It’s All Good… Isn’t it?

Just wanted to follow up on two quick things.

Re-Writing the Bible

I just wanted to clarify the purpose for those blogs. I do not agree with people who take everything in the bible literally. Like I said before, I use the bible as a guide, but I do not take it as absolute law. Does this mean I think people that do take it as law are crazy? No it does not. I welcome a dissenting point of view. After all, where is the fun in a one sided debate? What I can’t stand is when people are closed minded. It especially annoys me when it comes to questioning another person’s faith. It annoys me the most when Christians do it, since I am a Christian myself.

How can you fault anyone for not believing in the bible? It is not exactly the easiest pill to swallow. So you are telling me that I am going to hell if I don’t believe that eating some wafers and drinking some wine is the key to my salvation? That is not right. Christian faith can sound just as nutty sometimes as any other. Take the Mormon faith for example. We always hear people ridiculing Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon. I think the biggest problem working against him was not his message, but rather the fact that he is a contemporary “prophet.” He came about after the Rennaissance and the age of reason. The world had changed. Yes he sounded crazy, but how is going into the woods and talking to Moroni any different than Moses talking to a burning bush? The difference is that Moses was around so long ago. Joseph Smith was around in the 1800s. God and angels didn’t appear to people in the 1800’s. That is just crazy.

Lastly, there is a flipside to this. I have great respect for people with strong convictions and deep rooted faith. The fact that religion can sound so crazy at times, means that religious people often have to stand up for what they believe in. They have probably been called crazy once or twice (or more times depending on the religion) and yet they still have the resolve to stand by their faith. I can certainly appreciate that.

So in short it all boils down to this; Live and let live.

Sexism Blog

I always enjoy a witty response. Here is one from yesterday’s blog about women:

– Women have breasts which can be used to get out of tickets, get higher grades on papers, get jobs, and pay for things. Men have hairy nipples. I have never gotten out of a ticket, and I’m not completely lost when it comes to my breast size, professors are usually either female or gay…so men have a better chance at getting good grades based on sexuality (i have 4 brothers…i know), and I know of NO ONE who checks out the hair-quantity on a male at a job interview.

– Women can listen to any type of music and not be called a homo. When is the last time you heard a guy openly admit he likes Sarah McLaughlin? You know there’s gotta be a few straight guys who like her. –women are brutalized for “not knowing” who so and so is..and if we listened to Metalica all day you would probably assign us to anger management. 

– You are not supposed to hit a woman no matter how much of a bitch she is being. If a man so much as farts at you sideways you have free reign to kick the crap out of him. please. this rule no longer exists… and.. what does it mean to “fart at you sideways”?!

– If it is cold outside, I am obligated to give you my jacket and catch pneumonia, just so you won’t be the least bit chilly.Also, obsolete. No girl should ever ask that, if she’s dumb enough to walk around in the cold without a jacket she can get the pneumonia herself.

– Ever heard this on the radio? “…and remember this Saturday at Club Cool is Guys Night! Guys free all night long. Ladies reduced amission till 9:15. First fifty fellas will receive free tickets to some awesome concert.” that’s because what man goes to a club to be seen!? you go to pick up chics and how are you going to pick up chicks if there are no women around?? It’s a FAVOR to you, to have that deal, it’s more options….

– In case of a disaster it’s always women and children first. If anyone is going to get killed by that tornado it’s going to be someone with a penis! (well a full grown penis at least.) there is no future in procreation if only men survive…HELLLLOOOOOOO

– Women have Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, Oxygen, SoapNet, E!, and ABC, while men just have SpikeTV! who are we fooling!??! Spike kicks lifetime and all the rests a mile. stop complaining. you know that all women wish we had a Wspike…

– Every month women everywhere get free license to act like they got no friggin sense at all for 3-5 days and men everywhere are supposed to be caring and patient throughout the whole process. EVERY MONTH! That is your vacation time!!! it’s called move the heck out and party with your boys.

– As a matter of fact, women can also get pregnant. Which means they get to be waited on hand and foot while acting like total bitches for nine months. Sweet deal if you ask me.ORRRR they can run off, and leave you with a kid!

– If you start a fight with some 800 pound goliath, I am supposed to step in and take that beating for you.please.. when has this every happened!? to anyone!?

Listen the fact of the matter is, with “equality” should come equality….
 But lets face it, most women don’t think that way.. And all the wonderful things we do for you, could be repaid with a little genteel behavior.
3/3/2009 12:24 PM  online now Kontzicles

Okay that’s all I got for this morning. I might have a quick rant later. Let’s see how the day goes;



  1. Kontzicles is my new favorite person. Just throwing that out there. :DAnd sorry you had such a weird response to the Bible blog. I thought it was fun.

  2. “Live and let live” can be the best approach to religion. Doesn’t mean that sometimes I’m not still a little acid about it… >.> I’m trying not to turn into one of those angry ex-Christians who wander the ‘net picking fights with fundamentalists who *do* take it literally, or pretty literally anyway.

  3. You can throw me in with the nuts.  No, in all seriousness, it sounds like i’m more fundamental than you.  Having said that, i don’t think wafers and wine save either.  Only the blood of Christ does that.  Good thoughts, there, my new friend. 

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