Round 1 Wrap-up/Round 2 Preview (edited)

Well everyone, round 1 is in the books. And what a first round it was. We had some close calls (the 8-9 matchup was decided by a mere two votes.), some not so close calls (the 1 and 2 seeds lived up to their high rankings), and like in any tournament we’ve had some upsets (the 9, 10 and 12 seeds all won from the underdog position). All in all it was a very exciting first round with some very quality debates. Here is what the brackets look like now:

Winners: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, and 12 Seeds. 


Congratulations to our round 1 winners. I would like to thank all of our participants and of course our hosts for all their work so far. Round 2 will begin on Sunday night. There will be four round 2 matchups (one in each region). Here is a tentative schedule:

Saintvi Region – Sunday 7PM – 1 Seed v. 9 Seed
Bigshow Region – Sunday 7PM – 2 Seed v. 10 Seed
Seedsower Region – Monday 9AM – 3 Seed v. 6 Seed
Vanedave Region – Monday 9AM – 4 Seed v. 12 Seed

Times are not set in stone, but that should be just about correct.

Edit: The round 2 topics were tough. There are some very good debates in store for you guys!



  1. Hey, when I try to look at my messages it keeps saying the page can not be found. Is this widespread? I can’t write my rebuttle if it doesn’t let me get into it.

  2. I am going to be on and off Xanga this week. I know you’re going through a lot of crap, but if you need anything for this tournament or whatever, hit me up. By phone or text is fine too.

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