How To Get On My Good Side

So I am sure some of you have seen this new Serious Cat/ Serious Dog crap. Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you aren’t missing anything. I only bring this up because yesterday I did something kind of out of character. I completely flipped out on this Serious Dog character for spamming my page. Here is how it went down.

I received this comment from I_Am_Serious_Dog on my entry: “Verbal Warfare Day 2”-

Serious dog walks up to you and pees on your leg. He now barks and whines at you. Your friend wants you to take him home. What do you do?

I responded with this on her page (I think it’s a girl) –

Let me tell you about me. I am a pretty cool laid back guy. I have a site that gets a decent amount of traffic and with that traffic comes some less than favorable feedback. I also ge a shit ton of spam mass messages and annoying shit of that nature.

Now look. I don’t know who you are and i frankly don’t give a fuck who you are. Don’t fucking spam my site anymore. I take it as a sign of disrespect. You want me to help promote your site, then get to know me, write something worthwhile, and I will.

I don’t give a fuck what kind of joke this is, I don’t give a fuck who thinks this is funny, I don’t give a fuck if you are xanga John in disguise, KEEP YOUR BULLSHIT OFF MY PAGE!

Okay I was pissed. Probably way more pissed than I should have been, but damn that was annoying. I have been on go nonstop for the past three days. I have been juggling emails from twenty people and comments from how many others. I have already had to deal with a few douchebags this week. Now I am getting spammed by a fucking dog?

Then I received these two comments on my page in return-



Now you would think that would have put me more over the edge right? Well it didn’t. It actually made me stop and look at myself for a sec. I had this little back and forth going in my head between my common sense and my ego:

Common Sense: Dave you are arguing with a fucking fake dog you asshole.
Ego: NAH SON! I warned that fucking dog once already. That dog is goin’ down!
Common Sense: You know how stupid that just sounded right. Just ignore it like you ignore all of the other crap on here.
Ego: THAT DOG SPAMMED ME YO! You know I don’t play that shit!
Common Sense: You know that dog thing is probably someone you know. They are probably laughing their ass off right now. Come on now cut it out. You are embarassing us.
Ego: You’re right. I’mma chill for the moment. But if that dog fucks with us again IT’S ON!

So in the end common sense won out. That comment just really got on my bad side for a moment. I think spam comments above all else are a good way to get on my bad side. It is the absolute worst way to get me interested in your site. You want me to check out your site, then get on my good side. It’s not hard. You don’t have to be a “popular” to grab my attention.

– You can write something undeniably awesome. Like this guy.

– You can leave extremely witty and thoughtful comments. Like she does.

– You can make me laugh in the BFN chatroom. Like this fellow.

– You can antagonize me in an intelligent, yet playful manner. Like a certain smartass woman.

– You can be a sweetheart of a human being. Like this fine lady.

– You could be my xanga mom. Or my most loyal of readers.

I am not that difficult really. Just don’t be a douche is all I ask. Is that too much? Huh?



  1. LOL….you know its funny, but I realize that I can get pretty angry about apparently silly and meaningless things too. Usually catches people off guard when I get pissed…which happens more often than you’d But I am a sweetheart though πŸ™‚

  2. wow. It amazes me how much free time people have.I would just ignore them. Its kind of like when a 2 year old acts out. They are doing it for the attention, even negative attention. Once they get it they’re satisfied. If you ignore them, they leave empty-handed.

  3. I’m not worried about your bad side and I see your good side shining most of the time.  Breathe deep Dave. You can respond anyway you want.  It’s your place to express. “Express yourself,… Ain’t Easy”

  4. Yeah, I’m with Liz on this one: just ignore them and carry on your merry way. They’ve already won the battle if they get under your skin.Keep up the great work though! I’ve no idea how much time and effort you must put into running the Xanga Debate Tournament. I’m sure you’ll need a bit of R&R once it’s over!

  5. It is not to much to ask,you work hard and do a phenomenal job with the community. You do not need the crap….but I had to laugh at the woof woof. Some people know how to push buttons and master the skill by about 2 years old. My best advice,not that you want, it is  don’t let them push your button.

  6. Serious dogs and cats have nothing on the watch turkey. Message me tomorrow. We need to have an old time chat. (HUG)

  7. Undercover_Librarian beats you over the head with Little Women. He then face plants you into the bookshelf for messing up his organizational system. What do you do?Sorry, I sooo could not resist that one.

  8. I got that Serious Dog comment and I was like, what the fuck, do I need to go on Friends Lock?  lol  The “ruff, ruff” thing was too much.  Actually laughed at that. 

  9. It’s too much for some people. :(To be honest, though, I just answered the stupid question. Because I figured… Huh. Actually, I have no idea why. I just felt like it was the thing to do at the time. And now I’m all confused about why I did that.

  10. @seedsower – yeah. That is kinda the conclusion I came to at the end. I just felt silly after all was said and done.@ModernBunny – lol. I guess so.@TheLoquaciousLady – I need to get Barbara to guard my page. lol.@Millsanicole – eh. You know you are.@Undercover_Librarian – terrible. lol.@Lushy – it just made me shake my head.@AlterEgo909 – I guess so. I feel like a “mean girl” being called that.@jacksoncroons – Fine point. I’m screwed.@happyjen85 – lol. That was a funny comment so you already did one.@IfonEarth – looks like you just had an epiphany too. haha.

  11. at least common sense won out, the human society probably wouldnt have liked you beating a dog senseless.  now if serious dog had taken a dump on you, that’s a different story.  free reign rules.

  12. I don’t understand why some people have to be completely antagonistic. Although if the initial comment left by the dog person had been on my site, depending on my mood it may have made me laugh uncontrollably, or totally blow up on them. =/

  13. sorry dave, but i think it’s ironic for you to call someone out for spamming when you’re the most notorious timestamper i know. not that they’re the same thing, but nobody flips out on you for doing something many consider pretty annoying.

  14. Awww! Xanga Mom/cousin. I’ll take it. And I am SO glad your common sense voice won out on this one. I have the same moments, where something just flies all over me for no readily apparent reason… but I do try to temper my response in those situations. Because, yeah, you can come off sounding like a tool bag because no one else knows WHY something flies all over you, you know!

  15. Glad that you decided to turn your anger into a reason to share some really great Xangan connections with the rest of us… Happy to meet you by the way…. ~Echo

  16. ryc: Hell naw, the most aggressive people on the CT are the conductors, and I don’t think they give a shit. The rest of the people riding are either old businessmen, broke twenty-somethings without cars (hem hem), and easily outraged old ladies. And the day I can’t take an easily outraged old lady…well, I’ll hang up my fedora and move out to pasture, I guess. BUT I WON’T BE WEARIN’ NO COWBOY HAT

  17. I find it a little disturbing when people portray themselves as animals online. I mean it’s kinda sorta cute at first…but then…um…yikes!

  18. hahahah omg I totally saw that when it was posted (unless it was also on another site and I saw that same comment elsewhere?)  and it pissed me off because it had absolutely nothing to do with anything XD

  19. See… here we go again. It’s Friday and I couldn’t even get a User Tag?? Man… this debate things go’n to ya head Dave. Seriously. Like a dog. Which reminds me… I nearly went off on the mutt too. LOL  Notice how I barely mention the post content at all? Is that how you spam? Wait… I think I’m doin’ it wrong.

  20. I saw that comment, and I just figured it would be ignored. The dog got what was coming. You’ve done a great job with this debate tourney, Dave, you don’t need some stupid “dog” messing with you too.Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for Round 2!

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