Random Fun For The Morning…

 Just some thoughts I wanted to share while I had a moment this morning.

– Recently I have gotten some positive feedback on some of my tags. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when you guys pay attention to details like that. I take great pride in my tags. When people ask me what I write about I sometimes have a hard time explaining it to them. I am so random sometimes. So instead of trying to explain I just tell them to look at my top tags. Here is a sampling of the randomness:

89’taurus acrylics adultery alanthicke angry old blackman applebottoms ask a pimp asscheeks atheism balki beating kids besmirching bitchslap blue sport coat bunch o’ bullcrap carmensandiego chucknorris clayaiken gay contextomy cop smacking desperate terrorists doppler radar douche douchebag douchebagawards douchiness dueling a baby dweeb escargo fuck disney on broadway gaine gaymaine general sexiness granny panties haiti hennessy hey everyone hit by a car idiots at walmart inspector gadget in the butt jesus kitten punching left testicle lucky drawers mystery blogger no really fuck that guy notsoft obama office gay guy pagan theology palin peewee’splayhouse pimpness poop raped by producers rectal exam reverse cowgirl sarcasm101 standard poodles synchronized crapping temporary gayness tick tock you don’t stop urinarytractinfection vane being vain watermelon koolaid will ferrell’s stomach xanga recession yanni

– Next I wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping me with my censorship experiment. This is what the blog ended up looking like on the front page:

Hilarious! I got a big kick out of this. Thanks again.

– Lastly I thought I’d give a quick update on my reader’s choice blogs from last week. Let’s take a look at the top five as they stand right now.
1) Top 10 Albums I Own That Violate My African American Maleness
2) Why Popular Xangans Leave Terrible Comments
3)Re-Writing the Bible
How My Friend Alex Shat Himself (loooong overdue!)
5) My Thoughts on the Maury Show

So far I’ve gotten through the first two and I am re-writing the bible for tomorrow. Gotta love progress.



  1. You gotta do it. Keep it real Dave. Re-Writing the Bible? Only you would do it. Thanks for stopping by, and not leaving on of your more “typical” comments. :PI really should start tagging my stuff more. That way I can do one of these posts when I get XangaFamous.

  2. @Levanna – It’s fun to go through your tags after you’ve accumulated alot. I remember at one point at the bottom of my page the following tags were grouped together – Jesus, left testicle, gay baby, and Yanni – in that order.I had to shake my head at my own stupidity.

  3. shaking my head and rolling my eyes while fighting the urge to give your face a cousinly kissy pinch… only YOU, David. Only you.

  4. Oooo I’m excited for your blog on Maury! I mean, if I had slept with six different men and didn’t know who the father of my child was, I would TOTALLY go on national television to find out! And then, when it doesn’t end up being any of them, I’ll simply respond with “I know who it is.” You’re hilarious!

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