The Field of 16 (Selection Monday)

So Friday I told you all about the Xanga Debate Tournament. Well today it’s time to set the field of 16 debaters. I got some wonderful suggestions for topics and cannot wait to get this thing started. In no particular order, here are your debaters.


Debaters will be receiving a message from me today with their round 1 matchups. Within this message they will also receive their debate topic and whether they are pro or con. Round 1 will commence tomorrow Evening, and continue into Wednesday. Here are the brackets as they stand now.


There was one region that needed to be changed, so Saintvi is now hosting a region. Here is your (tentative) schedule for round 1.
saintvi Region – 1/16 Seeds Tues. 7 PM, 8/9 Seeds Wed. 9 AM
TheBigShowAtUD Region – 2/15 Seeds Tues.7 PM, 7/10 Seeds Wed. 9 AM
seedsower Region – 6/11 Seeds Wed. 9 AM, 3/14 Seeds Wed. 7 PM
Vanedave Region – 5/12 Seeds Wed. 9 AM, 4/13 Seeds Wed. 7 PM
I will have links to all matchups here as they are set. All round 1 results will be posted (tentatively) on Thursday morning.
I also have updated the judges list from last week. Here are your judges as of now.
So it looks like we are just about set to begin. I’ll leave you with a few of the debate topics as a teaser. (PARTICIPANTS: I WILL BE PRIVATE MESSAGING YOU FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS SHORTLY!)
Some Topics to be Debated
Are Trolls a Necessary Evil
Should Xanga’s front page highlight first Featured Posts or Top Blogs?
Should timestamping be allowed?
Are contests/competitions a form of comment whoring?



  1. An idea: Would it be good to have a suggested length for the opening and rebuttal? This way, the volume of arguments from either side would be more comparable.

  2. @MyxlDove – You said it yourself. You were MIA. Tell you what though if any of the contestants don’t respond today you want to be an alternate?@AirForceVirgin – Judges won’t be able to judge any debates they are participating in.@huginn – I will cover that in the private instructions. You’ll be receiving a message.

  3. Are contests/competitions a form of comment whoring?  – duhShould Xanga’s front page highlight first Featured Posts or Top Blogs? – interestingShould timestamping be allowed? – absolutely (with limits)ok, there I go… 🙂

  4. are each of the debates via live xangaTV feed?  if not then are the times listed above indicating the due date for a written presentation of each debater’s side of their topic?  sorry if youve already discussed this somewhere in public but i missed it.  help a brotha understand mang.

  5. ouch.  What did I do wrong to not get seeded into this one?  Is it because you fear my smoothness, or because of the way I make women swoon?  Or is it just because you’re jealous of my name?

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