Some Love for the Irish…

So today is St. Patrick’s Day. It is one of the more peculiar holidays in my book. I mean isn’t this the day Irish folk drove the snakes out. How in the world did we take that and make it into “National Get Shitfaced Drunk Day”? Ahh well. Whatever works.

While I do not claim to be an expert on all things that hail from the Emerald Isle, there are quite a few Irish things that I love. There are also some things that we never should have let across the Atlantic. Here is a list of Irish stuff…

Irish Stuff
 Will Ferrell – I love this guy. From Celebrity Jeopardy,
to More Cowbell, to the greatest movie ever made,
he is responsible for many laughs over the years.

Colin Farrel – Is a douchebag.
He makes that same stupid face all the time.
For more on his douchebaggedness, see here.

Potatoes – Delicious in so many forms.
Baked potatoes, fried potatoes, potatoes au gratin. I love em’.

Cabbage – Not so good. I usually pass on the cabbage.

Daniel Day Lewis/Liam Niessen – Two great actors right here.
Too many great performances to name.

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All his cool points went down the
drain once he did the Mamma Mia movie.
James Bond does not do Mamma Mia!

Lucky Charms – They really are magically delicious!

Four Leafed Clovers – Do not work. What a crock of BS!!!

Michael Flatley – The Lord of the Dance.
He is kind of a douche, but you gotta respect riverdancing.
If I ever tried to do that, I would break every bone in my ankles.

Conan O’ Brien – Conan is the man! Funniest late night host out there.

Jimmy Fallon  – Is a horrible replacement. Ugh. His show is pretty terrible.

Rudy – The pint sized hero from the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
Who doesn’t love Rudy?

Leprechauns – The pint sized terrors. They are scary as hell!

Larry Bird – The greatest Celtic of all time has got to make this list.

Peter McNeeley – Remember him? Probably not.
 He’s the dude Mike Tyson beat the hell out of when he first got out of jail.
This dude was funny.

House of Pain – Yeah they only had one hit. So what?
Jump Around is my shit! Much props to house of pain.

Sinead O’Connor – Uhhh. Yeah, no props to her. Booooo.
Get off the stage you bald weirdo.

Green Beer – You gotta love green beer. Even if it does
taste like piss sometimes. It just looks so cool.

Irish Car Bombs – Not a fan. The curdling grosses me out.

Kathy Ireland – Pre K-Mart clothing line Kathy was great.
Now she is just annoying. She talks too much.

The Incredible Hulk – He’s big, he’s green, his name is Bruce.
Sounds Irish to me.

Green Lights – Are awesome.
Sorry, getting a little carried away with the green.


Okay I think that is good for now. Everyone drink responsibly later and stay out of trouble.

Before you go, here’s a list of some Irish xangans for you to go lay a smooch on; embrown88, Peridot21, ChristieOrileyfollow_home, AnamcharaConcepts, Still_groovy, MakinzyKrysteen, TalithaKum88, another_rebel_without_a_cause, and last but not least saintvi.



  1. whoa……feels like computer science class all over again…edit*** browser load crapped out on me i saw nothing but HTML…great pst..Conan O Brien is awesome!

  2. I agree that Jimmy Fallon is sucking but he so dorky, cute.  I think he might improve the longer he’s in the position, tho.Suddenly, I have an urge to go to the grocery for potatoes and lucky charms.Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  3. i used to spend hours on my hands and knees looking for four leaf clovers….never found one….(oh..when I was a little kid)lucky charms are the shiz though….

  4. I always suspected the Hulk was Irish, and yeah, I always look forward to green beer – It never tastes great, but it’s cool one day a year. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  5. You forgot a few green things like:Shamrock ShakesEcto CoolerSlimerMoneyAlso, green lights are awesome.  They are so much better than the red variety.  Unless you’re stuck behind someone who mistakes green for red…

  6. James Bond does not do Mamma Mia!…Maybe not in the sense that you are thinking, but in the sense I am thinking, he most certainly would. Pretty lady. James Bond. It makes sense. (What is with me lately? I need to go fix myself. I am all about shit jokes and sex jokes. What has happened to me?)

  7. i agree with everything in this post (including, but definately not limited to, colin farrel’s douchebaggedness. that especially). thanks for trying to send some holiday kisses my way! 🙂

  8. My husband has his first Irish Car Bomb last night and didn’t like it. He’s sticking with the Guiness extra stout.  I was sad when I saw Mama Mia and James Bond was singing badly.  Uh.. wait… I didn’t see Mama Mia… yeaaah, I just saw commercials. That’s it.

  9. I love the things that you said about each person/thing on there. Especially the line about Brosnan: “James Bond does not do Mamma Mia!” Brosnan isn’t all that great of a singer. I was surprised they cast him.

  10. Irish whisky is the best kindPotatoes are the best foodU2 is a classic bandand the Boondock Saints a movie about a pair of seriously hot brothers of irish descent with the line “everybody’s Irish on St Paddy’s day”.Why is St Paddy’s day such a party.  When they drove the snakes out they had a party the likes of which the world has never seen (the Irish are notorious boozers) and so we spend each year trying to emmulate it!  (I could be wrong of course). 

  11. LOL I loved Mamma Mia!, but I have to agree with you on Pierce Brosnan — what was he thinking? Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day to you too!

  12. Dear Vanedave:  What’s really weird about St. Patrick’s Day is that Paddy, himself, wasn’t even Irsih.  He was Welsh!  He came to Ireland when Irish pirates raided his village and carried him off into slavery as a boy.  He later escaped… but, as a Christian priest, he voluntarily returned to Ireland and, within his lifetime, converted the bulk of the small Irish kingdoms to Christianity.  Because he had come to know the people, language and customs during his captivity, he was in a unique position to carry out this mission.  He knew this and carried God’s word to the same pagan land that had oppressed him and his people.  Now he’s remembered as the greatest (adopted!) Irishman.  He deserves to be, too.  He would, though, be a little put out to find that his day had become an excuse to get falling down drunk.  He preached temperence!!  Oh, well…

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