A Battle of the Brains (Round 2 Day 2)

Well, TheBigShowAtUDsaintvi, and seedsower all have round 2 debates off and running. That leaves only me. Of course I am the late one, being that this is my tournament. Seems only right that I set that bad example.

Today I bring you a matchup between the 4 seed and the 12 seed. Can the 12 seed continue to beat the odds? Will the 4 seed hold it’s ground. Read and let me know who deserves to be in the final four. Please keep in mind that we are voting on who had the more well structured argument and not which stance you agree with. The participants were not allowed to choose their topics or which side they were arguing.

Topic: Should the “ish” sites be allowed on top blogs and featured?

Opening Statements
12 Seed (Pro) – We all realize that many are opposed to “ish” sites for various reasons, but let’s face it, they are a part of xanga and must be treated with equality. To deny the “ish” bloggers a place in top blogs or featured content would be like discriminating against part of your family. We may not agree with them or even like them at times, but they are still a part of us and must be treated with respect. Xanga is one family, one community, one website, each person has something to contribute, and each person must find the part of xanga that best suits them. Some may like to write about all topics and some may like to write about particular subjects, but we all deserve to be recognized for our talent, which is exactly what featured content and top blogs are for. To deny anyone that privilege would be wrong and discriminatory.

4 Seed (Con) – “Ish” sites should not be allowed on top blog and featured for one simple reason: they already have a home of their own on which to gain exposure. There is no need to duplicate that traffic by pulling from an “Ish” site for Xanga’s featured and top blogs. Xanga, as the core site, has an incredible pool of talent to draw from without reaching into the realms of “Ish”. By featuring “Ish” sites, we lose valuable opportunities to give exposure to Xanga’s bloggers; exposure which Xangans are ALREADY complaining is unfairly awarded. Each “Ish” has their own featured; there is no need to take exposure away from the bloggers on Xanga’s core site in order to make room for “Ish”.

12 Seed – To say the “ish” sites can’t be featured on xanga’s front page because they already have a home site would mean that we xangans couldn’t be featured on their sites, which we are. Xangas front page would clearly give them more attention than their own front page so I don’t see the problem with rewarding them with more exposure once in a while. Although the “ish” sites are seperate sites in a sense they are still a part of xanga and must be treated that way. Xanga is the foudation for all those sites and therefore should be allowed to feature some of the more talented writers, from all areas of the website. If someone is talented enough than put them on the xanga homepage, they deserve just as much reward as any other xangans. A lot of people have complained about the “ish” sites dividing xanga, but if anything were to do so, it would be to discriminate against certain sections of the xanga community.

4 Seed – Because Xanga serves as the foundation for the “Ish” sites, Xanga’s bloggers SHOULD be given prominence. While Xanga’s front page would afford “Ish” bloggers more exposure, this would happen at the expense of what you admit to be Xanga’s foundation – its primary bloggers, from its primary site. The Ish sites are, yes, a part of Xanga – this is why members of the different communities can comment each other and interact with one another as they see fit. There is even a space on the Xanga front page for featured content from each of the Ish sites – our argument is solely content to Xanga’s featured and top blogs. Since the Ish sites have their own featured content, why should they take featured and top blogs spots away from those of us who belong to Xanga’s core blogging community? If the Ish sites were not given their own space on the front page, I could see your point, but the fact is, allowing Ish sites on Xanga’s top blogs and featured allows them DOUBLE the front page exposure, and does so at the expense of the rest of us.



  1. Four won it on the final rebuttal. (It seems like a few of the seeds I voted for found their real stride in the rebuttal instead of the original argument while the person they were debating had a stonger original argument and floundered in the rebuttal. Methinks people have found a bit of strategy in being the second seed to post and rebut. I could be wrong, though.)

  2. I was rockin w/ the 12 in Cinderella-type fashion…but at that final rebuttal… the 4 seed delivered the final blow…so… with that said… i’m rockin w/ the #4D

  3. I hate seeing the ish sites clog up the front page so much these days. I can’t vote on this, my opinions are too strong, I’m too biased….It’s okay, man, this debate tournament is almost finished. Almost done!

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