Why Popular Xangans Leave Terrible Comments

Preface: Alright before I begin I just want to say for the record that I had planned this post since a while back. It was the #2 vote getter from my reader’s choice list last week. I am not trying in any way to perpetuate this haters v. populars craziness. (I’ll get around to doing that tomorrow maybe)

Love me or hate me, there is no denying that I have achieved “popular status” here on xanga. (Although it can be debated how much of an achievement that actually is.) I have been on this site for over five years and I only just recently joined those ranks.

Being popular has it’s perks:
– I get a ton of feedback, which is always fun.
– I get to be a judge in a contest now and then.
– I get to rub elbows with the big dogs. (Dan the Theologian stopped by my xanga TV yesterday for five whole seconds. He even said, and I quote, “It’s an honor to be here.” I can die happy now!)

But as great as all that is, being popular is it also has it’s drawbacks:
– When mass message fads (like Happy Bday John) go into effect we have to spend half the day cleaning out our inboxes.
– We get to meet the most “interesting” people from the deepest recesses of xanga.
– We get labelled as arrogant, self centered jerks. This is only the case sometimes, like with me for instance.

A big reason why people think we are self centered is because of our commenting habits. If we even bother to leave you a comment, it is probably pretty crappy. Don’t take it personally. We do it to everybody. Let me show you a sampling of the type of comment a popular xangan will leave. See if you can recognize one of yours…

“Ha, weird.”

“mannnnn…WHAT THE WORLD”

“Haters gonna hate dude.”

“Nice. ;)”

“Great entry. I concur.”

That last one was actually my handywork. I find myself leaving more and more comments like that. It’s a nice comment, but it’s very basic. One or two lines. Pretty vague. The thing is that I used to pride myself on my comments. I used to leave long, articulate, well thought out comments. I used to be 100% sure that if you had a post where you were hurting, my warm, heartfelt comment would be just the thing for what’s ailing you. Now… not so much. I feel like I am on comment auto pilot sometimes. Sort of like TheBigShowAtUD seems to always be (I told you I’d call you out). His comments, while always nice, often have the semblence of a form letter.

Line 1________

Line 2________

Snappy Sarcastic Ending_________

So let’s get to the crux of this post and answer the question posed at the outset. Why do popular bloggers leave such terrible comments? Well in short it all boils down to time management. Let me explain to you how popular bloggers use their time. I am about to dish out some inside information so pay attention. (Warning: Sarcasm ahead!)

Well for one popular bloggers are not like all you mere mortal bloggers. We’re better than you. I even started a group to prove it. Because we are so awesome, the first thing we do when we log on is spend five minutes just admiring our profile pics. Next we go to the top blogs list to check on our latest blog’s ranking. We check this every two minutes per session. After that we have to sift through all of the mail we get from our adoring fans (and the haters of course). If we are feeling gracious we may even reply. Now most of us popular bloggers post everyday, mostly because we never get tired of hearing ourselves talk. It usually takes us no less than an hour to complete a post. We then re-read it at least ten times before submitting to make sure it is absolutely perfect. Once all of this is done we try to squeeze in a little time to read through some posts. If we have time to get to YOURS, after kissing the asses of other popular xangans, we are usually just skimming through and leaving a quick comment. Just enough so that you can’t bitch that we’ve never been to your site.

How does the truth sound xanga? Can you handle it?

Now that I’ve told you why all the OTHER popular xangans leave you crap comments, let me tell you why I am guilty of this. It really is about time guys. Simple as that. I try to read as much as I can, I really do. You guys leave me some wonderful comments and I always try to reply. It takes time to do that. I also put a lot of time and effort into some of my blogs. I am left with so little time to do anything some days. Just know that I appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to stop by (even you douchebags). If I haven’t shown you any love, give me time. I will eventually.



  1. @TheBigShowAtUD – I have seen enough at me posts to hurl..& at least 3 name me & about 3 more don’t name me & those burn my butter more….don’t know why. & for the rec your comments to me are good & normal…does that mean (shocks) you are in fact human? Oh good, I do better with real ppl than demi-gods.Dave-I am not popular so I’ll take your word for this.

  2. I don’t envy you popular folk. I used to hope I could eventually be a “Xangalebrity,” but I realized how much of a pain it could be. But hey, some people are made for it, some aren’t. The fact that you’re able to handle it all means you’re worthy of “popular status.”

  3. I would’ve commented sooner, but I was too busy admiring my profile pic. *sighs*Seriously though (my catchphrase, it seems), you’re right. Basically it all boils down to time. And, with a lot of subscriptions and the time in the day never changing (we really should try to get an extra hour tacked onto every day, just for Xanga), it makes the quality of comments decline.

  4. I usually do leave more meaningful comments than that, but “Ha, weird” was all I had to contribute to the post about censoring. The reason why I put “Ha, weird” was because I said “Ha, weird” out loud referring to the strict sensoring rules. I’ve never had a problem with the sensoring rules myself. I hope this explains my less than wordy comment.

  5. seriously. i don’t get why there’s this divide–only popular v haters.  can’t it be popular v just the rest of us who aren’t popular but not necessarily haters?  i’ve seen this in some blogs, this mention of they v us.  i don’t like it.  it’s like with everything else.  it promotes more division.  and i don’t hate on someone for being popular for various reasons. 

  6. eh…my comments can suck. but the quality of my comments have never compromised the pure love and admiration that I have for my subs. that bigshowy guy on the other hand…hmmI sometimes leave great feedback, but Im starting to only do that for people who care about me commenting in the first place…when I’m just a number who cares what you say!

  7. *laughs* I’m guilty of both leaving short comments or  just eprops and no comment, but I’m just some nobody here on Xanga. xD Somewhat of a time thing, but more because I can never think of anything of substance to say… *ahem* I agree with everyone who said they love the tags on this entry.

  8. If I could rec this a million times, I def would! Im sad that Im not in your little group but hey Ill work my way up to the poular stat. and as for the BigShit- I mean Show? I noticed that he comments everyone too! in that exact order. LOL

  9. Dunno why I bother to read and comment anyway?  Maybe coz I am too dumb and too stupid and damn too curious and too much free time.My Xanga is my territory, my escapism… honestly I don’t care much for this kind of stuff.  I know about popular celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez etc…  Popular Xangans… who are this people, are they popular in the real world as well?@MadisonLinh – Hey MadisonLinh?  Are you one of those popular Xangans?

  10. I wonder if I will get like this if I ever become popular.  I suppose I would being that I NEVER have time to reply to all of my myspace comments/messages.  With 1000 friends it becomes quite difficult.  It really is about time management.  I don’t understand how people on some social sites have 5000+ friends and never have anybody unsub or delete them.  People I have been good friends with a lot of my life deleted me off of their myspace and when I asked why I got the response “it’s easier for me to call you than to try to talk to you on myspace.”  So I totally understand the quick and to the point comments. BTW, I extremely enjoyed XTV last night.  I had to leave early, the laptop died and I couldn’t find the charger.  However, I will definitely be back.  And I need another Haiku.  LOL  Take care Dave =)

  11. Its so true about Big, he leaves the most interesting comments. I dont know if Im being lectured, scolded, praised or made fun of. And wait a minute, I spend ten minutes a day staring at my profile picture. Man, this is why Im hot.Excellent post, my dear.

  12. looooved it.  i’m pretty sure if you spent all your time trying to comment people back you would probably wind up on xanga the entire day.  and then your life would turn into the southpark world of warcraft episode, so it’s probably best you aren’t sitting in front of the computer eating, dumping, and not sleeping all day.

  13. @seedsower – I think there needs to be some realistic expectations upon people.  I have grown in the past 6 months and can barely keep up with the small growth… I don’t know how people who are popular do it.  But I do think you are particularly good at trying to get around to everybody.x

  14. @MadisonLinh – It is good if you’re not those weird popular people @ Xangans coz you seem very polite and nice lady and your comments always very intelligent too.Just wonder, are those Xangans who comments on this post are popular Xangans?  How come I never come across their usernames and their blogs?  Mm… probably coz I am not so into this kind of thingy.

  15. Love it, Dave. Great post.Please excuse my general commenting habits. I will, unlike BigShow, confess that I do have a general pattern to my comments.

  16. Jeez, this is ironic, considering I decided to take a day to catch up on my subs and friends and devote the day to commenting my ass off.  Here I was thinking I was being stuck-up, inconsiderate, snobbish even.  Damn, working on my fanfic has made me delusional.  lol  Nice to know I’m not the only one in the world who leaves crappy comments, and even nicer to know it’s the Xangalebrities who are guiltier of it than I am.   Thanks for making me feel better!

  17. @TheBigShowAtUD – Yes, I do.  Are you one of those popular Xangans?  If you do, I guess you’re okay too, coz I think you the one that visited/found my blog first, and I think you’re kinda funny.  Good guy, funny guy and popular – very COOL combination. Thumb up to you!

  18. doesn’t this apply to all cases where one person’s more popular than others?  it reminds me of my job as a bartender.  i was thinking of blogging about a bartenders’ auto response, but i’m sure people will freak out and say i’m stealing ideas.  

  19. You mean TheBigShowAtUD leaves comments like that for everyone?  I’m not special??  *sniffles* Haha, great post.  Makes sense though, if you’re going to comment lots of people, you run out of time to write essays on everyone’s blogs.

  20. So basically you and the rest of the “popular bloggers” aren’t blogging for any other reason than to become popular with the other popular bloggers? Nice little circular thing you guys have going on there. No wonder any time I glance at Xanga’s front page all I see are the same dozen blogs forever being recycled. Keep up the good work, sport. The rest of us will continue to write original blogs of interest and substance.

  21. eh. i actually DO read my subs post. so i have to becareful about who i subbed to precisely to avoid leaving the “i’m just here cos i feel bad since you subbed to me since eons ago” kinda comment. haha. but it’s true, i take a good 20 mins admiring my own profile pic before getting into the universal inbox. not! wahahaha….

  22. @TheBigShowAtUD – haha. I know. Free exposure. I should go fuck with Theo’s Cafe.@jediwa72 – thank you. My tags usually go unnoticed. I think i’ll do a post soon to show my top tags off. They are hilarious actually.@MadisonLinh – I actually did not know that.@Simbathe2nd – thanks dude. I had to let the truth be known.@Fairywife – some people take it so personal.@WifeOfAGayHusband – you should feel speacial. I actually like you instead of pretending to like you.@StewieIsMyHero – fine crap comment miss.@guestbrief – you are on your way to greatness.@dafeelingsinside – he can’t even front like it’s not true.@wherever_we_go – she actually is an exception.@soniaxoxox – lol. i’ll be over soon.

  23. Your assessment of BigShow’s comments were so on point. He stopped by for my latest humor post and I was like, OMG BigShow just read my blog. Should I send flowers? I mean, what do you do with the day after remorse? ;)LIked it.

  24. Hahaha that was pretty funny and it actually does make a lot of sense. Time.. There is never enough in just one day is there.. 😛 And I still am going to make my ferret bite you :)!!

  25. Great entry. I concur. (Though I am far from a popular Xangan, I struggle with the time to comment as much as I would like as well. As a matter of fact, this is the only comment I am actually leaving today, I think. Speaking of, I’m off. I have some LOST to go catch up on.)

  26. Once CaKaLusa left me a om nom nom comment, and AvenueToTheReal was right behind him, replying him: “this is the third post in a row where you leave the same comment”. That was hilarious. 

  27. @makethemakersmile – that is about the long and short of it.@antisoccermom – haha. You had enough abuse today.@Bricker59 – haha. you are right, five minutes is not nearly enough.@wherethefishlives – haha. nah its cool. I am always happy to hear from you Sam. Actually you know whats weird? I think we talk the most through our pulses.@hilaw – you are not a hater thats why. I was not trying to add to that drama anyways.@SnippiesBlog – you suck so much. lol.@CiaoBella810 – you leave semi-decent comments. lol.@RestlessButterfly – I have at least four real life fans as well. @mariel_the_best – thanks. lol.@mrsprosa – lol. You are in my clique. Thats all that counts.@manofcivility – haha. He knows.@beautifuldisaster1129 – I will have a little more poetry next time.@antisoccermom – I spend ten minutes a day staring at your pics too.

  28. I never know what to comment about…and i don’t really know what  else to say now… so I’m just gonna end this comment with my usual comment…this was awesome!! 🙂

  29. @madhousewife – lol. impressive.@LostInTheLyrics – You usually leave me nice comments though. Like this one.@Celestial_Rose2002 – you are welcome!@LiberalArmyWife – plenty of people!@grandmakitty – haha. Yeah fame like mine. lol.@ModernBunny – Welcome back friend!@flashbulb100w – lol. He actually has a robot to do it for him.@Peasprout – haha. Ahh man. Really? So my blogs are unoriginal, unintersting, and lack substance. I’ll tell you what. Keep up the douchebag comments and I will make you xanga-famous.@TakingxOverxMe – Fine point you make.@TakingxOverxMe – can you believe that guy?@maebemaebenot – haha. Damn twenty minutes!

  30. I picked up on that “time management” thing some time ago.  Actually, I observed that one particular Xangan was always first or near first to comment, and never said anything of substance, frequently not even enough for me to be sure she had read the entry.  I think, though, that she is more wannabe than popular.  I don’t have time to be popular… or maybe it’s just that I have too much to say.

  31. @vanedave – My apologies if my honest assessment of the ankle-deep sludge that is “featured Xanga content” offended you. Please do not make me Xanga-famous. The last thing I need is 200 teeny-boppers chiming in with inane chatter on every blog I write. Now go write a blog about how high your latest blog soared on the Xanga “hot blogz” page.

  32. I taught Dave everything he knows. Comedy writing. I get royalties. And BigShow stole my format. google it for kicks.changed the style, a bit. but i’m still funnier.to look at. pssht

  33. I’m one of the haters of the popular ones, but this one, I got to admit, it made me laugh out loud. Okay, first of all, I don’t hate the popular ones for being themselves. I hate them because they’re always around. Y’know what I mean? Everytime I log on to Xanga, I always check my page first and then proceed to the FrontPage and there you go….SAME people, SAME topics. To be honest, I am really disappointed. If you’re all gonna be claiming yourselves to be one of the popular ones, can you all at least WRITE SOMETHING DIFFERENT OTHER THAN “HOW TO MAKE IT TO TOP BLOGS?” or “DO YOU WANT TO BE A TOP BLOGGER?” Have all of you lost your ability to get creative? And seriously, enough of this nonsense posts. Most of the time, people who make it to Top or Featured Blogs post really nice titles and when I click on it, there’s absolutely no sense in it. A lot of xanga users I know have really good content that should be on Top or Featured, but they never made it there because they don’t have enough readers to rec or comment them.I propose that whatever gets to be on Top or Featured should not be based on the number of comments, recs or readers, but by the content of the blog. Basically, it’s kind of like Britney Spears vs. Alicia Keys. If there are people whose blog entries sound like Britney Spears and if there are people whose blog entries sound like Alicia Keys, they should choose those that sound like Alicia Keys, because she sounds better.Do you get my point at all?Second, I was one of those victims of the “Happy Birthday John” mass message. It irritated me to hell.Third, there’s a xanga user who comments on every popular post with “FIRST!” Gee, what kindof comment is that??? Is that even normal? Fourth, you claimed that “We’re better than you.”Oh, really? Gee, I didn’t feel or see that. If you were better, no wait…if ALL of you popular ones were better, you could have come up with something other than “How to Be a Top Blogger” post. Or anything not Xanga-related. But I guess the unpopular ones are the BEST, because we don’t need an audience for us to exist. We write almost anything and we’d still be happy. We could write about our daily lives, the trees, the public transportations in the city, our rants about our love lives and everything in between and we’d STILL feel absolutely fabulous.No hate messages, no mass messages. We are the outcasts, the misunderstood, the unpopular, the people who are content with not being the first, the people who are happy with the truth rather than lies, the people who’d rather write from the bottom of their hearts rather than write something without sense, the people who don’t have many friends but are happy with a few very close friends.To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “To be great is to be misunderstood.”-Jam

  34. Entries like this strengthen my belief that I am rather out of touch with the Xanga universe. I read one or two of the top blogs on most days, but mostly I keep to myself and update for the small group of real-life friends and few random internet folk that make up my subscribers. I don’t think I’ve been graced with any rude comments from Xangalebrities, but once in awhile I’ll get some religious nut plugging their God site on my page 😀

  35. Five minutes to admire your profile pic. Hmmm, now I know. I need to take an awesome pic of me and then admire it. Then the love and admiration I feel towards myself will spread. This was a great post. The more I get into the swing of all that is xanga I understand how time consuming reading all those post can be. But I’m getting better, and one day I will spend some of that time reading comments.

  36. @MyxlDove – haha. to look at indeed!@c_jamaica – well I am not gonna speak on anyone else’s behalf, but I will speak for myself. I challenge you to tell me when I am writing just the same old stuff. I always try to mix my topics up. Yes, once in a while I will wirte about something that other xangans may ne talking about, but I always try to make it fun and original. And the part about being better was a joke. I even said in the prior paragraph;  (Warning: Sarcasm ahead!)Thanks for the 0 eprops. Geez!@somewhat_sensational_sarah – I didn’t mean rude, I just meant that they leave very short and to the point comments. @MadisonLinh – lol. I meant I can die happy now that Dan paid me that compliment.  @earthdragon_535 –  exactly. Love yourself and others will love you too.@Kalligenia – well you’ve always appreciated me C. It’s why you are my favorite.

  37. I’m guilty of most of the things you mentioned–well, mostly the re-reading my own work 10x before publishing–and I’m not even “popular.” The less attention you give to people, the more they’ll want from you. Or, simply put, they just want you, all of you, all the time. That’s the cross you have to bare, being popular and all. People–ridiculous, aren’t they?

  38. Dan always leaves me great comments………fun messages too…………..unlike some other xanga celebrities…..cough* cough*But the few you do leave at least show me you read the blog.Course you dont have to be popular to suck at commenting…………i admit that if a post is too dang long or bores me I will read a few comments gets the jist of it and then comment as if I actually read it!

  39. leaving terrible xanga comments is like leaving “have a great summer ” in someones yearbook back in the day.. i cant say ive never left one but i find them very annoying. .like did u even effin read my blog.. even worse to me is people that never ever comment and then one day out the blue the comment on ur blog and leave something judgemental and out of the loop.. like just go back to not commenting plz.. lol so with that being said..”have a great summer” lol

  40. If you are ever interested in submitting a poem in a contest, now isthe time 🙂 If  you don’t then spread the word around that there is anew contest looking for the best poet on xanga 🙂 

  41. Aww, it’s okay.  I know you love me….Long time, probably with initials like VD…  ;)(Now that i’ve ripped off Big_Show’s style, do i get extra cool points?)Also, it really does take a long time to reply to like 40-100 comments, and read posts.  It gets pretty random after awhile, and you have to just give up some of it.  So true, although, i don’t think I spend so much time checking my own entry as you do. 

  42. As a relatively unknown Xangan, I can testify that there is not an inverse comment quality/popularity relationship here–my comments still suck, and probly always will.

  43. Cakalusa is guilty of one-liners! He does it to me all the time! And he somehow manages to be first a lot too, lol. I hope when I reach monster Xangan status, I’ll leave awesome comments that are pertinent, insightful and hilarious!

  44. You know, after hearing you say that you used to pride yourself in your comments to others.. I think that had something to do with how you became “popular.” Others liked you because you took an interest in them. Not saying you are a bad writer, but there are A LOT of pretty good writers on here. Others probably noticed you over the others because of the comments you left them. I’ve been on xanga for less than 3 weeks so far… and just a couple days ago I got my first top blog “No alcohol until July?” I was actually shocked because I wasn’t trying for a top blog at all, just posting what was on my mind. The reason my site attracts so much attention for only being here less than 3 weeks, I believe, is because I too pride myself in my comments. I take a lot of time and thought into them. And now you say you get a lot of people that don’t like you “haters” as you call them.. and maybe it’s because you’ve changed from the person you were that made you popular in the first place. I think over time (give yourself another year or 2) of not ever taking time to leave people a decent comment.. and you will lose some popularity. Maybe you should remember what made everyone like you in the first place and don’t change from that. I wouldn’t call myself a hater.. but  I like to keep my subscriptions list under 80 just so I can keep up with most of them.. and when I have a subscription that I never recieve any feedback from, I delete them and replace them with someone else. I may find some of your blogs entertaining, but you are not irreplacable and there are a million other blogs out there that I find entertaining as well, waiting for me to subscribe to them. Just my thoughts on the whole thing… wow told you I leave long comments!

  45. oh and one more thing I forgot to add is that you might want to re-read your blog an eleventh time because I noticed a few gramatical errors. lol sorry had to say it.. not quite perfect yet but don’t worry dave I’m sure you’re on your way to perfection!

  46. @vanedave – Your challenge doesn’t challenge me. The fact that you have written something that other xanga users have already written about doesn’t impress me at all. Even if you claim that you’ve made yours fun and original.Sarcasm shouldn’t be used often.

  47. @broke_lost_confused – Did you ebven fucking read this? God I hate when people get on their high horse and didn’t even read the blog. I was being SARCASTIC! I even said so in the blog. If you don’t know what sarcastic means, look it up and come back. Bigshow is one of my best friends here on xanga. He found this hilarious. If anything was stupid and pointless it was you defending him.

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