I have done alot of silly shit here on xanga. This might take the cake.

In case you didn’t hear, Lostinthelyrics is hosting a real fun contest. To participate you have to make a blog with audio or video of yourself singing. Now since she said to not be afraid to sound bad or dorky, I decided to make an entry. And since I don’t just do stuff for the sake of doing stuff (I play to WIN baby!!!), I had to do something special. So here is my entry for everyone to see. Be gentle with me xanga… 

I am gonna put audio at the bottom of this entry just in case the video messes up. Even though I have no business posting any of this to begin with.

Oh and before I let you guys go, one quick thing. I am going to be putting together two contest-like things of my own next week. In honor of March Madness, I thought it would be cool if Xanga had it’s own tournament. A debate tournament to be exact. Complete with brackets and all. Also for the NCAA tourney I thought we could do a bracket for credits. No one has real money to burn, so why not have fun with fake money.

Alright that’s it. I’m off to go bow my head in shame somewhere.

Later guys…

(edit: If you were tagged it’s because you are in the video.)



  1. Holy shit Dave, that stuff ROCKED! And uh, you seem pretty comfortable singing the Golden Girls theme… like you sing it nightly or something… ?Also, as soon as Frasier’s picture flashed on the screen, I was TOTALLY thinking Theo, hands down.Fuckin’ awesome job, bud!

  2. This is officially my very favorite post of all time.  And I don’t even know you.  Serious throwback to my childhood – and my freshman year of college, when our dorm floor’s “theme song” was the Cheers theme.  Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!Oh – and your singing’s not too bad either.  Good job!

  3. @seedsower – wouldn’t be a party without you Beth.@christianchemist – haha. thank you. For the nice comment and the lies about my voice.@chelly500 – even i have my limits.@Jaynebug – I have to say this was LOADS of fun to do. A bit tedious with all the pics, but so much fun. Still not as fun as playing with seals and peacocks and whatnot.@AlterEgo909 – lol. There’s always the next video. @LadyAsianInvasion – Hmm. maybe turn the volume up?@Garistotle – haha. Excellent comment sir. Made me chuckle quite a bit.

  4. Awesome! But I almost didn’t see my reference because I was gagging at the Golden Girls’ being sexy part… BTW, I’M BAAAACCK!! And I will get better about being on Xanga soon. But first, I need to get my life back together, wash some clothes, catch up on 5 tons of work that doesn’t get done when I’m in meetings all day… oh, and host a birthday luncheon on Saturday for my MIL. Yeah, it’s not like I’m going to get to rest. In fact, I’ve already been up for an hour because of freakin’ jet lag. LOADS OF FUN!

  5. AUGHI seriously suggested a March Madness xanga tournament like a week and a half ago. Since you’re more popular are you going to monopolize it and crush whatever I try to set up, or may I still be in charge of it?

  6. hahaha, i wish you would have sang along to gilmore girls…or perhaps i should try that. 😛 yea right, like i’d ever embarrass myself like that. i hope you win. :D<3 micalyn

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