’d find a less convenient, more complicated situation that has little or nothing to do with skin color.But again, if there really is evidence to the contrary, I am all in favor of a full congressional subpoena or whatever to bring them to trial and bring their hateful asses down.

  11. I’m white and southern. I was TOTALLY offended by the cartoon. I know racism.. I’ve lived with it all my life. I could not believe they printed it. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t know EXACTLY what they were implying with that image. What were they thinking? They weren’t thinking. Or maybe they were. After all, the bottom line is money. And to make money in the print business you have to be controversial. And this certainly was.  As a journalism major, many years ago when it was a legitimate profession, we would have studied the NYP and it’s cartoon as ‘sensationalism’ and ‘yellow journalism’ .. At the University of Georgia.. we would have recognized it immediately as racism. Something people who care about the dignity of others have been trying to irradicate for decades. I don’t know whether to be glad the NYP brought this kind of hidden racism to the surface so that it can be exposed and dealt with.. or sad that their actions set progress against racism back to the 60’s when the fight began. I hope it’s the first and not the later.

  12. First of all, the cartoon was an insult to chimps, since it compared them to politicians. I will wait for the mainstream liberal press that has constantly insulted every Republican Presidentto apologize before I expect a “real” apology from the Post. Perhaps the New York Times, CBS and all the rest of the press that isfawning over Obama’s every move should apologize to our children forcelebrating a President who has just spent a huge amount of their moneywithout asking them and without having a clear picture of how we’regoing to get it back.If the cops in the cartoon had shot a Bald Eagle, we would be hearing about how many blacks shave their heads, so it was an insult to black people. If the cops in the cartoon had shot a mighty tiger, we would be hearing about how tigers are from Africa, and the white man is trying to take the black man down. Sometimes, a chimp is just a chimp.

  13. @Krissy_Cole – nah not annoying at all. As far as the Post endorsing Obama I am fairly certain that is not the case. They are owned by Rupert Murdock (Can you say FoxNews?) I’ll have to check on that. You got me curious.

  14. @vanedave – I just looked it up. I was wrong. The post endorsed McCain. The Times endorsed Obama. I was TOTALLY wrong. Shame on me. I should’ve looked it up. In any event, they still gave a lame apology. It’s like saying “I’m sorry you felt like your feelings were hurt.” Hello?!?! Take responsibility for your poor taste! (There I go again…talking to the paper through your blog.)

  15. I posted the story on a local (to me) forum for KY residents. Mostly the politics forum is ran by white republicans all of whom made fun of me for seeing racism in the cartoon. “They meant that whoever wrote the bill is a monkey, it has nothing to do with race! Racism is a two way street now.” kinda comments are the replies I got. A lot of people don’t get it. A lot of people complain that they think that – black people have a better life than white people do these days because of America trying to make up for it’s ugly past. 

  16. I don’t know. If it’s done ok and everyone is laughing racism can be funny. But it’s only funny if EVERYONE is laughing. I have some black friends that constantly crack racist jokes. They are ok with it because they know that I’m not racist. But you do have to be very careful.

  17. i agree with that comment there.but also, art is just art, and really, you dont know what was going through the mind of that person when they were making that cartoon, so why on earth are we getting upset over our own decided conclusions? other than that, the cartoonist should think of what the people are going to say before he starts drawing.

  18. That cartoon was a disgrace, and I was very angered when I saw it. Anyone who claims that has no racial insults in its context are flat out lying. That being said, the apology was even more of a disgrace. The point of an apology is sincerity, an emotion that apology to greatly lacked.

  19. Sincere apology: I’m sorry I have neglected to subscribe to you, despite leaving footprints here now and then. Many of my subscriptions are subscribed to you and recommend your posts. This should have indicated to me that I should have a direct subscription to you. I am often thick-skulled and stubborn and, in my inane attempt to avoid having more on my plate than I should, I have refused to add some quality writers to my subscriptions list. I should also apologize preemptively now, as I will not always comment on what I read from you; school is a right bastard these days and the weeder class for my major is kicking my hiney. Summer is coming, though, and I will make it up to you. In short, come summer, I will love you like a fat kid loves cake. (Thank you, 50 Cent.)Ah, wiggle New York Post, wiggle like a worm on a hook! Were their copy editors asleep both times? Has their legal department been out to lunch all week? Backhanded apologies are no better than a complete lack of an apology. In fact, they’re worse. You took the time to recognize the need for an apology; to recognize that people were offended and then you slapped them across the face. Is the New York Post such a great entity that it would not suffer from a readership loss? Apparently, they believe they are. I hope they are proven wrong. I hope conscientious readers of the Post speak through their subscriptions en masse and leave the giant crippled. Racism has no place in our society today. Perhaps more disturbing, though, is the fact that the chimp was shot dead by police. While it is a “parody” of the tragic assault in which a woman nearly lost her face and ended up in critical condition (which is offensive enough in its own right), the connection to the new administration makes it even more sinister and distasteful. I am not the praying sort, but I know I uttered this phrase from the time the election results came in until after the inauguration: “Please just let him make it through the inauguration.” Assassination was a very real threat, in my mind. It still is. And the fact that such an “enlightened” source would depict and defend it as “funny”, a “comic”… I’m appalled. 

  20. Ya know Dave….I read this book it was talking about how, even though White people may not be out loud and racist, they still in some degree benefit from racism.  And if you think about it, the places where racism hits hard like the job market, income, buying a house ect. white people benifit whether they agree or not.  So why would one want to mess up their good thing? Sometimes, right doenst mean anything to people. Sadly the only way that i think racisum is goign to end is if it stops benifiting anyone.  I also read in that book,  how racisum the end of it, would actually benifit the nation in many ways as well as financal ways…but people dont want to hear that. The book was called Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? by Beverly Daniel Tatum…it was a good book, or at least i thought.

  21. the cartoon seemed messed up to me… it was both racist AND not funny.besides, bush looked more like a chimp than any other president (past and present).

  22. Whether or not they meant it to be interpreted as it was is completely irrelevant.   it was irresponsible to put something out there which so easily and quickly evokes racist imagery.   Maybe because it’s New york, and it wasn’t as bad here as in the south (not to say it wasn’t still awful), no one working there noticed?   I doubt it.   If everyone brought this up so quickly, how did no one working at the post notice that this could easily be interpreted as Obama?   It’s not about what they meant, it’s about the carelessness that allowed something so easily misinterpreted out in the world

  23. They’re sorry to poeple they offended by the image but they’re not apologizing to Al Sharpton. Who does he think is? He’s not some kind of authority figure that he has the right to demand “I’m sorry” from people. They didn’t think about the reference;they were naive. And I’m sure they’re sorry, but Al Sharpton pisses people off. P.S. Al Sharpton once called New York “Hymie Town.” Reffering to the amount of Jewish people that reside there. Hypocrisy.

  24. Dave, I haven’t commented on this as you posted as I consider the sources of these things. Haters and racists are like the bullies in grammer school.  They learn how to fly just under the radar with their antics, then look like they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar because “it was a small hole” and “they got stuck”  I know that seems a silly comparison to some, but for me it’s just that simple.  They don’t want things to get better, they just want it their way or no way.  They’ll continue to stir it up as long as they have breath in their bodies.  My idea for humanity is to go way beyond these schools of thought.  I don’t buy newpapers as I don’t want the daily pound of crap fresh on my doorstep each day.  I don’t avoid the news, but I look for the sources that I feel I can get real news from.  If they didn’t sound sincere, they weren’t.  It’s just that simple to me.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….well?

  25. People who do not take offense at this do not realize that the whim of prejudice is fickle and any group (and thus anyone you love and care about) might be the next victim. This hurts and diminishes us all. And the apology was NOT an apology – it was a slap in the face.

  26. Dear boy, if they had meant it to mean Obama, they would have given the chimp more of his physical characteristics, such as is seen in his caricatures.  It is unfortunate for the NY Post to have fallen to the scandal of misinterpretation and miscommunication…∞

  27. Dear Vanedave:  I was just commenting on that earlier on another site.  It’s typical that the race hucksters would immediately move to try and brand that cartoon as “racist”.  After all, it’s their bread & butter!  However, the storm of protest from other left wing factions- including the White House and Congress- indicates something else.  The groundswell of popular opinion against the rampant liberal dictates and Obama’s concurrent decline in popularity is starting to shake up the powers that be.  Certainly, the cartoon is mild compared to the standard and hate-filled anti-Right fare you find almost everywhere else.  That the liberals, however, have responded to it with opposition bordering on hysteria indicates that they are very worried indeed.If there’s one thing they’ve learned from their time out of power, it’s that that power will never be completely assured as long as there are ANY public voices of opposition.  Thus, their intent to re-institute the “Fairness Doctrine” and, as we see, their skittishness whenever one lone newspaper exists to counter their near monopoly on the media.  For tyranny to flourish, it must control all aspects of public discourse.This they know.  This is what patriots must understand to correctly interpret this event and those which will follow.  BTW:  The liberal media is further showing its ongoing collusion in propaganda by deceitfully labelling the NY Post statement as an apology.  I’m sure we’ve all seen this kind of thing before.  We will again… many times.Best regards;Steven Mark Pilling 

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