MyxlDove’s brilliant xangaTV last week inspired me. Tonight at 8:30 ET, I will be making my return to the xanga airwaves. Look forward to a full slate of fun including…

– heated debates on race and other hot button issues (you know I have to) 
– sneak peeks at future vanedave projects
– a poetry reading
– some singing
– some dancing (probably not though)
– possible appearances by some of your favorite xangans
– unscripted hilarity 

I was informed that there is no Idol tonight so come join me instead. Come back tonight at 8:30 for xangaTV.



  1. I don’t think Idol IS on toonight… it’s supposed to be oin for two hours tomorrow… You may get a rush oif people… I might try to get there if I don’t fall asleep… three in the morning comes REALLY early…

  2. @Dare2BDiferentt – @Laryssa – @Levanna – @angi1972 – @beautifuldisaster1129 – @Heather_Also – @LostInTheLyrics – @DommieGirlLovie – @icicle84 – @relaxolgy – @lizheartshakespeare – Time is set for 830 ET. No Idol tonight!@weedorwildflower – You caught me girl. It was supposed to be a surprise party.@mrsprosa – Its a broadcast from my page. Come back and check it at 8:30. You have to come to my main page though, not this blog. You would have fun doing one too I think.

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